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"Minority Report" Tech related to "planned emergency drills" ?

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posted on Apr, 18 2013 @ 09:50 PM
This is maybe far fetched...maybe not.

But many of you have no doubt seen the coincidences between "Planned Emergency Response Excercises" and the fact that these same excercises are going live.

This made me think that there has to be a common denominator....and that denominator I think is this.

"CIA" or whichever agency above, has "Minority Report" type of technology. They can look forward or are given information from the future about real incidences, emergencies and attacks that take or about to take place.

"They" cannot allow anyone or any government to know that they are in possession of such technology.

Unfortunately the detail of the information is not the best, enough to know what type of incident and where.

Government authorities then plan emergency excercises the very same as the information they have obtained. In the hope that they can apprehend the perpetrators and stop the incidents taking place.

Hence the number of reported private undercover military contractors at the Boston Bombing, they were trying to apprehend the suspect/s but failed.

Hence the fact that emergency teams were already in Texas for a mass casualty incident. They knew it was coming but not how.

Like wise with all the other planned excercises in the past that ended up live.

Us Conspiracy nuts thik that its a government co-ordinated operation, False Flags, but what if they really do have our best interest at heart and are trying their best to protect us without giving their secret away?

I know, hard to beleive....just putting it out there.....anyone else think the same?

posted on Apr, 18 2013 @ 09:59 PM
Interesting OP.. Also chatter can be previously heard and so the same response can be as well similar to your OP potentials...


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