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[Dream Series] - Massive Artificially-Induced CME; Space-based plasma attack - NWO End Game.

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posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 05:20 PM

I thought I'd share the details of an extremely vivid dream I had on Saturday night, which really seemed 'scripted' in the way it played out, in fact taking its place within the framework of a thematically arrayed set of dreams that has been unfolding intermittently in myriad nights over the past twenty-five years. In essence, this latest section of dreamland travels are yet one more part of a single dream sequence that has been split into segments over those twenty-five years. The ongoing concept being portrayed essentially details specific ‘highlights’ of an apparent near-future scenario, of literally mind-blowing occurrences & societal changes, to be manifest in actual reality once certain events & psychological preparations have been played out on Earth (at the behest of a shadowy cabal occupying the current seats of control, a ‘hidden hand’ behind the façade of international global affairs…) This latest segment of the unfolding timeline was astonishing, and provides a contextual link between key constituent parts of the ‘dreamland timeline’ that has been developing consistently over such a long period of time. I may at some point soon attempt to fully tie together the entire sequence from memory, and from scraps of journal records that I’ve kept here & there. [EDIT - redacted a line due to awkward turn of phrase]

There were two main parts to the dream of Saturday night, both detailing key indicators that we should all be aware of in the upcoming months as we view events being played out on the global stage. I’ve labeled them “A” and “B”, with sub-sections detailed numerically.

In the first part, I was being taken (via instant translation) to different locations, and shown key aspects of a plan that is currently being developed, by 'persons' whom I can only surmise are associated with the stereotypical 'shadowy NWO elite'. There is a significant suggestion that ‘non-human entities’ are also involved – more about that later. There were numerous sequences, all very brief, but each was very clear in presentation & meaning.

A1 - Artificially-induced Coronal Mass Ejection.

In the dream, I was shown that there is a plan in place to unleash an artificial coronal mass ejection (CME), which will cause temporary havoc with our magnetosphere/atmosphere and have a major influence on the psychology of everyone who is not 'in the know'. I was shown the device that has been built for this purpose, and it looked like a stubby 'rocket' or missile, with a flat business end (as opposed to the typical tapered ‘nose-cone’ shape you might expect to see). It would look a bit like a squashed version of the following, without the top section, and with stabilizing fins at the foot (though that doesn't make much theoretical sense, due to the vacuum of space - unless they were actually expanding sections for particle capture & directional adjustment, a 'solar sail' of sorts; the animation was rapid and I couldn't grasp more than the basic shape):

It may be that several of these things have been developed to be fired off in tandem, I can't be sure, but there was the suggestion that this is truly exotic technology, highly advanced, way beyond nuclear (though the precise mechanism of operation wasn't revealed). I was shown a holographic schematic of the device, from the designer's 'exploded view' (all the components represented separately in 3D space above the 'holo-projection' unit) and then these parts came together in an holographic animation to reveal the finished device, which then rotated to show its total surface area within the 3D design space. I was shown that the 'persons' planning this artificial CME had run many simulations of the effects of these devices upon the surface of our local star to determine electromagnetic wave propagation. I saw one of the simulations run through, which is hard to explain adequately, but basically the Sun gave off an almighty series of powerful EM waves, which swirled through space like the oils in one of those oil & water desk ornaments (it was a computer simulation, again in holographic 3D space, not what you'd actually observe in reality, but rather a 'false-colour' representation of the EM wave propagation...) It was effectively a combination of the following images, being an order of magnitude greater in intensity & reach than ANY image of a CME being propagated in the direction of Earth that I could find via Google:

It is very hard to locate images of what I saw in the dream, and whilst writing this OP I began to investigate what the effects of an unprecedented-in-scale CME would be. We would be looking at effects that might best be analogized as a ‘Super-Massive Solar Proton/ Solar Particle Event’.

What is a Solar Proton/ Solar Particle Event? It is quite simply the set of effects upon the Earth occurring when it is struck by highly charged protons/ ions that are emitted during a particularly violent CME, and it would occur in tandem with immense magnetic wave propagation also caused by the ejection of mass from our Sun. It would be an aurora on steroids, though different in that an aurora involves mainly electrons & not protons/ ions.

