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Looking to switch factory "yellow" headlights bulbs for "white" lights.

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posted on Jun, 5 2013 @ 08:19 PM

Originally posted by calstorm
Please don't! I personally think they should be illegal. I can not see when an oncoming vehicle has these. The yellow is so much easier on the eyes.

Ughhh... Imagine the amount of disinformation you battle to reach the "truth" on topics here on ATS. Now take that and multiply for the amount of disinfo out there about modding cars.

All headlights(h.i.d and halogen "yellow") are designed to be "aimed" using a specific method for each car. A properly "aimed" set of h.i.d's will NOT blind other drivers. Especially with a quality projector, because the light output is being concentrated (projected) in to a narrower, more intense(and efficient) beam. Which SHOULD be pointed (by aiming process) out in front of the car, ON THE ROAD, no light should make it into the line of sight of oncoming drivers.

Now, if this makes sense to you, you now might be starting to understand why "shotty" installed h.i.d kit's are infamous for blinding people. A lot of people are unaware or too lazy to "aim" their new h.i.d kit. And now that highly concentrated light kit they just installed is channeled or "aimed" mistakenly in to your eye ball haha and not out in front of the car. Resulting in a lose/lose situation for the owner (poor lighting visibility) and the guy who gets ran into the ditch driving the opposite direction.

This is just ONE of the ways that h.i.d's that aren't installed correctly can blind other drivers. The op mentions another way that someone who didn't research automotive h.i.d lighting before purchasing or installing can blind others.

With that being said; good quality, properly installed h.i.d headlight assemblies are unparalleled in performance and safety. There is no comparison. If you drove a vehicle with h.i.d's it would be VERY difficult to go back to halogen. The amount of visibility gained over halogen is astounding.

Oh, and they look cool
) Just thought I'd try to clear that up for people. I HATE the rep h.i.d's have gotten from general public because of idiots giving them a bad name !

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 08:32 AM
reply to post by sefhinny

Haha, yeah.. when i get interested, i do full research on subjects.

i got a electrical question for you....

I hooked up some interior lights.. right now its too ghetto, i have it plugged in with cigarette light ports.. and wires are everywhere.. i was too scared to play around with the fuse box.

I believe the Accessory fuse has a mini amp in it... do i remove that and put in a an average amp? when i plug in the positive wire for the interior lights?

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 06:42 PM
Depends... Most fuse'd circuits have an amp rating way higher than the load on the circuit. To guarantee that the fuse only will blow during a "short to ground" situation. Do you have a digital volt meter? You can get one that will do most everything you will use it for, for $5-20.

I just need you to run a few resistance tests to insure I don't blow your fuse. The fuse is there for protection. Say you were to hook it up, and it overload the circuit, your fuse would simply blow. Damaging no components. I recommend testing the circuit, obviously, and I have a feeling you will too. But the "safety net" is there for the plug and players haha

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