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My Awakening story

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posted on May, 20 2013 @ 04:33 AM
It all began in a little studio. I decided to live on my own, because home was just not home anymore. The first few months were quiet, I went to school, everything was normal. I was alone for most of the time. In august 2011 and months following I felt something unexplainable. Some urge to find out what was wrong with this world. Because as soon as I looked at the world, I just KNEW something was wrong. I started searching and came upon several subjects and started to put the pieces together. Then, In february I made the decision that changed my life forever, positive and negative. I know some people are against it, some people are for it, like me. But it has to do with drugs so i'm not going to discuss it here. I also had a dream, where a Buddhist monk helped me get to the knowledge I needed prior to what happened.

My pineal gland was activated. I felt a sudden rush of energy, coming from the back/top of my head going down my spine. The thought I held in my head was that the whole point of the conspiracy is that everything is connected. I could hold the whole conspiracy in 1 thought. I understood why this world was like it is. I found the truth. I felt so happy, I began crying out of happiness. I finnaly found it!! What I didn't know was that things were to change very fast...

The months following my Awakening, I had TONS of visions and began astral projecting. I also started to lucid dream, I also had countless of paranormal activity. I remember almost all of them still and I know they have great importance for my future. It's how I hold on in the NOW, it's how I remember that I too have a destiny, just like everybody else.

I finally understood 'everything'. I knew what was going on. The game had just started for me. Then, I didn't know what to do about, until I came to this idea. I wanted to quit the system!! I did not want to support a system that is so heartless, so ruthless in it's evil. I wanted to become an activist. I wanted to live in a little tent outside, protesting against the system. I started searching cities for protests, I started giving everything away. I quit school, I was on the verge of losing everything. I didn't realise that there was something else in wait for me.

April-June 2012
A song came out. A song called Princess of China. It had SO many similarities with a vision/dream I had. I was so surprised I started to wonder. Maybe I dreamshared with the artist? I didn't know what to think of it. But it was there, proof that I had shared a dream with someone, who? I didn't know.
It was almost over, I had 1 month left and I would be thrown on the streets because I didn't have any money. And still I was researching and wondering who I shared that dream with.

Then a warning came. I suddenly had voices. Real voices in my head. Just out of nowhere. They only came in the evenings. So falling asleep was very hard for me. Now, I still have those voices, and they are not what you think they are. I'll explain later. They were there for a week. During that week, I decided I'll give my parents a call (Everything was ok then, no more fights) And they decided to let me live with them again. They accepted me back into their home, which i'm very grateful for.

June-August 2012
I was on ATS lurking, until I found a thread about Twin flames. I found it interesting because I was having more dreams of this artist. Now you can call it coincidence, and I would agree, if it were only 2-3 dreams. But I was having them for 2 months about that same person( and still visions). That is not coinidence. Then a dream where she leaned on my shoulder. I felt a fuzzy warm feeling in my heart. From that moment I was almost sure she is the 'One' for me. Almost, because it was still just a dream. But then on 28 August I saw her face to face. I immediatly fell in love. There was this magnetic pulling. She is my twin flame.

September 2012 was quiet. For one dream then, where my guardian angel told me that my work is not on this dimension (dream dimension) and that it is a heavy burden.

October 2012
This is where the Dark night of the soul comes in. Voices started harrasing me. I knew by then that these were no ordinary voices. I am a Targeted Individual. These voices come from Synthethic Telepathy. How do I know this?
They where harassing me, both mentally and physically when they made a mistake. You see, these are no government spies, they were my friends. They wanted to keep a 'surprise party' in my head. It all went well, I knew who they were, they told me they were sitting in the house next to me and they told me it was with technology they entered my head, with no bad intentions. I have OCD, so automaticly when they told who they were, I started saying bad thing to them. They thought I did it on purpose, but it was OCD.

Now, the mistake, I was trying to sleep, and since they where sitting in the room next to me. They let me hear the technology. I could hear myself thinking out loud in the room next to me.

I'll tell the rest in anothe post because i'm a bit tired of typing.

If you read the whole story, you might think i'm a bit crazy, and you are right. I am crazy.
But I saw, felt, heard, dreamt everything and i'm sure that this is not all coincidence.

