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Investigative research to study the cyclic nature of human consciousness and its deification of the

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posted on May, 24 2013 @ 06:28 AM
Note. This is an inital draft of research to be undertaken as a solo project which is to last until the end of this year. The first chapter here presented is still far from complete.


This is a journey and a mind adventure to discover lost knowledge and understanding that corcern not only the origins of this universe but also to how the human race came to be, from the much unremembered or known to its wide-spread dominance in the twenty-first century. It is a story and a great narrative of truth that will certainly impress wisdom and values.

And after a long time of re-dicovery, applying myself to particular schools of thought commonly attributed to the Left Hand Path (LHP) mystical ritual phillosophys I hope to convey to the readership the boundless wonders of existence that can be obtained via the pursuit of critical thinking and pursue their own quest for knowledge of considered divine nature.

The reason for writing Investigative research to study the cyclic nature of human consciousness and its deification of the Universe is to present a more accurate account of recorded history and attempt to clarify errors that have ultimetly encroahed knowledge over the passage of ages. This book contains a vast amount of information with a great many elements of interconnectedness. Wherever possible I have provided and applied de-constructive analysis of the evidence to appeal to the intellect and illuminate common uncertainties with my own my own insights as one expects from a trainee magi.

The question as to how this known universe ever came to be formed as it is still persists unsolved despite the wonderous technological advances acompalished to aide scientific investigation. As a result many questions have been answered as far as modern understanding currently prohibits however there remains still a vast unknowable quantity of higher awareness regarding this great puzzle dubbed 'reality'.

Questions such as ?How the Universe came to be and ?What was before it, if anything of such can be understood, ?What is the true ancestorial heritage of the Human race, ?What will be the future understanding of reality continues to drive forward the curious human mind. Aspiring achievements in the technological sciences have located the answers to current finite standards of acceptance that overlaps into the realms of the mystical in any other name.

The evolution of the mind intellect is indeed of a cyclic nature swapping the unknown quantity for temporary explanations of satisfaction. However, humankind is just a small fragment of concern and as this volume will show there are vast great forces of alien comperhension yet to be fathomed and understood for what they are and represent, alien in the sense that as it currently stands at this time are simply unknowable and locked from us until the next great level of human evolution passes.

Everything that is has been built upon the foundations of the past and much of the correct techniques have been rendered to disuse, either due to the shortness of human memory or by a precise design calculated to change balances to one favour or another. To present this in its most complete form a great deal of investigative research is presented in detail and depth for the readership to absorb, presenting many varied topics such as meta-physics, philosophy, ancient and modern magick systems, religion and science.

The human race has devolved from its ancient primodiol greatness into a cyclic and autonmaus slumber of shameful ignorance. Having once being self-evident 'gods' the majority of humans today are nothing more than slaves to a myriad of systems they themselves created!.

However, the rapid technological advancements via groundbreaking mathematical sciences will soon make recovey of our ancestorial greatness, such is the cycle of magi development. Todate there are many explanations presented to fathom the mystery of the Universe and its remarkable exsitence of simply being. It has been credited to at least over 13 billion of age, that is of the notion of its passing geneisis however it must be understood that all that has thus been surveyed is but a particle, the Universe itself is infinite and resides within a Black Hole which would be the cause of The Big Bang Theory which was the result of Universe A's destruction as it was devoured by the primordial Black Hole. Thus it must be understood that this primordial Black Hole rests within another Universe dubbed 'Universe B'. That is the great great catastrophe that has befallen our reality and to the current understanding which is the new purpose the human race must break out, break free of this fate and perhaps discover that humankind is not alone as first considered.

The research gathered is inclusive of online pursuit as it was the most viable option for the collection of all of the required information that would be otherwise difficult and time consuming to obtain in any other manner.
Using both academic and non-acdemic sources allows for better comparisons and contrasts for a superior analysis of the themes and topics presented.

May 16, 2013

posted on May, 24 2013 @ 06:38 AM

The words mathematical, mathematician, mathematics have considered ancient origins. There have similarity with the words magical, magician, magi . The concept of these words are linked with the subsequent definations of the words reality, illusion, knoweledge, scientifical, scientist, science. The theme of the words relate to the occult consciousness of seeking the mechanics of existence.

Examination of the root words math yields from the greek meaning (learn). Therefore the study of math is the process of learning. Futhermore it begets a process of scientific records that has its annals in human history many of which have survived the passages of time. A human is a member of a species of bipedal primates in the family Hominidae (taxonomically Homo sapiens—Latin: "wise man" or "knowing man").

