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"Lost" dutch folk album "rediscovered" on youtube

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posted on May, 5 2013 @ 12:56 PM
My Favorite "Lost" Album

I used to have this album on vinyl, from the dutch Stoof Label.

I haven't listened to vinyl LP for maybe 17 years

and I have never been able to get this album anywhere.

I was given it as a gift, already 15 years old and with a ragged cover.

The LP was pristine though, well played but loved.

It sounded just like in these videos, clicks and scratches and all.

Apparently it was only released in Holland.

The album starts with a cover of the Pentangle song "Sally free and easy"


I have been searching online for this album intermittently for a few years.

Today I had another look and found these 5 songs on Youtube.

Youtube is rapidly sating my appetite for all my old vinyl LPs...

I'm just waiting for the whole album to be out on there...

Information on the band is hard to find...

Opo only made two albums: "Fallen Asleep Just Like Papa" & "Opo 2"..

This "review" is a comment from This Blog

A folk album of a very high quality and of great importance.

Fantastic Female voice by Lenneke de Vries and supported with multi-talented artists,

using a widespread traditional instruments.

Opo has a wonderful TUDOR LODGE-like chorus and sound.

* Evert Elderson - vocal, acc. guitar. mandloin, dulcimer, harmonium
* Theo harrewijn - vocals, double bass, Irish harp, flute
* Han Schaeffer - vocals, acc. guitar
* Lenneke de Vries - vocals, flute, tin whistle

Opo I (1975):
1. Sally free and easy (Cyril Tawney) 5:08
2. Patrick Sheehan (Han Shaeffer) 4:30
3. Bheag, si mhor 2:01
4. Illusion and reality (Evert Elderson) 5:00
5. Ophelias lament 3:58
6. He called for a candle 2:04
7. Lamento di tristan 1:32
8. The wild mountain thyme 3:22
9. Green are your eyes (Bert Jansch) 5:08
10. The lowlands of Holland 4:41
11. Don oiche ud im beithil 3:45

Bheag, si mhor

llusion and reality

Green are your eyes

Don oiche ud im beithil


posted on May, 5 2013 @ 01:23 PM
very nice finding indeed...
google for two albums of "the amsterdam folk collective" melange and kleintje folk so nice to hear..
here an link for moore info about dutch folk

posted on May, 5 2013 @ 01:32 PM
I remember seeing that album in someones collection back in the seventies.

Good stuff.


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