A ‘Super-Massive Solar Proton Event’ such as that which I saw in my dream would cause the following effects upon Earth:

The natural defence of the Earth’s magnetosphere would be overcome, at least temporarily, allowing massive levels of highly charged radioactive particles to strike the area on the surface of the Earth that was facing the Sun, with further streams of particles following the track of the magnetosphere to cause lesser damage on the far side of Earth, with particle impact causing obvious damaging effects to Humans. The poles would likely be subject to insane bombardment, as they are the area least naturally shielded by the magnetosphere (hence why we see the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australasis…) The CME I witnessed would have been calibrated to confine the worst of this type of damage to the regions near the poles, though certainly an effect on Human health would be evident all the way to the equator, variable according to which region was facing the Sun at the time of the Event. We could see significant sea level rises, causing tsunamis, and quite possibly changing the landscape of Earth’s continents by a measurable degree.

Power grids would be damaged/ destroyed in the affected regions, with obvious ramifications upon Human civilization. It is likely that we would retain some limited capability for electric power based upon what I saw in this, and in other dreams on a similar theme, but some parts of the world would lose power for good (third world & some of the developing nations…)

The following is perhaps most concerning to our technologically-dependent Western society, and is lifted directly from the Wikipedia article:.

Energetic proton storms can also electrically charge spacecraft to levels that can damage electronic components. They can also cause electronic components to behave erratically. For example, solid state memory on spacecraft can be altered, which may cause data or software contamination and result in unexpected (phantom) spacecraft commands being executed.

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posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 05:20 PM
Solar Proton Event

Of course, the above cited material references the effects upon spacecraft; however, key points to note are the bolded, underlined segments – computing and electrical infrastructure would be decimated in the worst affected regions, knocking us backwards several decades in terms of our communications connectivity, with much of our data storage being damaged, with butterfly effects rippling outwards – for example in terms of finance markets, military security, personal & governmental records, etc.

This artificially-induced 'mega-CME' is to be willfully designed to cause effects upon the Earth's atmosphere that will cause significant damage to unshielded/ inadequately shielded electronic & data storage infrastructure, and by its ‘Biblical’ scale effects in terms of upper atmosphere & weather phenomenon, it will literally put the fear of imminent total planetary destruction into the people on the ground (though it won't actually decimate the totality of our atmosphere or permanently damage the magnetosphere…) People will have the shattering experience of believing the world is about to be destroyed, with much of the planet being cast into chaos due to the effects outlined above - nobody in the general populace will know that it was artificially induced & carefully calibrated to ensure the magnetosphere/ atmosphere stays intact, in spite of the damage caused to society. Following this CME will be something even more sinister:

A2 - Demonstration of intent; space-based plasma weaponry.

Now it wasn't shown to me what would happen between the CME and this next part, but my guess is that extreme (but not total) societal breakdown will occur, leading to widespread imposition of martial law, in almost every nation on Earth, with multitudes clamoring for the leaders of Earth to come together & work out some sort of recovery plan (thus is planted the seed of global governance without resistance – though at this stage there will be no immediate recovery to ‘their’ ultimate objective of a NWO-type scenario). I have had, as mentioned, many other dreams over the past two and a half decades, that have appeared to be segments from the same ‘mega-dream-sequence’, and in some of them I have witnessed the lull between the initial chaos caused by the CME, and this next part. The gap between these major events, I surmise based on my other experiences, is likely to be between 6 months & 2 years. A form of order will be restored in society in this time, but due to various events connected to the CME & its aftermath, reductions in population will have occurred, and our present globalism will seem a distant memory. This is part of the design – ultimately the survivors will find themselves desiring the benefits of a globally networked society, and the lure of progress towards becoming a Type-1 civilisation will be dangled before those people who had been forced to live in fairly unpleasant conditions since the CME.