Maat is represented as the Goddess of Truth and Justice, succeeding to the Aeon of Horus with Force and Fire of its sexual magick. This Aeon is associated with Air (Space) and Water (Deep).”
(Grant, Kenneth, Hecate's Fountain, 1992)

This description relates to the beginnings of how the evolutionary human awareness succeeded ignorance. Thusly there are many examples charting the quest for knowledge leading to the success of global mathematical sciences understood by many of the ancient civilizations which today seem mysterious and mythical. One of the main reasons for this is the language barrier as a result of passing time in memory. However in recent times much of which had previously had been misunderstood, owing to historical interference, is making more sense as the human regains its wisdom, exceeding that of even ancestorial knoweledge.

There are many disciplines to the realms of sciences such as cosmology, phyiscs, biology, chemistry, mathematics, archaeology, astronomy which all orignate in the mythics retained in the fabric of the Universe and encoded in human DNA.

Intertwined with this is the quest to fathom the nature of consciousness, the very tool used to further intellectual formula of the human. However all of this has not been without clamity and mischivious manipulation by particular sets of organizations pursuing agendas that interferere with the learning process. This calculated effort results from pursuing a dominant idealogy of their ego rooting in fear and the paranoid control of supreme power over the cogniguative functions of the brain.

Cosmogony has its root words in gonos meaning birth and is the discipline of theory of the origin of the universe, which has lead to concepts of numerious universes residing in related conjuctions to one another. Such concepts result in the visualization of various dimensions of which reality resides in. Comparing the ancient ideas with modernized pursuit of truth and knowledge it reveals sets of similarities misunderstood only through the language barrier of interpretation.

posted on May, 24 2013 @ 06:49 AM
In mathematical science consciousness is defined as dimensional space constructs of data which is best understood using Chaos Theory. This new science theories that the evolutionary cybernetic theory of consciousness, consciousness is not a mystery at all. It is a complex organization of cybernetic systems which broadly consist of three factors which are sensation, awareness, experience. In the physical brain lies the reality of consciousness. This neurological network of atoms, molecules, proteins and cells makes up a biological rendering farm that outputs cognitive reality and the experience of consciousness.

A human brain is a type of computer called a neural network, composed of about 100 billion neurons, each of which is connected to, on average, about 7,000 others via synapses. Neurons are cells that receive, process and transmit information within the brain. Synapses are connections between neurons through which chemical and electrical messages are transmitted. All these neurons in our brains, constantly communicating with each other, ostensibly enable all the functions of our brain, including planning, memory, imagination, information processing, calculation, simulation, and every other aspect of thinking.
(Moss, Shaun, Practical Metaphysics, 2009)

Consciousness and cognition reduce into these macroscopic data storage and data processing units of the human brain. To accurately predict where consciousness starts and cellular origins of consciousness end may start at the molecular or even atomic node of a fractal zoom. A neuron is not our total consciousness, rather a contributing node of consciousness that adds to the total consciousness that we experience.

What we do know is the Universe itself has a fractal nature, and that can be measured and observed by zooming into and outward from our perspective by a power of 10.

?Does consciousness itself adhere to the same fractal relationship
?Does consciousness also split into parts and observe itself in each state of self-similarity

Physical reality is the objective and observable world we exist in. If we use a fractal zoom analogy and move from the outward zoom to the inward zoom, the moment this information crosses from the external world of physical atoms and energy wave forms to a cognitive interpretation we can call cognitive reality.

In physics and mathematics, the dimension of a space or object is informally defined as the minimum number of coordinates needed to specify any point within it. Thus a line has a dimension of one because only one coordinate is needed to specify a point on it. A surface such as a plane or the surface of a cylinder or sphere has a dimension of two because two coordinates are needed to specify a point on it (latitude and longitude). The inside of a cube, a cylinder or a sphere is three-dimensional because three coordinates are needed to locate a point within these spaces. The design of this is in error as the line should be re-calculated to be a dimension of two, requiring two points of reference for the line to be drawn, right to left for example.

Quantum physics has further revealed that our entire perception of reality is produced by our minds. As our mind perceives the universe at a quantum mechanical level, it interprets this information in terms of its current prevailing beliefs, and thereby creates a mental movie using symbols that we already know.
Although we perceive the result as an objective physical reality, it's actually imaginary. The images and sounds we experience come from our own minds, not somewhere outside of us. What we observe is only our interpretation of the incoming information.
(Moss, Shaun, Practical Metaphysics, 2009)

Currently science can only explain consciousness in terms of how the brain functions leaving further explanations to the realm of meta-physics, as the brain cogniguative develops the creation of compelx matematical objects and ideas. The infinte fold of fractuals, chaos is recorded from a time before time.

posted on May, 24 2013 @ 07:02 AM

The chaotic process may have emerged into awareness in remote antiquity, when it was represented by symbols such as serpents, sea monsters, clouds, and goddesses, including Innanna, Ishtar, and Tiamat. ”
(Abraham, Ralph, Chaos in Myth and Science, p 197).

