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Why the false flag? Need help.

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posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 07:48 AM
reply to post by winofiend

Maybe it will help if you put issues into categories in order to map them out? Start with at least 2 major categories and then make sub-categories so you can understand.

- Action (Mind bending)
-- propaganda
-- subliminal messages
-- media
-- rumors
-- public response (public caring about an issue)
-- gov action
-- etc

-Reaction (Control)
-- public reaction

Start with something simple, like the fact that, “Obama will take our guns if he is elected”, was rumored before he was ever president, and then map all the steps until the public reacted by buying a smurf load of guns. The massive buy of guns will then become public response for something else. i.e. They didn't want to take guns, they wanted everyone to want to have guns - and so they were mind bended into buying them. The true purpose, or control, will likely be something like people killing each other off, so the gov can step in and stop it by taking control of people's lives – people will beg for this control.

Another easy one to map is animal lovers, tree huggers, etc that will give way to something like agenda 21. Cartoon animals with humanistic qualities started the mind bending and along the way were things like pets, global warming, the focus on rain forests being destroyed, green peace, peta, etc, etc. and it will all culminate to giving up control over the Earth.

And you're probably an atheist so you will likely not see the bigger picture in all of this, but good luck anyways.

posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 09:19 AM
reply to post by iwontrun

the overnment, particularly DHS and the militarized Police, in this case Boston... got to be mobilized in a coordinated protocol in 'Soft Martial Law' ...

the first hand experience of locking down whole metropolitan populations, and entering private residences to 'look for hiding suspects'... gives these militarized Police the experience of total domination and the chance to handle citizes that object to being corralled like the people in the Warsaw Ghetto by the SS and Nazi Gestapo back in the 1930s

the false flag operation is not just about orchestrating a staged event... it is also about thinking-on-the-fly... i.e. if the facts don't align correct, the authories must change the focus of the manhunt...and develop a very plausable perp to replace the failed patsy of the false flag operation...

recall that much voice was given to the idea that the boston marathon bomber was likely a white, anti-tax antagonist, seeing how the blast was on tax-day April 15th... when that didn;'t fly other stories were floated.... until the brothers with Chechnian heritage were focused on... note that the emphasis is on Checnian instead of radicalized Muslim !

see... a lot of elements need covered and real time responses need to be honed... both for the experience of the militarized Police & DHS but for the citizens to be acclimated with militarized police, being locked down and the heavy military equiptment being deployed on Main Street as being something 'Normal'

welcome to NWO, Globalization Stress Tests, and the continual ramping up of Austerity for the masses, movement control of the public being herded at will by those Police/DHS/TSA grunts and the surrendering of privacy as homes are invaded by the police safety net of protection....

(wait as teams to document household interiors are added to the police home intrusion protocols...

with the intention to prosecute even things termed as Hazmat items in the possession of persons deemed mentally challenged or socially unstable from having been on psychtropics sometime in their lives...

or homes of interest having possible 'safes' to store PM or guns or paraphenailia that anarchists would cache'
for use against authority)

i said years ago that the shadow govt in the USA uses the China model which 'leads' and 'directs' the masses as the prototype for popularion control of the masses in the USA... such is the Globalization Elite roadmap

posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 10:11 PM
The first "false flags" were literally stealth naval attacks flying the enemy's or an ally's flag so that your enemy has his guard down as you approach. False flags evolved if you will to be a psyops to blame your enemy for the attack and give cause for retaliation and escalation. In the case of your question (assuming directed at Patriot Week in Boston) then first look at the date and location: 1) April 15th is Tax Filing Day (convenient to blame sovereign citizens who protest income taxes) And it is the day (3rd Mon of April) that they celebrate Patriot's Day in Mass (technically it is April 19th but they do it like the country does for President's Day instead of on GW's BD), 2) The location and surrounding area (Boston was a focal point of colonial dissent leading up to the American Revolution; Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, Battle at Lexington & Concord, and Paul Revere's Ride).

posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 10:28 PM
I don't buy the false flag bit.

Yet I will say it did demonstrate how far the combined State, Federal and Local forces will go to stop a terrorist/group.

Maybe the False Flag crowd will implode on that idea, I don't care.

Does that teamwork need better controls and implementation, undeniably.

However, I have no doubt that the hidden message in all that displayed force was not lost on those thinking about trying something similar.

Am I naive to think there will not be some changes in our day to day lives. No. I do think we'll have to work and pressure our lawmakers into making rational changes.


posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 05:34 PM
Certain choice cities, are to be given (a large portion of) federal (and some state) funding...

Allowing for the acquisition of security apparati.
Including both equipment and personnel.

"Cities" to have the self-sufficient ability, to not only secure and maintain within "city limits," but broad enough in scope to fully police outlying areas.

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 05:47 PM
Simple terms OP-

Break it down into "on the street" perspective.

-The mafia comes to your business and asks for protection Money.
-You decline because you have never had a problem here, need no "protection" and are not worried.
-The mafia smiles, tips their hats and wishes you a good day.
-Next day your Business is robbed.
-Next day you are beaten up while opening your business.
-Next day a gang of thugs begins chasing away your customers
-Next day the mafia comes back in and says "We heard you had issues here, real sorry- neighborhood is going to #- Decided to come by and see if you changed your mind about that protection money..."

-And that, in essence should explain the "why" part.

Its very simple- You seek a desired result (could be anything) so you manufacture events to get that result but let the blame fall elsewhere.

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