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posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by FlyInTheOintment

In this latest dream, I was suddenly relocated to a position beyond the Earth's atmosphere, roughly equivalent to the orbit of a satellite - and this was photo-real, an actual experience of being in orbit, or so it seemed (IE not represented in the dream as a simulation, which the other parts were…) I could see the curve of the Earth's surface against the backdrop of the starry cosmos, with perhaps one third of the total surface of the globe taking up two-thirds of my field of vision, akin to the below image:

Without warning, from somewhere beneath my feet (IE - from the orbiting satellite or space station in which I was located) a pulse of bright, light-colored purple plasma was shot towards part of the earth near the visible horizon (I couldn't make out which country it was, as the Sun was on the other side of the planet from my perspective - it was night-time for whoever this thing hit...) On the face of the Earth's surface, at the point of impact, a large emanation of this plasma took form & expanded both vertically & horizontally to being approximately the size of the state of Texas, reaching well above the Earth's surface (IE - a bloody huge ball of plasma stretching up REALLY far, though still relatively small compared to the amount of the Earth's surface that I could see..) It looked quite like one of those Japanese anime explosions, which form 'dome-like' from ground zero, quite slowly (at least from my perspective). There was a massive shockwave rippling out from the point of impact, also with the plasmic glow coming off it (though less intense than the centre of the event) and it was clear that an extremely large surface territory had just been completely obliterated by this weapon's effect.

I got the sense that this was most definitely a demonstration of weapons capability, taking full effect on the psyche of Mankind, causing us to literally quake in terror before whoever had carried out this deed. Those responsible for this second event, I initially believed wanted the world to think that an aggressive alien race had taken advantage of the chaos caused already by the 'naturally occurring CME' to implement a literal 'shock & awe' takeover of the planet, or at least lend confusion to the dynamic of what happens next with a ‘fire from the sky’ terror attack, perhaps leading us to think that some secretive & complex alien conflict is taking place above our heads (when in fact, only one group/race will be involved in all that follows…)

Now I could be wrong, and this is the one aspect of the overall ‘mega-dream-sequence’ that is presently least clarion in its interpretation. I know for certain that this is an aggressive action against Humanity, rooted in major deception – in order to assume control over the surviving populace. However, the circumstances of the action & the consequential propaganda that will be used to explain it have not yet been accounted for in the dream series. I posit a couple of other scenarios that have crossed my mind as to the reasons for this ‘Plasma-Attack Event’. Firstly, this could be intended to appear as a ‘salvation’ event, in terms of being an attack against a nation or group of nations that were apparently waging war against other nations decimated by the CME. In that case, the rest of us would likely welcome those responsible as saviours, and follow their lead unquestioningly – even when the first shades of suspicion as regards their primary motives begin to form in our collective mindset. Secondly, as noted in brief above, it could be that this is the ‘false flag’ event that will be dressed up as a hostile race attacking - who are then allegedly thwarted by another race of benevolent beings, who come down afterwards telling how they prevented the destruction of Earth. Another thought crossed my mind, that it could be an attack against a sovereign nation who had heeded certain warnings, whose government had expelled all traitors & who were preparing to combat the upcoming ‘invasion by deception’. Yet another thought as to the story that may be spun – the perpetrators might claim they had to annihilate a certain region with special technology in order to prevent nuclear contamination of the planet. In the aftermath of the CME, it is likely that we will experience a significant pollution of various regions of the planet – nuclear contamination is quite likely in some areas, and thus this would be a convenient excuse for them to display highly superior technology – to inspire fear & command respect, perhaps admiration & thanksgiving (which would certainly be misplaced, based on what happens later…)

posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by FlyInTheOintment

The point which must be noted, regardless of the actual details given as the reason for it, is that this event is a deceptive maneuver. If we are collectively made aware of it (via our leaders, as described below) when the time comes, there is every reason to be suspicious of those who come bearing apparent salvation, and equally of those who claim to have entered into a treaty with the entities involved.

3 – The Fallout; the End-Game, the Great Deception…

It is key to note that the 'aliens' involved in this ‘Plasma-Attack/ Salvation’ Event would not initially be not an overt presence amongst Mankind, apart from the presence of massive ships that would descend rapidly, to sit hovering low above the Earth’s surface, soon after the plasma event. Their appearance will be a psychological tactic, nothing more, and they will not initiate violence against Mankind; the whole thing will be an elaborate sham, a psy-op of the highest order - the entities responsible have been present in the vicinity of Earth for aeons, worshipped as gods by the ruling elite for millennia. Yes, otherworldly beings will be behind these events, but the art of deception is their strongest suit - they will not be what they will ultimately claim to be.

