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Why haven't ET's made themselves known yet, and why would they want to?

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posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 05:53 PM
I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I do not mean to troll or anything.
I'm a believer that we are not alone. I'm sorta open minded to maybe another civilization "scouting us."
I'm not as radical as some new agers who in my opinion do not make those who are interested in UFO look good.
I don't think they are full of rainbows and unicorns, and are going to spread peace all to everyone. AKA I don't look to them as saviors. I know there are little religions, or cults that exist who's members would disagree with me but hey that's their choice.
I'm open too them being Violent OR/AND Peaceful.

My question is What reasons do you think aliens have for visiting earth?
The biggest argument supporters have is:

That the universe or so big it's impossible for us to be alone. There are Billions of stars, planets and moons, and space rocks.

That argument can work against believers also. There are so many planets, stars, moons and space rocks. The vast distance of space, and theories of multiple universes and dimensions. What would make Earth standout?

Most believers think the universe is filled with life.

This works against us believers also. What would make us a top priority? For a ET civilization?
Who's to say we aren't at the end of giant "waiting line".

They would come for resources

Earth has 7 billion people on it. Billions of other living creatures(animals). We are "ripping the planet dry" of resources. There is bound to a more favorable choice planet for ET's. Odd's are there is.

We always ask why hasn't there been disclosure

I think a bigger question is why haven't they made themselves known to us.
Is it possible that any ET civilization does not care? Could it be that we are not in a good neighborhood?
Everyday in our lives we may drive pass a neighborhood. We honestly do not care about the neighborhood, we don't care about that house, landmark, or those people in the neighborhood or in the car right next to us. If it's a bad neighborhood we are actually in a rush to get out as quickly as possible.
Maybe that's the case for ET's and UFO's.

Is it possible we are just animals to them

We go to zoo's and we walk through parks. We see animals. 90% of the time we observe them from a distance. We normally don't feed them. We don't interact with them. After we leave we stop generally stop caring.
Is this what the ET's are doing?

The above is my opinion. I thinks it a pretty respectable opinion

Why in your opinion have Aliens not made themselves known to us. Why would they?
Maybe as far as we will ever get is knowing/believing we are not alone.

When I say they have not made themselves known. I mean a landed spaceship, with a legitimate ET. Making contact. A undebunkable historic event.

I know the mountains of youtube videos, books, and stories.
Not a fuzzy dot, not a shaky camera, not a stories, or documentaries. Not youtube videos or blogs or books.

I have 200k views on a video i created with me in the snow pointing the camera at the sun, getting the sun glare affect and some minor graphic FX and claiming its Nibiru. So it's fairly easy manipulate gullible people.( I did it as a project and for my students. Basically a report on people believing everything on the net.)

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posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 06:03 PM
reply to post by Blahable

There is a big 'X' painted on the dark side of the means 'keep out'.

They know the kind of things we do to each other, they do not want any part of it.

posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 06:19 PM
The same reason we don't go to the jungle and live with monkeys...

or ants...

posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 06:22 PM
Read the Richard Dolan 'UFOs and the National Security State' volumes and then go over to his website and read some of his posts there; also any video on line with him discussing the 'Breakaway Civilization'; from there,'s website, freebie old books there, I recommend if you have limited time at least one of the Donald Keyhoe books, the second of which details how the US govt. came without a few days of disclosure back in the early 50s but the people advocating continued secrecy carried the day. One of the great comments is that the Air Force and White House were so unnerved by the number of reported sightings, that they were not sure if they would know fast enough if an invasion were under way...

The evidence of ongoing, long term visitation is unequivocal to anyone willing to do the research.

As to why they don't 'contact us', the evidence is that they have, thousands of times on an individual or small group basis. They're interacting with several governments at high black project levels.

The rest of us, if they're telepathic as has been alleged, are probably unremittingly boring. For one thing, they can read your mind. And on the other hand, you watch Dancing With The Stars and Snookie. Would you want a conversation with a caveman, except as a novelty for a few minutes? Maybe their anthropologists are here observing but the rest of them probably have far better things to do. Heck, *I'm* sick of humans. Just think how they feel if they've been assigned to this quadrant. Probably a punishment of some sort...

posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 06:24 PM
reply to post by Blahable

Earth is that "special" person sitting at the bus stop. You find him curious and watch him from a distance but look away when he sees you staring and under no circumstances would you engage him in conversation.

posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 06:29 PM
reply to post by signalfire

I'll look at it.

I'm just wondering why we are fighting for disclosure from governments we supposedly do not trust. Why the Et's haven't sent some widely known sign saying "we are here!"

posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 06:42 PM
I've never liked the resources argument, why would they want to come here for our limited resources?