The useage of symbols, pic-graphs, glyphs and many more symbolic imagery is the extentison of the thought process inconjunction with verbal communication. At the time these specific usages of dragonism were understood to be of an eternal reference point for calculated data, with special regards to the development of quantum reality.

Examination of the specific dragon symbology yields that ancient civilizations had developed the necessary brain function to understand considered advanced matematical and also magical concepts.

The cult of the serpent exists in many forms, whether of a single serpent or of a species, of a serpent embodying a spirit or god, of a real or imaginary serpent represented in an image, of a serpent as associated with a divinity (a chief god or one of many), or of a purely mythical reptile. All these may be traced back to the cult of actual serpents, which, however, easily become a fitting vehicle for a spirit or god.

This was especially true of the serpent because of its swift yet graceful and mysterious gliding motion without feet or wings, unlike that of any other animal, its power of disappearing suddenly, the brilliance and power of fascination of its eye, its beauty and strength, the sudden fatal consequences of its bite or of its enveloping folds, the practice of casting its skin, which suggested its longevity or even immortality. All these contributed to arouse feelings of wonder, respect, fear, to produce worship, and also to make the serpent a fit subject of innumerable myths. In the various forms of the cult there is often found a sense of the animal's beneficence, probably because myth easily attributed to it wisdom, secret knowledge, magical power, healing properties, and inspiration.

The larger species, possibly also the dim memory of extinct species or species no longer found in any region, affected man's imagination, and both fear and fancy gave rise to a belief in mythical serpents or dragons of vast size and powers, and often the. cause of various natural phenomena.
(Ingersoll, Ernest, Dragons and Dragon Lore, 1928 )

The basis for many deities in Mesopotamian mythology is thought to have originated from early astronomical observations of heavenly bodies. In this way, the deities are represented by planets and natural phenomena. The Babylonian goddess Ishtar, for example, was symbolized by the planet Venus, whose close orbit around the sun causes it to move swiftly through the sky, often passing other planets (from the perspective of the earth). The personas and personality traits of other Mesopotamian deities may also have their roots in the stars.
(Taylor, Robert Johnathan, An Analysis Of Celestial Omina In The Light Of Mesopotamian Cosmology And Mythos, 2006)

Illustrations are rare and late in Mesopotamia; still, we are able to identify many constellations, even those whose names are uniquely Babylonian. The identifications are based mainly on astronomical data; these are complemented and confirmed by the single cuneiform text that gives a description of part of the heavens.
Mathematical astronomy in Mesopotamia appears in the fifth century B.C. The observation of the heavens and the recognition of the periodicities of heavenly phenomena go back, nevertheless, much farther in time.
(Reiner, Erica, Astral Magic in Babylonia, 2010, p3)

Mathematical sciences of todays modern era are based on its development by the Babylonian magicians whom had migrated from the lands of Lemuria and Atlantis.

posted on May, 24 2013 @ 07:15 AM

It has been conjectured that Babylonian advances in mathematics were probably facilitated by the fact that 60 has many divisors (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30 and 60 - in fact, 60 is the smallest integer divisible by all integers from 1 to 6), and the continued modern-day usage of of 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and 360 (60 x 6) degrees in a circle, are all testaments to the ancient Babylonian system. It is for similar reasons that 12 (which has factors of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6) has been such a popular multiple historically (e.g. 12 months, 12 inches, 12 pence, 2 x 12 hours, etc).

The Babylonians also developed another revolutionary mathematical concept, something else that the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans did not have, a circle character for zero.

We have evidence of the development of a complex system of metrology in Sumer from about 3000 BC, and multiplication and reciprocal (division) tables, tables of squares, square roots and cube roots, geometrical exercises and division problems from around 2600 BC onwards. Their geometry extended to the calculation of the areas of rectangles, triangles and trapezoids, as well as the volumes of simple shapes such as bricks and cylinders (although not pyramids).
(Mastin, Luke, Sumerian/Babylonian Mathematics - The Story of Mathematics, 2010,

The Babylonians got their number system from the Sumerians, the first people in the world to develop a counting system. Developed 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, the Sumerian system was positional — the value of a symbol depended on its position relative to other symbols. Robert Kaplan, author of "The Nothing That Is: A Natural History of Zero," suggests that an ancestor to the placeholder zero may have been a pair of angled wedges used to represent an empty number column.

