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Strange Life: White Light, Wounds Manifested, etc... Explanations?

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posted on May, 24 2013 @ 06:23 PM
Hello. I'd like to share strange phenomena that have occurred in my life in hopes of getting solid opinions, being led in a productive future direction, or maybe even gaining some peace of mind. I became an avid spiritual seeker during freshman year of college. Among the fall classes chosen for me was intro to philosophy which caused a relentless barrage of internal chatter questioning why I/we/this is, what reality is, and other things one would expect from that course. By January 2007 as I approached 19 years, I dusted off my Bible that I never read at the bottom of one of my boxes to see what answers it held. I was raised Roman Catholic and so received it when I was confirmed (for the record I'm not a fan of the stagnation organized religions can cause, just simply explaining the chronology of events). I had no idea what a severely haggard spiritual warrior cracking that Book would cause me to be.

I started on page 1 with Genesis. My first round of strange experiences began before I made it to Exodus. As I read, I would get rushes of euphoria and tears would pour out of my eyes inexplicably. This continued through the end of freshman year in May, when I had a good portion of the Old Testament read. In April, my girlfriend at the time asked me if I believed in God. In lieu of my recent experiences, I said, "I think I do. Do you?" She replied that she was an atheist but that if someone could prove to her that God exists, she would believe. Something clicked in my hopelessly naive brain that very moment. I took her statement as a challenge and I quietly accepted something that is probably impossible to do through logic alone.

On a Sunday in late May, what started as a normal day became the most profound life changer for me ever. I was quietly reading the Bible in my girlfriend's room while she was at work. I was to get her after her shift to hang. I jumped to the Apocrypha of all places, at a time before I even knew what that meant and read 2 Esdras. It was your basic man leaves people for wilderness, receives divine messages, and returns to the people with said messages structure. In I believe the 5th of 7 visions, Ezra receives from Archangel Uriel a vision about an eagle which represents a nation that is very small at first. My naive mind at the time continues reading with the lens of attributing this eagle to the USA. Because of said timing, I got excited when the story mentions that the eagle turns on itself, almost destroys itself, but ends up becoming stronger than ever. Yes, now I'm thinking that this ancient passage is prophesying the tale of America as highlighted by its obvious reference to the Civil War. By the tale's end which finds the eagle being the strongest nation on earth tormenting other nations before facing God's judgment, I'm convinced that shoving this convoluted story in my non-Christian raised atheist girlfriend's face will make her think twice about God's existence, so I leave her house early in excitement.
On the way, I started getting a subtle tingling sensation throughout my body. I think it started in my hands and worked its way throughout. It felt phenomenal. I was so elated, so naturally high as I neared her work. As I waited at the last red light, it became stronger and stronger to the point that I started thinking, "Boy, I'd better park soon," but I wasn't afraid. I just made it to a parking spot at her work when the tingling got so intense throughout every molecule of my fiber, I remember my thumbs locking into my palms as my arms shook, my eyes rolled back and then everything turned soundless and white.

"NO GOD PLEASE NO NOT YET PEOPLE STILL NEED MY HELP HERE!!!!!" comes flying out of my mouth as consciousness launches back into my body and i find myself clutching my steering wheel as if I was fighting from whisking away to Heaven. I proceeded to crawl the toughest crawl of my life to force my internally flaming body into my passenger seat knowing there was no way I was about to drive us back to my girl's house. She came out as I pointed to the driver's seat, and drove us home very concerned as I sat in unbelievable amounts of euphoria.

That experience turned 5 months of intense spiritual seeking into a lifetime of it, with a hefty dose of questions, madness, and more bizarre experiences. For the sake of time, and hoping I hold enough people's interest to learn something of merit, I'll only briefly cover the two strangest of hundreds of spiritual experiences to follow and will answer any questions. A week after Father's Day, on June 25, 2011, I was bussing at my restaurant job when for whatever reason, I looked down, and to my surprise, there was an almost clawing shaped red mark on my red apron just over my heart. Then, I looked down to my right hand and across my palm, my skin was very red under the surface unlike I've ever seen my skin before. A coworker even commented, saying, "What is that about?" I shrugged. My manager then suddenly popped out of nowhere, pointed to my apron, and said, "You need to go change that." It was such a fast-paced work environment, I barely had time to inspect it, but all I know is that the only red stains there came from the wine and this stain looked nothing like wine. It looked like blood and I did not bump into anything before that incident. Later that same night, my friend invited me to a house I'd never been to before for a friendly gathering. As I was having some sort of metaphysical conversation with a kind stranger I'd just met, I felt something that compelled me to lift my right arm and inspect it. Then, he and I both witnessed as a rope burn-like wound manifested across my wrist out of thin air. As if this wasn't weird enough, the guy I'm talking to immediately says next, "God wants me to tell you that this is stigmata. It's one of the most beautiful gifts you could get." After an obnoxious amount of internet searching on that subject, I, as usual, was presented with far more questions than answers.