Peace & Love

posted on May, 20 2013 @ 02:19 PM
reply to post by Risingfall

indeed, you are going "crazy"
in a "sane" world...

looking forward to more details regarding the gangstalking
i know a few spells that can help you out

since your 3rd eye has opened, you are now a shining beacon on the etheric and astral planes.
As you've taken the Sorcerer's Path [Pharmakia] to get there, you need to start meditating if you are not doing so already. you also need to look into psychic self-defense [Dion Fortune has a book with that same title]. these should be your main priorities at this point; as in your case the harassment is to prevent and reverse your progress

and yes, everything IS connected: by the Many Colored Threads, which if not yet visible to you, will soon be.

also expect to be bombarded with all manner of FEAR-DRIVEN SATAN/DEMON PORN,
this too is to drive you off the Path.

an inspirational video depicting Siddhartha's last temptation by Kama-Mara:

posted on May, 21 2013 @ 04:22 AM
I'm back.

October 2012
My thoughts became dark and I couldnt figure out why. And by dark, I mean very dark. I wasnt used to have thoughts like that. I always have good intentions, and good thoughts came with them. But something must have changed for such an effect in thought to occur. Still, they are but thoughts, but it was getting harder to control them.

November 2012

I was hospitalized. I couldn't handle the dark thoughts and voices anymore. They wanted me to go to the hospital for 'treatment' because i'm 'crazy'. I couldn't go any further in life because they were constantly harrassing me. So i went to the hospital and sat there for a month for people behind walls, with their synthethic telepathy. And they say i'm the coward, hah.

Now in the hospital, the voices suddenly became friendly. And I can understand. I complied, they just wanted to 'help'. All in all it went well. I came out as with a good future perspective and no more bad thoughts.(December 2012) As soon as the voices were gone, the dark thoughts were gone too. But that changed, again!

Januari 2013

I decided to go back to school. Everything was OK. No more voices, no more bad thoughts, why not start school again? If I had known it would end up like this again, I wouldn't have gone back. But you can't change the past. Accepting it is all there is to it.

April 2013
2 weeks of school left and I had a 2 week vacation. But every morning I stood up, I couldn't go to school. There was no will, no motivation to go. It's as if I lost my interest in school and want to do something else. Which is actually the case. So the last 2 weeks i didn't go. I just made my exams and got 63%, without even learning.

In the vacation, the voices started appearing again, and also the bad thoughts. But this time it was different. This time they were VERY, VERY aggressive. They wanted to put fear into my mind. And they succeeded. I was called a devil's child, they told me I sold my soul, they told me everything I feared. They loved to see me hurt myself. Those 'people', wanted me dead, because I am 'crazy'.

I hurt myself badly and got hospitalized again. For voices, Again...
Now i'm writing this from a hospital, And everythings going good again and hope to keep it like this.

But there are some things I have learned, like never believe anything. I'd rather be in disbelief and be proven wrong, than believe anything someone says. I might not say I don't believe it, but in my mind I have my opinion and I can change it (or not) whenever I want. The voices have no power over me. And first, i believed they did. But I was wrong, only to learn from my mistake. The only one who has power over me is myself. Just like everybody else.

I wonder what the next months will be like. I am sure that i'm going one a big vacation to my homeland, where they can't reach me with their synthethic telepathy and be able to thing for myself again and dream with my twin flame again.

After experiencing this dark night of the soul, I'm sure i'm going to enjoy life a lot more without the pain and suffering.

The end? Who knows...

posted on May, 21 2013 @ 04:26 AM
reply to post by TheMagus

I'd rather be crazy than sane! Lol

I have found the book about self defence and i'm certainly going to read it. It look and sounds very interesting.

Also I didn't know there were different paths to an Awakening, thanks for that information. I'm going to look more into it.

And VERY inspiring video!!!
It's like the voices, they want constant chaos, while all I want is Peace. That video inspires me to meditate.

Thank you very much for your reply!!

posted on May, 22 2013 @ 08:35 AM

Originally posted by Risingfall
The voices have no power over me. And first, i believed they did. But I was wrong, only to learn from my mistake. The only one who has power over me is myself. Just like everybody else.

I wonder what the next months will be like.

I had lots to say until I read this part of your post. Good on you, definatly the right attitude. You seem open minded enough and driven, stick with that and you'll find your answers.

My awakening story is similar to yours. If you don't already, I suggest you start meditating. I enjoy peace of mind 90% of the time.

posted on May, 22 2013 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by BeneahTheNow

Took me a while to realize it, but I'm not forgetting it soon. Life is giving me big lessons here, and I need to focus my attention on them.

For now, my thought are very chaotic. I think I'm going to start meditating like you said. I want to pull them into my peace

I can't wait to see many others awaken too. It's a beautiful experience, I think you'll agree on that one!

