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Living the Truth, Our current social paradigm and the truth behind the lies...

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posted on Apr, 18 2013 @ 04:03 PM
Im putting this in the social issues forum because of the content i am about to present so mods please don't move, i will further clarify as and if the threads grows.

It seems to me that one of the biggest issues facing humanity as a whole is everyones inability to live and see the truth of themselves. Here's what i mean, everyone hides their true self for many reasons. Some of those reasons are to fit in socially, to coverup what they think is a dark part of themselves, fear, sometimes even a blatant disregard to live honestly, and others as an attempt to be the good guy or hero. I notice this at work, at home, with myself sometimes if i lose my sense of awareness, and in others in many places in many circumstances. Think of the judge who smokes a drug and then goes to work and convicts people to life sentences for carrying the exact drug they are addicted to. Think of the politician who writes a bill extending sentenced for criminal behavior they go home and do themselves. Think of the guy at work who thinks hes doing a good thing by getting someone else fired for something their unaware of. Think of the person who lied to you last because they thought you were unworthy of their truth.

What i think is happening is, is as people become more confused by media, and social networking and get lost in information in the digital age, people are just losing themselves. People are walking around confused about who they are and what they are, even where their at. I think humanity is adjusting to the new technological age and we are here facing a medium or sort in which humanity is going to have to evolve for survival. At no point in time during our currently understood and mainstream understanding of history of us and the world have we had so much control over our future. We soon going to face a descision as a species in which we will become symbiotic with machines or face extermination. This is personal revelation that i base on facts other then my own observations of technology and the direction i see us going in, but this isnt what the threads about.

I believe we need to start living the truth. Not only live the truth but demand from everyone all around us. I believe we need to do this at the cost of ourselves with no regard for consequence. I believe we need to do this to save future generations and to continue to grow as a species. I believe the biggest problem in our world is peoples frail sense of self and the egoic mind consuming our culture, at least here in America.

We have politicians passing laws for doing things they do on a daily basis (drugs, sex, other things). People who think they are good people wronging others in their path to self righteousness unaware of the affects of their actions on others. We have people putting their belief systems ahead of the way they treat others. People who think they winners who have won nothing. The list goes but im sure your starting to get the point if your still reading.

The only way i see us being able to put a stop to things a lot of us here may wish to see stopped in this world is by holding first ourselves, and then everyone around us accountable to their thoughts and actions on every level. We need to do this in a compassionate and caring manner, in way that allows room for growth and healing, and a way that allows us to spread love and honesty throughout the world. I believe this will end a lot of hatred spewed throughout our planet as people will finally be able to be their true self, not their self developed as a social paradigm in where they refine their self to fit in with a group of their choice. One were people are no longer insecure and hindered socially, where they can express themselves freely and honestly without repercussions, without hurting anyone of course.

Anyway, thats how i think we can end a lot of this senseless violence and oppression, by ending the lies, by ending all of this insecurity and ending our current social paradigm.

I admit i could be wrong about a lot but i think at some basic level we need to start being more honest with each other and ourselves in order for this world to change and i think thats the biggest conspiracy of them all. I think this issue is systemic and whats holding us back from entering into a more peaceful stage of humanity.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. - I may not have clarified or left something out, please ask for further clarification.
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posted on Apr, 19 2013 @ 11:49 AM
reply to post by onequestion

In an ideal world perhaps.

Let's face it no one wants to face the truth about themselves.
Everyone is in denial.

But I always speak the truth...although my truth may not be yours.
And it is difficult to negotiate others feelings whilst speaking hard truths.
Friends and family may evaporate rather rapidly when the truth rears its ugly head.

I am fortunate...I can dance with the truth and get away with it.
This is because, in real life I am...
Self effacing, mischevious, conspiritorial, and cheerful.
And I always put myself in the same boat as the recipient of my wisdom.

I love truth seekers and have so much fun with them.

People want the truth but they just can't handle it.
Some people would kill rather than face the truth.
And some just couldn't give a ....... about truth.

I like your sentiment though.

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posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by onequestion

The only works of Plato that I really liked to any degree, was his writings on rationalism. The inner journey and self reflection. Pity more people don't take such things to heart, but you are right about one thing: everything is being messed with. It is rather very intentional and a byproduct of CRT(Critical Race Theory).

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