We'd love to just get to the asteroid belt for the abundant amount of resources there.

Some of those asteroids could be virtual mountains of gold, and other precious metals plus water.

If they can travel unknown light years, then why not harvest asteroids?

It's foolish to think we're alone, but I just don't feel we've been visited, they would be exploring to come this far they wouldn't let the discovery of us go unheeded.

I've voiced this before, and was given the argument it could be drones like our rovers on mars, but if we found intelligent life on mars I guarantee we'd drive up, and poke it with a stick.

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posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 06:59 PM
We view everything on this earth as a possible food source, why should they be any different? We wold look like plump tasty little morsels

I think any visiting alien is very unlikely to be friendly, but I really hope I'm wrong.

posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 07:20 PM
Aliens advanced enough to visit would avoid to make contact because :

Contamination of biohazardous alien disease
Not want to change our evolution
Not surprise food that undrstands it will be prey
Knows human responds to unknown or different life
Wants privacy
Doesn't need Opera or leno after the coming out.

posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 07:38 PM

Originally posted by Blahable
reply to post by signalfire

I'll look at it.

I'm just wondering why we are fighting for disclosure from governments we supposedly do not trust. Why the Et's haven't sent some widely known sign saying "we are here!"

as the other poster said, they actually already have..but consider, if you wanted to take over a planet, a race, what would you do, use brute force to do so? or maybe use an insidious path that only targeted those individuals 'of interest' at the same time passing out as much disinfo as you possibly could about whether or not you existed. sounds to me like a perfect way to get on 'the inside'

obviously, there is an agenda which we do not know much if any about. a very good way to prevent any sort of headway being made into the discovery of this agenda would be to keep those who know as far apart from each as possible

when the visitors actually do make their prescence known in a 'big way' complete with that 'sign' it will be way past too late...imo of course

posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 10:21 PM
Hello. I think aliens visit earth for research. I have no idea what kind of research they would be intrerested in. The possibilities are many. DNA might be one of them but who knows. What if we are an expirement made by them? So many many questions. Just like you. Good day to all.

posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 11:06 PM
reply to post by Blahable

My question is What reasons do you think aliens have for visiting earth?

Well, I suppose the first hurtle is, are aliens real? What if I said "aliens" are not real, but undisclosed intelligences were? Try wrapping your head around that one....

The reasons for the covert visits are as many as their are undisclosed intelligences, that I number at only 4.

I think a bigger question is why haven't they made themselves known to us.

The reasons they do not disclose themselves, are hinged to the reasons they visit us. To disclose one would require the disclosure of the others, and that could jeopardize the reason we are here in the first place. But, if that reason has been attained, there is no reason left not to disclose. The masks will come off and we will all stand naked in front of the truth, regardless of power or position. We are all equals when it come to that.

posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 11:41 PM
Maybe they are afraid of us. If we found life on mars - like a habitat of beings that looked like people in some remote cave we would probably want to let them be. They would be a curiosity for sure but if we appraoched them there are too many unknowns.

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 05:56 AM
reply to post by Blahable

They are known, thus this forum for example. Maybe you should define exactly what you mean by 'make themselves known'. Have we 'made ourselves known' to the world's amoeba population?

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 08:16 AM
I would neither support, nor detract from the possibility of alien life in the universe. I would agree that with such a large amount of space, and so many possibilities regarding the construction and habitat of lifeforms just here on Earth, it is improbable that we are alone in the universe, BUT, until I see it for myself, and we have some physical proof that is available for examination by all interested parties without restriction, I will never throw my wieght entirely behind it, because to do so would be an abomination to the scientific method, for which I have vast respect.

However, as an excersize of logic only, I will attempt to reason out some factors which may play in to the question asked by the original post in this thread.

First, as many have already pointed out, ET's may not have arrived here yet, because as previously mentioned, space is vast, and we are bastards. That is a potted version of course, but it holds in the face of a yawning lack of evidence to counter it.

Something I find interesting enough to comment more deeply on, is the notion that there is nothing on Earth worth ripping out, resource wise, that we are not already utilising too extensively to make it a prospect for a visitor species to bother with. This may be true to an extent, althought geophysics enterprises are always digging up new prospects for fossil fuels, locating new seams of mineral deposits of varying worth, and so on and so forth. Also, one cannot speculate with overmuch accuracy about the needs of a species which can travel amongst stars.