Thanks for the reply


posted on May, 22 2013 @ 04:29 PM
It is a hot thread,what you feel is amazing,but i am more interested in the physical issues story.
I wonder if the previous threads might be cut out?Is there anyone remeber the thread about a man in Kentuky and his alien friend in the part of grey area?I tried to search it by the interanl searching engine,but no available result in the list.It was made before roughly three years ago.
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posted on May, 22 2013 @ 04:55 PM
Hello, I heard voices for four or five years before I was put on medication for them to stop. It was exhausting. They were gangstalking me the voices of neighbors, kids I went to school with. They said they were using technology to get the really quiet voice, you said telepathy or something. Schizophrenia means split brain and they think its when your dreams show up in waking life.

posted on May, 22 2013 @ 04:59 PM
If your in the hospital now for hurting yourself you gotta be careful don't listen to the voices. They are a bad influence. They can make you stressed out of psychotic. Fly right, don't give them power.

posted on May, 22 2013 @ 05:12 PM
I spent yesterday reading all the articles in the first category and am starting on the second on the right, on this sight. Including every link in the articles and was so happy, just knew.

Regarding what is in scripture, what is relating to the awakening, becoming the son of God from the son of man, so to speak, the chakras and pituatary/pineal/thalamus, its quite a read. He relays info that is often confronted as if negative, in such a way seeing only positive.

For everything in scripture is within us, and relates to awakening.

But, there is much to say on the baptism or water, which is meditation. For the other ways that force this chi/kundalini and third eye awakening aren't always positive. But turning it around and getting back on track should help enormously. For the way that is presented, is with years of meditation, and perfecting self, bridging the right and left hemispheres, mother/father energy, and the conscious/unconscious, and bringing harmony and positivity and giving to others, altruism, overcoming the world or body suit, desires, reactions and temptations here, and materialism, and finding our unique paths to help, to grow, to rise above these wants and fixations and programs here. Thinking of others. The subconscious co-creates our reality so as we become positive in thought and balance the inner/outer, right/left, we can bring happy thoughts and wishes and prayers in, and see our lives get better. But its also for others, abundance in/out.

The advice is always to let it happen on its own with the work of giving.

Christ's life is an example.

Meditation is a huge component of awakening, every day. So getting to the waters so to speak and seeking to balance conscious/unconscious and deprogram from world and wants, and go with what you came into do, reporting for duty to yourself to share your gifts. And if you encounter any more voices, I would: 1. denounce their harm, but have compassion for them, tell them to turn the dial up on their love, refuse to follow bad orders, they need to go home too. Then block them. Say, you reject all hooks into your chakras, third eye, heart, chi/abdomen. also, see a big light sword cascading light down over your entire property, from your greater soul and all in that space wake up. See this sword cutting all hooks and lines in any way around your body outline and see yourself taking a big spray gun with high Love Light, white Light/Love light energy and spray paint the ceiling, walls, cracks, windows, doors so nothing may come in. And have gratitude say thanks to Love above, Goodness above. Even if people think that there is only Higher Self, there a progression, higher levels upon levels of those who passed the tests above, with Love and who are Team and Love and our own family from other lifetimes watch over here as well. And help us without us knowing often without any gratefulness, so having happiness and love for positive help is always good.

posted on May, 23 2013 @ 05:28 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Very very interesting, by reading the article, I am seeing my mind and the bible in a new light. I think I really need to start meditating. It's constantly cluttering thoughts that don't matter at all. It seems as if my consious mind is lost and pulls my unconsious into it's confusion hence the suffering and pain.

But I also believe it is part of the Dark night of the soul.
When I was in the studio, I had a time of enourmous expansion of consiousness. I think now everything is balancing out.

Thanks for the reply! I'll try to put medititating in to my daily schedule. And the visualising too. Thanks!

posted on May, 23 2013 @ 06:20 PM

Originally posted by Risingfall
reply to post by Unity_99

Very very interesting, by reading the article, I am seeing my mind and the bible in a new light. I think I really need to start meditating. It's constantly cluttering thoughts that don't matter at all. It seems as if my consious mind is lost and pulls my unconsious into it's confusion hence the suffering and pain.

But I also believe it is part of the Dark night of the soul.

It is part of it if you see it that way. Remember everything is just someone else's experience until you've had it personally. I think "Dark night of the soul" is when you start to realize the truth (that nothing really matters). But then eventually you realize that dosn't matter either

And yea! As soon as your mind is clear you can think way deeper, but you'll never get stuck there, you can always come back to the present moment. Have you watched any of the spirit science videos? This one may help you a little...

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