The Sumerians’ system passed through the Akkadian Empire to the Babylonians around 300 B.C. There, scholars agree, a symbol appeared that was clearly a placeholder — a way to tell 10 from 100 or to signify that in the number 2,025.

The concept of zero first appeared in India around A.D. 458. Mathematical equations were spelled out or spoken in poetry or chants rather than symbols. Different words symbolized zero, or nothing, such as "void," "sky" or "space."

In 628, a Hindu astronomer and mathematician named Brahmagupta developed a symbol for zero — a dot underneath numbers. He also developed mathematical operations using zero, wrote rules for reaching zero through addition and subtraction, and the results of using zero in equations.

A Persian mathematician, Mohammed ibn-Musa al-Khowarizmi, suggested that a little circle should be used in calculations if no number appeared in the tens place. The Arabs called this circle "sifr," or "empty." Zero was crucial to al-Khowarizmi, who used it to invent algebra in the ninth century.

By the 1600s, zero was used fairly widely throughout Europe. It was fundamental in Rene Descartes’ Cartesian coordinate system and in Sir Isaac Newton’s and Gottfried Wilhem Liebniz’s developments of calculus. Calculus paved the way for physics, engineering, computers, and much of financial and economic theory.
Who invented zero?

From the Journal of Science and Arts.

Abstract. We present here a systematic study of numeral systems of world’s renowned ancient human civilizations. We discuss their important properties regarding number of different symbols, base, positional or place-value character, presence of zero, fractions, representiblity limits and influence on each other. Also we give examples by representing common numbers in these systems. Most of these systems are out of use today, but they have gradually led us to where we are today, the acceptance of most effective Indian decimal place-value system with zero. So, their importance should receive due credit from point of view of preserving our historical path of development.

Further Reading

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posted on May, 24 2013 @ 07:19 AM

To fully grasp the siginificance of Lemuria and Atlantis all of the historical data requires careful examination. The theme of an Atlantean (antediluvian) civilization exsisting at a particular spiritual and technological superiority is best understood by examining detailed accounts of it's rise and fall. Most widely known as Atlantis it is a narrative that begets rememberence in the epoch of recorded history. For it is inevibtable that such a great clamity will one day be repeated to a great effect.

The idea that there may have been a civilization even more ancient than Atlantis that was the motherland of human kind is also one that has endured in mans collective consciousness for many years, and a thought that is at once both compelling and tantalizing. Such is the tale of Lemuria, a land and culture that is said to have existed in the vicinity of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
(Igan, Maxwell, Earths Forbidden History, ????)

It is from the primordials of Lemurian and Atlantis that all our myths and religious traditions are based upon. These include the development of technology, the alphabet, astronomy, metallurgy and relgion as well as the formation of law and government amongst many other inventions.

To determine the location of these two nations and chart their progress it is necessary to investigate for the most part outside established academic institutions. However, the myths that surround them are no less astounding the the sciencetific and technological progress of the twenty-first century and so to it must be pursued with the same scholary discipline.

Since the formation of the Earth landmass and ocean have had a considered turmoil as the great tetonic plates of the crust shift and shudder in various intense motion. This has caused landmasses to either rise or be submerged in realation to the ocean, and causing at time to eject portions of molten larva as volcanos are formed. In some cases geological studies have proven that in the past there have been active 'mega' volcanos that have sent out enough lava to form gigantic landmasses as eventually the lava flow cools down in the ocean.

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posted on May, 24 2013 @ 04:13 PM
A paper entitled The Lost Lemuria written by Scott-Elliot in 1904 details not only its possible location but also discusses its culture and landscapes. Published in associatian with The Theosophical Society the paper makes numerious references to The Book of Dyzan that was written by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky during 1888. It also contains maps to demonstrate how Lemuria fits into the world map.

But there are a number of circumstances (especially chorological facts) which suggest that the primeval home of man was a continent now sunk below the surface of the Indian Ocean, which extended along the south of Asia, as it is at present (and probably in direct connection with it), towards the east, as far as Further India and the Sunda Islands; towards the west, as far as Madagascar and the south-eastern shores of Africa. Sclater has given this continent the name of Lemuria, from the semi-apes which were characteristic of it. By assuming this Lemuria to have been man's primæval home, we greatly facilitate the explanation of the geographical distribution of the human species by migration.
(Scott-Elliot, W, The Lost Lemuria, 1904)

It deduces that Lemuria formed around 4 million years ago and its destruction was by volcano activity not sinking (tidal-floods) as it is reported with Atlantis.

