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X-Class Solar Flare given off today.

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posted on May, 13 2013 @ 06:41 PM
These flares came from as of now unnamed regions as they have not turned to face earth at which point they receive a sunspot number. These regions are currently named

gev_20130512_2017 2013/05/12 20:17:00 20:32:00 20:31:00 M1.9 N10E89
gev_20130512_2237 2013/05/12 22:37:00 22:52:00 22:44:00 M1.2 N10E89
gev_20130513_0032 2013/05/13 00:32:00 00:46:00 00:39:00 C9.3 N11E89
gev_20130513_0153 2013/05/13 01:53:00 02:32:00 02:16:00 X1.7 N11E89
gev_20130513_0702 2013/05/13 07:02:00 07:09:00 07:06:00 C2.4 N10E89
gev_20130513_0802 2013/05/13 08:02:00 08:11:00 08:07:00 C2.0 N10E89
gev_20130513_0835 2013/05/13 08:35:00 08:44:00 08:38:00 C4.5 N10E89
gev_20130513_0924 2013/05/13 09:24:00 09:37:00 09:29:00 C2.8 N10E89
gev_20130513_1034 2013/05/13 10:34:00 10:40:00 10:37:00 C1.7 N11E89
gev_20130513_1157 2013/05/13 11:57:00 12:09:00 12:03:00 M1.3 N10E89
gev_20130513_1247 2013/05/13 12:47:00 13:00:00 12:52:00 C4.0 N10E89
gev_20130513_1355 2013/05/13 13:55:00 14:40:00 14:40:00 C5.3 N10E89
gev_20130513_1548 2013/05/13 15:48:00 16:16:00 16:05:00 X2.8 N08E89
gev_20130513_2126 2013/05/13 21:26:00 21:34:00 21:29:00 C2.9 N11E89
gev_20130513_2158 2013/05/13 21:58:00 22:11:00 22:05:00 C8.3 N11E89

Not sure about that N08E89 as the area of the X2.8 flare at 16:48 that would make it 2 regions kicking out X's,

N11E89 and N08E89 typo?

Solar Soft

posted on May, 14 2013 @ 02:26 AM
There was another X3.2 solar flare at 01:11 UT from the same region which is now rotating into view. I think this region is AR1748.

posted on May, 14 2013 @ 10:06 AM
While not many in the scientific establishment would claim that there may be a corelation between solar flares and earthquakes, it had been observed by many that after each solar flare activity, generally within days, a major earthquake occurs.

One thing that all can agree upon is that we mankind are not at the epitome of science. We do not know everything. We can only observe actions and try to back-engineer how observed actions can occur.

This post is not meant to debate about science, not an attempt at prediction, but only a call for precautionary measures to be taken for the preparations of major earthquakes within the next 7 days.

Earth monitoring systems must be checked and found to be working, in the air, the land and the sea.
Emergency drills be excersied, so that the authority to the masses know what to do in the event of a major earth event.
Those living under shelters best be prepared to run at any slightest movement into the open ground, not stopping for anything except one's and others' lives.
Those living in high rise buildings best invest in a strong oak table so that a family can hide under and hope for the best, as when the quake comes, there may be no time to get to ground floor.
Those in cars, pull to the side of the road so that emergency vehicles can get through unblocked, and run to the open ground.
Authorities ensure survival equipment and food stocks are ready and have plans for distribution.
Watch out for animal signs - such as mass fleeing of birds or insects. Or weather phenomena of 'glowing lights', not the northern lights.

These are just some measures. There is no need to panic and it is my hope that earthquakes will not happen. These are just precautions based upon observations over a period of years. It is not the end. Earth is going through natural changes, and thus mankind have to be wise, use our best resources and intelligences, to adapt, not give up, just as our ancestors had done over the course of human civilisation.

Good luck.

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