However, one thing that is not being considered is the richness of mineral deposits on other bodies within our solar system. For a start, and closest to our own world, are vast quantities of discarded plastics, metals, and radiological sources, in the shape of old satelites, thier attendant power plants, bits of discarded rocketry, lost toolkits, bits of solar panel and assorted other bits of man made flotsam, floating about willy nilly. These could prove worthy of investigation for an alien species, because we have, historically speaking, put some of our best work into orbit. From an anthropological point of veiw, these things could have as much value as do the minerals and polymers of which the objects are made. Perhaps then, any species which has examined these things might have become curious as to the originators of these bits of space junk, wondered what possessed us to throw so much waste into orbit, and had to see the idiot monkey people for themselves?

Further out from our planet we have various moons and planets with, as far as we can possibly know, virtually untapped mineral potential, some having interesting things like vast seas of liquid methane, and other liquid hydrocarbons. Some moons of the solar system are constructed of, or have vast quantities of ice and water on them, Europa being an obvious and much abused example. Perhaps species which pass this way have been using the resources of the uninhabited regions of our solar system, and occasionally send a scouting party to make sure no one seems to be about to launch a protective armada toward them, in response to some percieved turf invasion, a resource war they would rather avoid?

Or perhaps it could be the old fashioned reason for aliens to visit, just to have a look, and see what all the fuss is about? After all, why do we do anything? We look into the universe for a few hundred years, and go and visit the moon. As wonderful as that achievement is, if I was responsible for exploring the universe in a wider sense, I would find our planet more interesting than, say for instance, Mars. It outputs signal, it has a species living on it which has developed the rudimentary thinking ability we know today, and it has more different terrain types than does any other planet in our solar system. Just from a geophysical stand point, it is much more interesting than Mars or Mercury is, and a heck of a lot less corrosive than Venus.

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 10:29 AM
ill just copy and paste what I had already written on another thread about same thing

There is really no way to know why they don't or havent stopped by and said hi.

What if the alien civilizations have some kind of treaty or pact in place within themselves that prevents aliens from making contact with certain planets/stars/races maybe the ones still growing such as ours. Sort of like a federation that rules or governs them, similarly to how humans have rules in place that prevent animals of a certain age or size from being hunted. What if we are not there yet?

What if the ships and crafts that have been spotted on earth are rogue aliens that have somehow snuck around that rule/law just to take a peek and not disturb anything as they would have grave consequences.

Or what if they are appointed beings that have been allowed to come to earth, sort of like scientists sent on a mission, just to study and nothing more.

Or what if only they are part of the elite few that have enough resources (think money or whatever currency) to afford such an interstellar trip. Sort of like the elite few that have gone to space or will be able to afford trips on the space x ships but at a much higher cost. And what if they do so under the condition as to not disturb anything.

For all we know, we here on earth could be akin to the remote lost tribes of the amazon, nobody wants to disturb them or their culture. What if we are in the same scenario? They simply don't want to disturb us and our culture.

What if they KNOW for a fact that since we are a baby race, by introducing us to their technology, we are not ready for it and end up destroying ourselves. Sort of like giving a gun or explosive device to a monkey and seeing what they do to the other ones.

What if the ones that have come are the friendly/explorer type. Similarly to how backpapers and travelers go around the world exploring, but respecting every culture and race. And what if aside from the friendly explorer type there are aggressive types also that would be hostile if they knew of our existence. And what if those friendly ones do not want us to get introduced to the aggressive ones for fear on our behalf.

Or what if they just simply took a vacation to explore a few planets and earth happens to be one of the main sights to see, or maybe we are off the beaten path but still something worth checking out.

Whatever the case, could we do the same? if we could travel to another planet that had an inferior race, could we be in a position to interfere and help them out with technology? who would we help? different civilizations akin to our different countries, helping one would mean destroying the other perhaps. The only way we could possibly help them is if they were united and with 1 single cause, which we ourselves on earth are not. Too many wars going on on earth and who would they side with if they decided to help? by helping 1 side they would destroy the other, and by doing so they would effectively help destroy the human race.

So many questions and possibilities, the fact remains they are ships that have visited us. I imagine how it would be for them to visit our desolate planet. Then returning to to their huge megapolis flying cities, maybe some return to war torn galaxies where they are constantly at war against other races.

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 08:45 PM
Why wouldn't a much more advanced species (possibly many) not announce to us that they are here. Well there are several reasons that I can think of.

1.We are looked upon as a lesser being and they just want to watch us and learn about us. Basically those who talk of having implants would be like the animals we tag for long term study.

2. We are an experiment and thus they don't want to ruin it by revealing themselves and announcing that we "belong" to them.

3. Humans are capable of some very violent acts. It seems that we glorify violence and that might give a species pause about whether to drop by to say "hi".

4. We mean nothing to them at all and they don't announce themselves because to them we are like dustmites in their scheme of things. We have nothing of interest to them and thus they just leave us alone because they don't care.

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