Other choice quotes from this paper as follows:

Another marked contrast between the fate of Lemuria and Atlantis was that while four great catastrophes completed the destruction of the latter, the former was slowly eaten away by internal fires, for, from the time when the disintegrating process began towards the end of the first map period, there was no cessation from the fiery activity, and whether in one part of the continent or another, the volcanic action was incessant, while the invariable sequence was the subsidence and total disappearance of the land, just as in the case of Krakatoa in 1883.

Lemurian man lived in the age of Reptiles and Pine Forests. The amphibious monsters and the gigantic tree-ferns of the Permian age still nourished in the warm damp climates. Plesiosauri and Icthyosauri swarmed in the tepid marshes of the Mesolithic epoch, but, with the drying up of many of the inland seas, the Dinosauria—the monstrous land reptiles—gradually became the dominant type, while the Pterodactyls—the Saurians which developed bat-like wings—not only crawled on the earth, but flew through the air.

The evolution of this Lemurian race, therefore, constitutes one of the most obscure, as well as one of the most interesting, chapters of man's development, for during this period not only did he reach true humanity, but his body underwent the greatest physical changes, while the processes of reproduction were twice altered.
(Scott-Elliot, W, The Lost Lemuria, 1904)

The concept of Lemuria was born during the 1887 Darwinian revolution sweeping scienctific establishments rushing to fill in the gaps of earths early epochs. Currently it is thought that a land bridge between India and Africa did once exist as weel as a continent in the Pacific.

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 03:01 PM
Lemuria was a concept held by writer Augustus Le Plangeon (1925-1908) who stated the acient civilizations were the refugees from Lemuria after the great clamity.

The Lost Lemuria describes the evolution of the so called Root Races, of which the First Root Race were somekind of half mindless astral matter later developing into crude physical bodies until eventually the Lemurian archtype was attained (Third Root Race), though their bones were considered pliable. The paper depict this race having a third eye in the back of their head which later on during the last generations became the pineal gland allowing the development of some kind of great pyschic vision.
Stating that many sub races of human also developed alongside the Lemurian, whose apperances ranged from thick lips to egg-shaped heads with eyes far apart, were used for slave work.

As well as detailed descriptions of the fauna and flora it notes that the Third Root Race underwent various reproduction cycles from sexless to bi-sexual or androgynous and mostly concerned themselve to building the Arts and great cities following only simple rules without the need of religion.

posted on May, 25 2013 @ 03:46 PM

Chapter 1: Pilgrimage to Planet Earth 3
Man migrates from various planets to the young, fiery globe called
Earth in the Sat Yuga, the age of enlightenment, to continue his evolution
into the realization of the Self. As time passes and cosmic
forces wane, ceremonies are performed to release into human flesh
bodies those who in their original form were eaten by animals.

Chapter 2: The Cycle of Yugas 13
During the lush Treta Yuga, the ratio of those still in their original
form diminishes with the darkening of the cosmic forces. Austerities
are performed to transmute the increasing fires of instinctive desire.
Records of sacred knowledge are embedded in the inner ethers to
guide souls in future yugas when the veils again begin to lift.

Chapter 3: The First Temples 23
Temples are established around pedestals on which our Lords, the
Mahadevas, come and materialize temporary bodies and send out
rays of blessing and knowledge. Our mission is to channel the pristine
cosmic rays to stabilize the rest of the population. Prophets foretell
of life in the Kali Yuga, when too few strands of culture persist.

Chapter 4: Gods, Goals and Gurus 35
Walled monasteries, headed by master gurus, are created to sequester
unfolded souls dedicated to serving as pure channels for the divine
force. Our gurus and Mahadevas carefully guard and guide us,
and we commune with them at night while we sleep. We meditate
lying down, with the body placed in a hole in the great wall.

Chapter 5: Monastery Culture 43
While all in the monastery are in their original body, others in fleshand-
bone bodies come to study and be sent out on mission. A few are
allowed to stay. Newcomers begging by the wall are closely tested.
Our skills are many, including telepathy, teleportation and carving
statues, always in a state of completion, until they disappear.

Chapter 6: Diet and Destiny 53
Milk, seeds and nuts, honey, pollen and fruit mixed in right proportion
provide our nourishment. Our main task now is preparing this
planet for human life during the coming millennia. When a monastery
is closed down, we form a lake to preserve the sacred vortex as
a site of worship and austerity a million years hence.

