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Lions, Tigers and False Flags (Oh My!)

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posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 04:58 PM
Yes, yes.. It seems whenever a terrorist attack be carried out on US soil, or anywhere for that matter, the evil Israeli-Illuminati-Reptilian empire must be at fault!

Damn guys keep trying to ram false flags down our throats simply so we will sheep ourselves into Fema camps that are being set up nationwide. Once we are there, then the .Gov must be planning to execute us one by one with the billion or so rounds of ammunition they have been stocking up on.

For the rest of us who have had our daily does of Xanax and anti-psycotics we might look for more rational explanations than you would find on YouTube narrated by people who are obviously off their meds, who sound like they have prescription painkiller addictions judging by the raspiness of of their voice, and there general incoherent babbling.

All the juicy good stuff can be found at places like this, or here, here, here, here, here, and finally another one.

Not all the links are the profoundly crazy, but they are all on topic.

Now, while I am curious to know exactly who the "Uncle Willy" type character is, the unshaven man carrying a backpack at arms length (I havent found good source of info on that particular character during the Boston events) I will say there is a mountain of information trying to accuse Blackwater and the "Punisher" logo-bearing people with heavy black jackets and khakis as the apparent "real bombers".

The thing I find funny about these accusations, that a private military contractor was hired to carry out the bombing, is that even if that were the case, why the hell would they gear up so they are entirely recognizable? Why bother? Why make it so obvious and leave a mountain of clues for any old YT star to be able to uncover your operation easily, just days after the events.

Lets remember that US foreign policy is still making craters in peoples homes and villages all over the Middle East. While one incident has just happened state-side, hundreds of 'bombings' happen via drone strikes while we sit at home drinking a Latte, reading the NY Post.

*The New York Post wrongly accused a high school student of being responsible for the bombings. (Poor bastard.)

While I don't agree with the actions of .Gov, nearly shutting the entire city of Boston down looking for the perpetrators... (People are saying it's a test run of installing Marshall Law.) At the same time, if this were a 'false flag' operation it would be a horribly contrived one if it were to fall in line with the people of YouTube and how they claim it was carried out.

Remember, before you are going to lambaste me, I am not saying it wasn't a false flag. Or that I know without a shadow of a doubt who is responsible.

I am simply stating that the current 'theories' and explanations that are being blasted on YT and blog sites are so totally stupid that people ought to be ashamed of themselves for even entertaining them.

As I mentioned, US foreign policy has been blowing up people in the ME for quite a while now. People losing their family members and loved ones to drone strikes simply because intelligence suggested Al Quaaludes might have been there... But maybe they weren't. Or maybe they were but they went out for a shwarma and little Habib, the 8 year old piano prodigy was there instead, and after Habib became one with the piano he was playing, his relatives and people close to the events hold a pretty nasty grudge toward the US.

In fact, if the US wanted some nasty events to instil Marshall Law, (Terror attacks) they wouldn't need to outsource to government contractors or even set up patsies to do it.

Much easier it would be, to simply follow would be terror cells (which do exist) and allow them to do what they are intending to do.

If they really wanted to get their hands dirty, I suppose an undercover agent could set them up with ideas and materials to carry out some horrid act of mass destruction. In Canada for instance, it was an undercover operative that pushed a bunch of backwards thinking Muslims to plan and almost carry out an attack. However, the eplosive material was something inert like rice, buckwheat or the like. Maybe monosodium glutamate? Indigestion for sure! Widespread death and casualties it was not.

So, the point of all this I am trying to get across, is that a "false flag" operation would be very simple to carry out. And technically it would not even be the traditional false flag where someone has to get their hands dirty. Essentially, they just open the gates for the Trojan horse to enter the city.

They have intelligence operatives worldwide. A huge number of domestic assets. They know beforehand in many cases (not all) what is about to happen and when.

If the only goal was simply to scare people by death and carnage, it wouldn't have to be done by the .Gov. Since there actually is enemies of the state, the enemies could just be simply allowed to do what they are planning to do.

I just bring this up in response to some of the more "out there" garbage that gets posted on YT. Either by people who are out for a good troll, or perhaps nutters who really believe what they are preaching.

In the end, it doesn't have to be so complicated.

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 05:31 PM
reply to post by boncho

I agree that the youtube nutters and attention whores are making it much more complex than it has to be. However, who's to say that this wasn't one of those FBI stings-gone-wrong, where they turned their heads at the wrong time and it went horribly awry?

Maybe if they'd got their heads out of their butts, they could have been big heroes again, like they meant to do. They had one of these guys dead to rights and let him walk; how do we know they didn't give him support, encouragement, and high explosives? It's happened before.....

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 05:39 PM
reply to post by Ex_CT2

That's entirely a possibility, especially with the unusual presence that has been documented. However, we are just throwing 'what if's' around. Far different than actually knowing what went on that day, and the story behind it.

Nothing wrong with looking at all angles.

Something wrong claiming you know what happened when you have no clue, to which you agree.


posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 01:46 AM

Originally posted by boncho

Something wrong claiming you know what happened when you have no clue, to which you agree.

So paradoxically cynical, B!

Like crisis actors......

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