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ATS Avertisment ((Is A Game cheat that will get you baned from that game.And coperright infringment

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posted on May, 7 2013 @ 12:00 PM
Totally shocked (wondering if I should be though?)
Im a long time runescape player And even now with all the changes the game has been through in the past 4 years .It is against the game rules TO BUY OR SELL GOLD coins .
this is in game money you can use to buy weapons and such. If your player is caught SELLING OR BUYING gold out side runescape you will louse your membership permintly! you can never get your player back even if he was the highest lvs skills you can get.
So what do I see in the big advertisement box and the banner advertisement
] BUY RS GOLD advertisements !!! . So ATS is willing to allow a sponcer Real world selling game content that even illegal?
And farther more as a long time player I know that most gold sells are in china sweatshops .
YES that is correct china sets up factory's to sell game content Pirating it just like dvds using child labor to what RS calls Farm gold to sell for real world money .Of corse the kids they use (16 hour days ) to farm the gold don't get the money its sold for.
One of the nets biggest scams there is in china as once you have the computer to run these RPG games all the money you make cost almost nothing .
Now ATS MOD delete this TRUTH The adverts are there. Denie it if you will bane me if you want delete this post even But befor you do REMBER ATS MEMBERS by ignoring ATS allowing a MONEY cheat sweat shop scam to advert you show support for this truth .
Or maybe ATS is unaware these game supply SITES ARE cheats Illegal and sweat shops .
Runescape is constantly shutting these sites down and bot sites which allow the gold to be farmed.
Ps MOD if you do just delete this post then bane me as well I wont support a site that KNOWING allows game content theft . PS this is a felony btw Selling game content without the makers permission is copyright infringement.
ATS use to stand for4 whats right ((ake no talking about illegal stuf does it still? or do you know support the illegal stuff because they cut you in?
to who every reads this post check and see if they delete it and ban me .because if they do ban me or ignore this then they KNOWING and you KNOWING have supported all the things you clam you hate so much.
ps This is like me 3rd membership here ((baned for a unknown cause once they never replyed saying what rules I had broken. This time theres no question whos in the wrong here . LOOK at the adverts Selling rs gold is COPYRIGHT Infringement or minum game content THEFT . Go to runescape forms ask if its ok to sell gold from in game for real world money! Dontr take my word for .

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 12:05 PM
What is this crazy rant about? Some game cheat and being illegal to sell in game gold. WHO CARES? IT IS A GAME. STEP AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD.

And if this is your third account and all others have been banned then WHY do you keep coming back?

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 12:09 PM
ATS uses ad servers. There is a thread to complain about inappropriate ads here.

Thread closed.

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