Chapter 7: Monastic Training 63
Training for our Lemurian priesthood is detailed and exacting, carefully
outlined in akaßic books. During years one and two, stories
and games are the medium, as for a child. In the third year, a close
interest is taken, marked by initiation, personal discipline and tests
of will. During the fourth year, a pattern of duties is given.

Chapter 8: Lemurian Sadhakas 71
Most of our monastics are still in original bodies. Our Lemurian
sadhakas, seeking deeper admittance, are of animal lineage, and
they are given duties according to the animal lineage they emerged
from. Training given during the first four years prepares the young
one for the rest of his life in serving as a channel for cosmic rays.

(Subramuniyaswami, Satguru Sivaya, Lemurian Scrolls-Angelic Prophecies Revealing Human Origins, 2006)


After enlightened souls migrate to Earth in wingless spacecraft begin to spread seed from other planets, experiment with nature and set themselves to become gurus and construct temples. Those wishing to be accepted into the temple and become novtiates would have to wait outside until summoned in. It would be here they would learn about the Arts, Literature and other academic studies. In addtion they would develop powerful mind skills and move objects with a thought. The main source of nourishment are nuts, seeds, milk products, honey. The Preisthood training involved the quest for the self and accomplishing feats such as flying. Overall the Lemurians lived in blissful harmony.

The Four Ages described below chart the decline of the Lemurian Empire.

Golden Age. 3.9 million BCE. The Earth is fresh and untainted and the average life span is put as 200,000 years with all resources such as food, gems, gold etc in great abundance.

Silver Age. 2.163 million BCE. The life span reduces to 10,000 years with great advances in art and science.

Copper Age. 867,000 BCE. While inter-galactic wisdom is common knowledge there begins a rise in the studies of black arts.

Bronze Age. 3101 BCE. Increases of self gratification, vices etc lead to forgetting their glorious past and lose touch with other beings. With a life span of just 100 years the earth is exploited with corruption and power struggles between various factions.

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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 09:08 PM
Both The Lost Lemuria and Lemurian Scrolls share the idea of a past of harmonious living that became degraded and echo the same themes found in christian biblical genesis. However there is still the problem of the wishful thinking elements that place ideas of non-human entities ushering forth the evolution of the human race. Lemuria as a real place must therefore be treated with skepticism as it is presented. There is seemingly though a deeper truth to all the fables that deserves investigation. The nature of these myths which cycle alongside established scientific explanations of human evolution are in usual conflict but do share particular details such as global natural catastrophes.

Somewhere in early history the idea took hold, to explain these events, to attribute some divine property as the cause and was the begining of misunderstanding and subsequently leading to the rise of religion as it remains today. Again it must be noted that indeed the wisdom of the ages have for the most part been forgotten, as it has been writ with particular truths and myth mixed up to such a great degree and that itself is a big clue to solving the mystery.

Attention now will turn to examining Atlantis and the deciphering of its mystery. While such research has been done tirelessly by many others there still remains a missing truth that deserves to be documented. A truth that links the consciousness of the ancient past to the consciousness of the future. It will be explained the whys and wherfores of this perhaps great meme cycle in later chapters but to get there is a journey that must be navigated with care if it is to be fully grasped.

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 06:25 AM

Atlantis has been both an geological and archeological puzzle since Plato made mention of it and has resulted in countless of wasted treasure hunts to locate such a place. Reading of the wonderous stories of its advanced technological capabilities it certainly entices the imagination however it is just a displacement for the longing of another kind of paradise much like the fable of Eden. The truth though is that the Atlantis civilization was just another part of the now recognized sumerian epoch and in fact Atlantis was most likely where the academic institutions where located, and more than likely a central government. There was most likely a sort of natural catastrophe that caused its abandoment and is the root of the various great flood myhs that became mixed up over the decades as embelishments were added.

It is a futile to search for evidence of Atlantis as it stands to reason that we need only to look at the sumerian and egyptian empires to know all we need about Atlantis, having being forced to abandon the 'motherland' spread amongst the closest mainlands to continue their soceity and governmence of the known world. This process of rebuilding of course left the the government unstable and contenders emgerged to engage in various power struggles leading to violent skirmishes and wars. Meanwhile the academic qualities were more than likely strictly controlled, afterall knowledge is power and a government can not be successful without power either real or imagined.

The academic learning back then is better known as mystery schools where the 'secrets' of true knowledge and understanding of the known world gave rise to a particular kind of elitism or magi. As today there was various degrees of discipline and speciality that took many years to complete and enterrance was a highly selective process for the aspiring candidate.

