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Quick off the mark? Ready, set, slow!

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posted on May, 12 2013 @ 12:58 AM
The Boston marathon bombings.
Just happen to be reviewing how everyone reacted in the very first few minutes of this news, both here on ATS and also on another conspiracy forum website I wont name.

That other one beat ATS in every measure.
- First to post the news
- First to mention there were two bombs
- First to blame Iran and North Korea
- First to blame a US "false flag"
- First to state with certainly that people had died
- First to suggest the government was using it to crack down on gun ownership (!?)
- First to point out websites with police radio scanners
- First to ask people to save evidence (because we cant trust the MSM)

...and on it goes.
ATS got there, but always just a few minutes behind.

Now this doesnt mean anything because neither site can claim accuracy as their standard. Of course most of what people were saying was complete rubbish and nonsensical.
I just happened to find it interesting.


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