I had a few more experiences where red marks would appear on things around me that summer, but it went away with autumn. I spent just about every day, now not only ruminating about the white light, but trying to logically explain away that June day. Other than my regular premonition dreams (which started in 2008), nothing else spectacular happened until what was to me the most bone-chilling experience on October 16, 2012. I had met this guy over the past year when he moved in with a friend of mine. In September of that year, my friend and I got lunch and began talking about his house-mate. I said that I thought he was cool, but seemed odd at times. He would talk about being an old vampire, offered me blood wine the day I had met him, and things of that nature. I said, "What's up with this guy?"

posted on May, 24 2013 @ 06:24 PM
My buddy replied, "All I know is he does this 'blood trick' that is very weird to me. I've seen him do it 5 times and inspected his mouth with surgical gloves after 2 of them. He holds onto someone claiming that he can transmit their blood to him, then spits up blood into his hand which he claims is the other person's, eats it, and tells them something based on the taste. One day, I brought a friend over who he never met who takes heavy painkillers because of a bad back. After doing the 'blood trick', the house-mate, without prior knowledge mentioned that there were heavy painkillers in this guy's blood. The 2 times I checked his mouth to see if there were cuts or something to indicate that it was balogna, but could find nothing."

I was intrigued by this story, and for the next few times I saw him, I asked the house-mate to do it. He kept saying, "Not today. I'm tired," and "Nah, I don't feel like it," and more and more I began to think it was a farce. Then, one night, he promised me that he would do it the next time I saw him. I left my laptop charger there that night, and so a week or two later, on October 16, 2012, I awoke from a very strange dream where I had pyrokinesis (a concept I barely ever think about) and after shooting a fireball, blood was seeping out of the pores of my arm. I only highlight this because of the blood theme throughout the day. I called my buddy asking if I could stop by to grab my charger, honestly having completely forgotten what his housemate said last time or that he even lived there. I remembered as soon as I showed up and he also happened to be there though, and he did the "blood trick." He told me to grab his arm, and I did, locked onto his jaw to make sure I saw no weird movement and there was none. He just sat there, playing an online videogame with seemingly no concern for my existence and then moved his arm from my grip 10-15 seconds later and spit up what sincerely looked like blood into that hand. He ate it, and all he said was, "Wow. I haven't had good blood in a long time. Do you take nutritional supplements?"
"Do you eat healthy?"
"I think so."
"Yeah. You have a very high iron content." Although his information seemed lackluster to me, the act had me full of questions.

Now, forgive my long testimony, but even though I included the "blood trick" story as part of this day, and even if you think the guy is a complete jerk fooling me and messing with my mind chewing on a red capsule or something, the last part of this same day happened exactly as I'm about to describe, and regardless of whether it relates to this guy or not does not take from the veracity of it in of itself, and it has thus far been the creepiest experience that I've ever had. Later that night, I got home and went to take a shower. I dropped my pants and immediately noticed red marks all over my right inner pocket and front thigh pant. They looked kind of like blood, and I started to think of summer 2011 all over again, with red marks randomly appearing places. I inspected my right thigh, but there were no injuries. I said to myself, "Forget it happened. Relax. Take your shower. Nothing good ever comes from you ruminating about these things." I took that shower, and when I got out, I grabbed my pants, and under where the leggings were crumpled was a big red streak embedded into the white tile floor. I completely freaked out. I had nothing red in my pants pockets all day, nobody came into that bathroom while I showered, and it took two applications of a strong cleaner and tough scrubbing to get that fresh mark out. I ended up learning about the SSRF that night, and got into touch with them. They claim it's a mantrik, but even after sending my pants to India and back, I'm still not sure how I feel about their input. I have countless theories as to the meaning and cause of my various experiences, but I purposely kept them to myself so as to impart minimal subjectivity. Any thoughts? Questions?

P.S. Will I have better luck making 20 posts and putting this in another category? I know some things could be considered paranormal but as I'm a new ATSer who was eager to finally get this story out, I don't think I can post anywhere but intros yet.
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posted on May, 24 2013 @ 06:39 PM
I would suggest you edit your first paragraph to tell us something about yourself, and introduction to who you are.
After 20 posts you can then start a new thread in just about every forum.

Welcome to ATS! I look forward to hearing more of your intriguing stories.

posted on May, 24 2013 @ 07:19 PM
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm realizing that perhaps the right thing to do would be to re-do this post in the paranormal section, but to avoid confusion, I'll leave what I wrote here. This story sort of was my introduction. I'm a spiritual aspirant. I learned about ATS a few weeks after the BP oil spill occurred. For no apparent reason, I typed "top secret" into google, found this site, and that was literally how I learned about the spill. I don't watch TV, and I was busy in college taking classes, and hadn't read google news in awhile. That being said, I cried that night, thinking about all the deaths of the animals, and was pretty grossed out that I was going to one of the better colleges in America and hadn't overheard a single intellectual speaking about that incident in three weeks. I've been a non-subscribed member since may 2010, and finally today, after having had a few really weird experiences since my 2007 one wanted to get my stories out in hopes of getting some advice. I don't really have a whole lot more to share about who I am personally other than I'm physically fit (so the white light being called a heart attack or panic attack doesn't quite satisfy me) and love frisbee, a lot. I love philosophy as much as I hate it, I wish nothing but the best for everyone on this planet, yet do not feel good about the direction we're headed with genetically modified warfare and the other countless issues we face. I have no idea how we'll solve it all, but I still have faith in humanity. Music is life. That is all.

posted on May, 24 2013 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by PeaceVindicator

Welcome to ATS!

I realize you are new and very excited to share your story!

I hope to see your story in another thread sometime!

posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 08:03 PM
Well, it's been a few months now, and I finally brought myself to 20 posts. I was really hoping to get some answers to these phenomena, but I am not very skilled at the art of being noticed in a huge wall of threads. Upon making my first thread, do any of the very few people that have noticed this Intro thread have any suggestions for me other than not having such a wall of text next time around?


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