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Hi need your help to analyze this video

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posted on Apr, 26 2013 @ 05:23 PM
Hi ATs! ill do my best to explain this (sorry my english)
September 2011 there was en explosion in Buenos Aires, Argentina, one house destroyed, one woman dead, cars blowned, the official version is "explosion due to an ilegal and bad conexion of gas" the people who lives there are no agree with that version some says they hear something falling from the sky, for example.
At that moment, there was a tread here in ats covering the event:

I suggest you to read at least the first page, I will add some information I have.

No videos where made public, but this:

Ok i will tell you what came to my hands, There where 3 differents videos from a place near the explosion, only 2 where "rescued" by people like you and me, and there where not 1 explotion like the media said, but 2 explotions and both are registered since day 1.

I dont know what the oficial goverment or oficial entity wanted to hide in this case, but people who see this and wanted to made it public at that moment were treatened to keep the mouth closed.

so here is one of the videos i can bring you now, its a security cam, and you can see the date and time in it, at one moment, i think that something came out from a wall (I been in the place) and then disappears, I want to be objetive, it could be a flashlight or something, but i really dont know what is it and remember the strange things surrounding this case.

Is for this that I really will apreciate the help from all of you that can work with some programs to analyze this
Thank all of you. Please note the shadow at first and then the figure, if you can download the video and see it at lower speed that will be better.

I posted this in Aliens and Ufos because its a U.F.O for me. Im glad to share this with you guys.!

posted on Apr, 26 2013 @ 05:26 PM
i think its fire, its the start of the explosion.....

posted on Apr, 26 2013 @ 05:37 PM
I just uploaded the same video with a little better quality


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