The appearance of the ships will lead to the gradual, staged rollout of global governance, under the guise of the rule of 'alien overlords', ruling by proxy through established world leaders. Initially individual nations, such as have survived the consequence of the CME, will remain intact, on the surface sovereign in their administration. The leaders who are already in the pocket of these entities will have gone into hiding in DUMBs when the CME struck, and may have reappeared in the aftermath, under tightly controlled circumstance, to help ‘salvage’ their individual nations. Mankind as a whole will be too terrified, based on the effects of the CME - & now the plasma attack/ appearance of the ships - to do anything but submit to whomever is pulling the strings.

The key point to note is that initially, the reasons for:

- The Artificial CME (explained as a natural event by the PTB),
– The localized (but incredibly destructive) Plasma Event, and:
– The appearance of alien ships of varying type & size across all continents

…will not be clear to the vast majority of Humanity.

Speculation, disinfo, misinfo, socio-structural damage/insecurity & resource scarcity due to the CME & plasma-event, criminal dangers (looting, rape, murder, etc) & resultant general paranoia/hysteria, will contribute to a near-total ‘psychic break’ from the existing social-technological-ideological paradigm. Within a very short space of time, this mass mental health trauma will lead to a majority of pliable civilians, eager for someone else to do the thinking for them when the opportunity presents itself…

People will be scared, and confused - the ships will not act aggressively, but rather will simply hover a few hundred metres above land, for weeks on end, whilst Human leaders claim they are attempting to contact/ negotiate with the newly arrived ‘alien beings’. The leaders who are already in 'their' pockets will be the same leaders who continue to lead, whether they held a public office prior to the CME or not. IE - nothing will change, except that the average man will be convinced that above his head, all those apparently alien ships which suddenly appeared in the immediate aftermath of the plasma attack are full of mysterious, unknown alien beings. He will believe that they quite possibly intend to destroy Humanity completely, and so he will comply with demands placed upon him by senior human leaders as time passes - the compliant populace will be told that such leaders are close to negotiating a treaty with these alien beings, and the fulfillment of certain requests which may otherwise seem to limit their freedoms are therefore to be unquestioningly obeyed, in the interest of the survival & long-term benefit of Humanity.

In the meanwhile, naturally, limited disorder will erupt sporadically; however, it will be halted by tactical non-lethal intervention from the ships hovering above, and by the activities of ordinary civil authorities – until a tentative & uncertain state of peace exists, in which those people who do not break down completely are unnerved & somewhat scared by the situation, but no longer overtly terrified.

posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 05:23 PM
reply to post by FlyInTheOintment

By this time, most people in areas where a ship is present will have gone to what remains of their governments and begged for military protection, likely being admitted to ‘Zones of Control’ under military lockdown & enhanced surveillance, with extensive deputized ‘citizen guardian’ volunteer groups patrolling the surrounding areas to prevent looting & spree crime (‘Remember – it’s for your own protection’) In places where there is no suspected immediate threat, it is likely that curfews will be implemented & enforced by military & civil authorities. The presence of the ships will actually enhance the ability of the rulers to re-implement the management of limited domestic trade agreements, but citizen involvement in the simple economic activity will be limited to a ‘food stamp’ arrangement. We could also expect draconian regulations for the protection of what is being rebuilt.

Others not willing to trust the leadership due to discernment, will take their chances and remain free, scavenging & moving around to avoid detection – constant movement of camp would be necessary, as armed forces will patrol for such survivors, though there was the sense that such persons would not be actively hunted in the initial stages.

At first, it will seem as though our best interests are being served by those in control, but it is all a dark deception – nothing is as it seems. Most nations will have endeavoured to protect their citizens in some measure during the original CME Event, and many of those involved in setting up ‘protective custody’ arrangements for the masses will be doing so with honest & decent intention – it is only the top tier who know the full measure of what is planned, a tiny percentage who have sold the rest into slavery, of a sort that will become a literal Hell on Earth. Unfortunately for the majority, there are myriad traitors living among us, the sort who will sell their parents, brothers, sons & daughters ‘to the very Devil himself’, if they thought it would enable them to retain a position of power in the intended global system of control that is to follow.

Others have been ensnared to comply by generation upon generation of diabolical propaganda - though I won’t express the detail of such at this time, as it is rooted in theological matters, referencing demonology even. This thread is simply about practical events that I believe I may have seen coming up in future times, as opposed to specifics of theism, ideology & philosophy, etc – and so I won’t discuss the forces causing these events here.

