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The Quantum Body and Parallel Universes

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posted on May, 13 2013 @ 01:00 PM
The Quantum Body And Parallel Universes

by neoholographic

Abstract – This paper will answer 2 important questions. Is there a body outside of the human body and where is it located? How does the measurement problem in quantum mechanics relate to parallel universes? Based on current understanding of Physics and Cosmology I will show that the human body and classical objects in general have a quantum body. I will also show that the measurement problem isn't really a problem at all and how this new understanding shows that parallel universes exist.

First we will start with the quantum body. For years people have asked the question, is there a soul or spirit that extends beyond the human body and exists after death. Some of the greatest thinkers of our time pondered these questions. With the advent of Quantum Mechanics and advances in Cosmology that have led to current views in Cosmology, these question are beginning to be answered.

In Cosmology, Inflation theory by M.I.T. Professor Alan Guth has led to some exciting new theories. It also predicts a multiverse. When inflation occurs, a patch of space-time or false vacua inflates into a universe like ours. If the universe is infinite then multiple universes will inflate and some will contain other versions of us in these universes. In this universe you may be a Doctor but in another universe you skipped Medical school and started a successful business with your friends from College. This is because in an infinite universe every configuration of matter or every probable state will occur.

Cosmologist Max Tegmark says there's 4 levels of these universes.

Level I: A generic prediction of inflation is an infinite ergodic universe, which contains Hubble volumes realizing all initial conditions - including an identical copy of you about 10^[10^29] meters away.

Level II: In chaotic inflation, other thermalized regions may have different effective physical constants, dimensionality and particle content.

Level III: In unitary quantum mechanics, other branches of the wavefunction add nothing qualitatively new, which is ironic given that this level has historically been the most controversial.

Level IV: Other mathematical structures give different fundamental equations of physics. The key question is not whether parallel universes exist (Level I is the uncontroversial cosmological concordance model), but how many levels there are. I discuss how multiverse models can be falsified and argue that there is a severe "measure problem" that must be solved to make testable predictions at levels II-IV. (1) (2)

I will answer the measurement problem and show why Level III universes is where the Quantum Body resides. All of the sub atomic particles that make up your body is in a constant state of superposition and they make up your Quantum Body. Level III universes is where these subatomic particles reside and remain in a pure state of superposition before and after measurement. It's also where the Quantum Body or what some call the Quantum Soul resides.

This leads us to the measurement problem. I believe sub atomic particles are always in a state of superposition. This isn't just true with sub atomic particles but with classical objects also. This is because the measurement problem is a matter of different time scales. Different observers experience time at different scales. So the point of view of time for an electron is different than the point of view of time for a human observer. Sub atomic particles experience time on Planck scales and maybe even smaller. What I call the seeds of time. Human observers experience time on large scales, therefore sub atomic particles are in a state of superposition to us because we can't measure these seeds of time.

So before measurement, the electron will be in a state of superposition or a wave of probable states. This superposition we see is is the electrons point of view of time. There's uncertainty because we can't measure the seeds of time between probable states. If we could shrink down to Planck scales, then uncertainty would be removed as to which probable sate will occur after measurement.

So what happens when measurement occurs? The probable state of the electron gets entangled with the time scale of the classical observer. Since we can't measure the seeds of time between probable states of the electron, after measurement we only experience one probable state. So when we see the wave state of the electron, we're seeing the electron from it's point of view of time and each probable state is a parallel universe separated by small scales of time. On a classical level each probable state is a parallel universe and is separated by large scales of time. So the electron is still in superposition it's just one of the probable states of the electron is entangled with a classical observers scale of time after a measurement occurs.

The classical observer is also in a state of superposition, it's just the time scales between probable states on a classical level is huge. These probable states on a classical level become isolated parallel universes. Cosmologist Max Tegmark estimated the length between us and a parallel universe is 10 to the 10/28 meters away. (3)

Conclusion – There isn't any measurement problem. Under this definition, a measurement occurs when the time scales of different observers become entangled. Also, this measurement means that all objects are in superposition and no collapse occurs. On smaller scales, the superposition of probable states is separated by the seeds of time and on a classical level these probable states are separated by vast distances and become isolated parallel universes.

You can test for these seeds of time either at the LHC or interesting study is the holometer being conducted at Fermi Lab. We should eventually be able to test and measure these seeds of time on small scales. We could also resolve the measurement problem as the entanglement of different time scales, which will open up more opportunity to test level II – IV universes.

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