The solipsistic academe would do well to remember and contemplate that before entry to the prestigious colleges was permitted, there were other archives of knowledge, other paths and modes of learning. There is the story each race, nation, culture and civilization has been telling. These are not tales penned by a single self-absorbed individual, but riveting sagas of entire peoples, orally passed down and sanctified by time. To look to these myths and legends with contempt and intellectual condescension is to covet disaster.”
(Tsarion, Michael, Atlantis, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation, 2002)

The key to the proper understanding of the legend of Atlantis lies in the correct arrangement of the events it describes in their chronological sequence and according to their historical authenticity”
(Spanuth, Jurgen, Atlantis – The Mystery Unravelled, 1956)

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 06:34 AM
To determine the exact nature of these mystery schools detailed research of all the correct historical data is required, which charts the journey from atlantis to the twenty-first century. This will entail combining a multitude of facts to form a coherent scope of knowledge, truth and wisdom.

While todays society has religion formed in gusies of some external intelligence producing for reasons unknown it is quite clear that the current understanding of these religious text is very wrong. And for a very long time it has been the case of the misguided leading the misguided and is an insult to conscious intelligence. Great credit must be acknowledged to the ancestors who understood the mysteries of the universe on an intellectual level. Religion is the observation of the solar system which is no more different to the worship or more acurately , the attention to the motions of the stars and orbiting moons and planets. The notions of some divine creator never enters into the equation until much later and was the result of a complete misunderstanding of these primary writings.

The standard cosmogonic data from sumer indicates that the universe was first and foremost known to be chaotic. Their acute observational understanding of this certainly propelled conscious to a new level and introduced the first steps of critical thinking.
Deducing that Sol (sun) was not in motion the catlogue of observable planets began in ernest detail. The tradition in ancient Chaldea and indeed ancient Egypt until something was given a name it was thought it had no existence.

When in the height heaven was not named, And the earth beneath did not yet bear a name - Enuma Elish

Observations gave rise to methods of ritual dedication often performed with elaborate ceremony to state its importance with attribution to harvests and festivals in later times and adopted by the egyptian society.

Astronomy then had its uses for once it was understood that the motions of the dingir (gods) were cyclic accurate predication could be calculated. This information was held as sacred (divine secret) and was the source of the powers the magi claiming authorship over the earth and the heavens, claiming a special relationship with the dingir and thusly creating a ruling class of elite men and women, and the unenlightened slave worker. Particular ruses were set forth to control the slave and fanciful stories created to appeal to the dim mind of the worker to discourage rebellion, in fear one might anger the dingir for disobedience to the magi. The ruse worked so well that thousands of years later it still manages to keep the dim worker in unquestioning obeidience to the dingir.
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The magi education began with the formation of the mystery school. Students were required to follow strict guidelines to progress through the varying degrees of knowledge depending on how successful they were. The most important rule was to keep secret the learning process else the whole thing would be for naught. Many different disciplines were available for study but only a very select few knew how they all fitted together to form the complete picture of exsistence and such important knowledge was well guarded, not out of jealous ambition but because such knowledge was dangerous if selfishly misused. That is more true today then ever it has been.

It is from the mystery school that the pyramids were able to be built, stonehenge and many other marvel constructions of the ancient civilizations. There is no mystery why some of these monuments seeme closely aligned to particular stars for they were used as a stable measurement cue for the archietect. These mystery schools also developed ideas as to the function of consciousness and its place in the chaotic universe.

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In the year 1770, there was published at Berlin a work entitled Crata Repoa; oder Einweihungen der Egyptischen Priester; meaning in English, Crata Repoa, or Initiations of the Egyptian Priests. This book was subsequently republished in 1778, and translated into French under the revision of Ragon, and published at Paris in 1821.

According to the Crata Repoa, the Priests of Egypt conferred their initiation at Thebes. The Mysteries were divided into the following seven degrees:

1. Pastophoros.
2. Neocoros.
3. Melanophoros.
4. Ristophoros.
5. Balahate.
6. Astronomos.
7. Propheta.

the first devoted to instructions in the physical sciences and the second to geometry and architecture. In the third degree, the candidate was instructed in the symbolical death of Osiris, and was acquainted with the hieroglyphic language. In the fourth, he was presented with the book of the laws of Egypt, and became a judge. The instructions of the fifth degree were dedicated to chemistry, and the sixth to astronomy and mathematical sciences. In the seventh and last degree, the candidate received a detailed explanation of all mysteries, his head was shaved, and he was presented with an ankh-cross, which he was to carry constantly, a white mantle, and a square headdress. To each degree was attached a secret word and a sign.

