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Level Thirteen

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posted on Jun, 15 2013 @ 08:11 PM
Hello everyone,

A couple of nights ago I had the following dream and I hope that someone could explain the significance of "Level Thirteen":

The dream starts off where I am inside of an Elementary School classroom. There were about twenty students (myself included) in the class and we were preparing to take a test. There were a couple of adults in the classroom that were not teachers, in fact, they didn't seem to belong to the school. Rather, they came to our classroom to administer and supervise the test while we took it. I can't remember what we were tested on or what I did while we were taking the test. Once we were finished, the adults told us individually our score. There was one woman who came up to me and I remember that she wore a business suit type outfit; she told me my score was Thirteen.

Once the adults told everyone their score they asked us to raise our hands when they asked who received so and so number. When they asked who received a thirteen I raised my hand and so did a few other students. The lady who told me my number looked around the classroom and she told the other students who did not receive a thirteen to look at the ones who did and said, "these are the level thirteen's in your class". I believe out of the twenty students in the classroom only 7 of us were level thirteens.

After that, the level thirteens were separated from the other students and we were taken to a different classroom. The same lady who told me my score was handing out a paper to us and asked us write our names and the year we were born. I wrote my name and the year and one of the others (a girl) asked me to give her the paper. I gave it to her and from the corner of my eye I saw that she had erased my name and wrote her name over where I had written mine. I didn't say anything about it.

The lady then came up to me and she told me that from that point on I would be seeing my past because I was ready. I can't remember what she did but next think I knew I was in a whole different classroom with different students. I remember feeling out of place and wondering how the heck did I get there. The teacher looked like one of my college professors and I remember asking myself why she was there. The dream then changed to where I was in some type of bathhouse with other girls. It seemed that these girls were prostitutes and again, I felt this feeling of being out of place.

The dream changed again where I was walking around this shopping center/plaza. It was kind of big, with white walls and it was two stories high. I remember walking on the second floor balcony with a woman who I recognized as my mom but she didn't look like my mom at all. She guided me by a restaurant in the plaza and she asked me if I remember coming to this restaurant with her a lot. She kept trying to trigger my memory with her questions: Do you remember coming here? How we had to wait to get inside because of how many people wanted to come in at the same time we did? Do you remember the food?

I couldn't answer her questions because I had no idea what she was talking about. From the outside the restaurant looked abandoned: the windows were entirely black/boarded up and the door was boarded up. I was about to walk away when my mom asked me to look again at the windows. When I turned to look they were no longer black or boarded up. I walked up to one of the windows and looked inside and was horrified by what I saw: Body parts scattered all over the floor (there might have been a total of 50 people inside) and majority of the parts were burned. It looked like there was some kind of fire or explosion. I remember feeling sad looking at the macabre scene. Suddenly fireman, police officers, and CSI crew appeared inside of the scene and were investigating: taking pictures, placing the body parts inside of plastic bags/coolers.

I then walked away from the place and my mom followed me. We walked out of the shopping plaza and ended up in some place near the plaza where there was a lot of green grass and trees. I then saw a man who I recognized as my dad (but he didn't look like my dad) and another lady who I recognized as well, except I didn't like her. They came up to us and were talking to my mom and I decided to leave them and walked away. I then found myself in a place that looked like some kind of university/boarding school. I'm not sure how I got inside but I did. While I was inside of this place there was a man who I assumed might have been the headmaster or director of this school. He looked very serious and would not stop following me. The more I kept trying to get away from him the more he followed me. Suddenly, I started to run away from him and he started making objects appear in front of me in order to not escape. There was one part where I was walking down a giant stair case and as I reached to the bottom (there was a door to get out) a giant screen like wall appeared blocking my entrance. But I then realized that I was also able to make things appear. I saw an empty wall and made a door appear. I was able to get out and I ended up climbing up to the roof of the school.

The whole roof was like some sort of patio/terrace where students were busy practicing (they were doing strange things, as if they had some form of powers). They reminded me of the students who attended Xavier's school in X-MEN. I'm not sure how long I was up there but I woke up.

I'm just wondering what the heck was the meaning of this dream and the whole level thirteen thing.

posted on Jun, 15 2013 @ 09:30 PM
Congrats on being a 13! I had the University dream a few weeks ago too...
Let me know if any of this sounds familiar and say hello to fellow student EarthCitizen23

That or it's just a dream? But you have to wonder...and next time I do need to try the food I always forget...or forget that I have by the time I wake.
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posted on Jun, 15 2013 @ 10:44 PM
Weird dream...

honestly, i dont know what to make of it, but let me think on this...

REALLY good post though man.

posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 08:18 AM
Can the OP explain what was taught in terms of how the evolutionary process will begin? Will it be a natural disaster? What has been shown to you (if anything)?

Has the classroom been around for eons from what you pick up?

How can someone be recommended for this type of training?


posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 02:13 PM
hey, i agree with the poster above me; is there any way to get recommended?

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