(Bushby, Tony, The Secret in the Bible, 2011,pp38-39)

Symbolism was developed to hide the true meanings of sacred knowledge from the uniniated. The influence of the mystery schools continued through out the centuraties until the present day, although much degraded. Offerings to the altars of the many deities by the ignorant soceity knew little that the statues represented only abstract truth.
As languages evolved the number of errors increased as the secrets were written down and was aminly the result of scribes misunderstanding of earlier texts and the natural error that creep in when translating from one language to another which manified over many decades. The sacred knowledge was further befuddled with political intent depending on the religious climate at the time as words and whole sections of texts were changed due to favoritisms of power struggles and wars.

As memory of what was once written was confused new religions formed founded on ill truths and complete misunderstanding until it became widely accepted by the ignorant that a single deity created reality in seven days. Religious schisms led to violence and the needless deaths of thousands of lives and continues more or less to the same extent in the twenty-first century. And the irony of it is that each religious divison claims to be of the one and only wisdomic truth when in fact none of them do. They are stagnated in past errors.

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Consciousness is expressed through sound and later it was wrote what the sounds meant. The evolutionary process of communicating began. And consciousness since has relentlessly defined existence in its infinites possiblities.

The structure of defining the nature of consciousness is ever enduring as the universe that contains it, and are irrevocably entwined like twin serpents. Mathematical science has attempted to make sense of the universe and consciousness as has the disciplines of occult meta-physics.
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The primary mysteries taught that creative engery (the root word of engineering) was the substance of the universe and that consciousness can be altered to connect to unseen forces. Methods of trance meditation became refined and thus access to the sphere of the cosmos conscious became deified in the early cultures leading to the development of religious magical systems. One of the reasons for similarities of beliefs despite being seprtated by continants and time is because the magi and shamens were accessing the same 'core' consciousness with only their minds interpretating the idea in variations and all sharing strong concepts of physical death of the body and the elevation of the 'soul' into another realm. In Greece occult ideas were studied sciencetifically.

In early egypt Hermes Trismegistus the proclaimed author of the Emerald Tablets taught a magical system in connection with deity and the 'message of the gods'.

The epithets which the Egyptians applied to their gods also bear valuable testimony concerning the ideas which they held about God. We have already said that the "gods" are only forms, manifestations, and phases of Rā, the Sun-god, who was himself the type and symbol of God, and it is evident from the nature of these epithets that they were only applied to the "gods" because they represented some qualify or attribute which they would have applied to God had it been their custom to address Him. (Budge, 1908)

In the third section of this papyrus we find a work which was written with the sole object of overthrowing Āpep, the great enemy of Rā, and in the composition itself we find two versions of the chapter which describes the creation of the earth and all things therein. The god Neb-er-tcher is the speaker, and he says:--
"I evolved the evolving of evolutions. I evolved myself under the form of the evolutions of the god Khepera, which were evolved at the beginning of all time. I evolved with the evolutions of the god Khepera; I evolved by the evolution of evolutions--that is to say, I developed myself from the primeval matter which I made, I developed myself out of the primeval matter. My name is Ausares (Osiris), the germ of primeval matter. I have wrought my will wholly in this earth, I have spread abroad and filled it, I have strengthened it [with] my hand. I was alone, for nothing had been brought forth; I had not then emitted from myself either Shu or Tefnut. I uttered my own name, as a word of power, from my own mouth, and I straightway evolved myself. I evolved myself under the form of the evolutions of the god Khepera, and I developed myself out of the primeval matter which has evolved multitudes of evolutions from the beginning of time. Nothing existed on this earth then, and I made all things. There was none other who worked with me at that time. I performed all evolutions there by means of that divine Soul which I fashioned there, and which had remained inoperative in the watery abyss. I found no place there whereon to stand. But I was strong in my heart, and I made a foundation for myself, and I made everything which was made. I was alone. I made a foundation for my heart (or will), and I created multitudes of things which evolved themselves like unto the evolutions of the god Khepera, and their offspring came into being from the evolutions of their births. I emitted from myself the gods Shu and Tefnut, and from being One I became Three; they sprang from me, and came into existence in this earth. ...Shu and Tefnut brought forth Seb and Nut, and Nut brought forth Osiris, Horus-khent-an-maa, Sut, Isis, and Nephthya at one birth."
Papyrus of Nesi Amsu,3rd

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