Ultimately, I get the sense that our human leaders will claim that a specific treaty has been agreed with the ‘aliens’, and we will eventually be told that emergency measures are over - the ‘aliens’ are going to help to rebuild our society in a new & better way. We will be told that these beings were responsible for all religion, mythology etc, and that they had been misinterpreted by the people of Earth since the dawn of time. Thanks largely to a barrage of specific propaganda over the past hundred years or so, many people will believe them when they claim to have been the ‘angels’ of legend. They will state that they intend now, at the time when we would have been utterly destroyed without their assistance, to help ‘enlighten’ us fully, taking us onward to the spacefaring freedoms of a Type-1 civilisation.

In this part of the dream there was a final segment focusing on the Human resistance against these entities and their plans for Humanity (with specific non-Human support, which I won’t discuss in this thread as it will involve a diversion to a discussion of theology, philosophy, metaphysics, etc…)

I was shown that persons who went to governments for protection, and all those who will eventually accept the rule of these 'aliens' will become known colloquially as 'Pledgers' (a new pledge of allegiance to the alien ‘gods’…) NB - these might be those of whom the Biblical Book of Revelation speaks of as ‘receiving the mark of the Beast’.

Dissidents – all those who refuse to swear allegiance, or who rebel in any way against what they see occurring at large in the world, will be outcasts initially, forced to eke out survival without state support, with all former resource centres & supply chains destroyed or militarily secured/ redistributed. Ultimately, as the atrocities & perversions of society increase, many former ‘Pledgers’ will try to defect from the state, aiding the Resistance/ operating with guerilla units, but they are likely to be inhibited from freedom of movement or action by the implantation of certain tech. A proportion of all dissidents will opt out of the fighting completely, simply aiming to hide & survive in a simple nomadic manner.

posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 05:23 PM
reply to post by FlyInTheOintment

Whether they fight, or simply decline to swear allegiance & hide from the rulers & their forces, all of these ‘outsiders’ will be known as 'Separatists

If there is in my dreams an element of the prophetic, as I believe there is (based on the accurate fulfillment of several former dreams), then it is likely, from what I have witnessed in this particular dream, and in others (which are certainly excerpts from the same timeline/plotline of events portioned out in dreams for the past twenty-five years), that most Western infrastructure will be left intact, albeit crippled from ordinary operation by some measure or other - bear in mind that the CME Event and Plasma Event are carefully calibrated. These ‘alien’ entities will not want to overtly destroy, but rather, to subvert the will & personal freedoms of all individuals - to take control of the collective heart & mind of the Human Race.

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posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 05:42 PM
Wow, 15 years ago I would have totally read this entire post (maybe even a few times). Of course, 15 years ago I could also blame hallucinogenic entertainment substances. Or maybe you just happen to work around toxic chemicals without proper ventilation, lol! Pretty pictures, by the way

posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 05:49 PM
reply to post by B1rd1nFL1ghT

Thanks, that's a cutely dismissive post. As it happens I'm a married father of two, who attends church regularly, takes no drugs, drinks no alcohol, and gives charitably of time & resources to many different people.

So, not what you thought.

I've had other dreams that have borne out as being true in material reality. Not saying this one will, and from the way I feel about it all there seem to be a few bits missing. These dreams have been building into a main sequence of events for twenty-five years, so I just get on with it all & see where it goes. I post it in case it's useful to someone in some way.



PS - the pics are a poor approximation of what I saw, but the closest I could find.

NB - I didn't see a giant chameleon in the latest dream, or a stylised Pyramid. They're just appropriately symbolic. The albino boa is from a dream I had at six years old - which had very personal & lasting significance, and I include it for the sake of origins.

posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 05:53 PM
reply to post by FlyInTheOintment

One of my future dreams I have sometimes involves alien craft coming from the sky. Massive saucers, but I some how don't get it because there are no aliens.. Soon after this happens There are these white parking meter looking speakers that are telling me to go back inside because it's after 9PM. I go back in for a second and rip up the floor boards to find a handgun that I wasn't allowed to own. I killed one guy before all the cops shot me... My weapon was almost useless comparatively. The NWO was born..

I have had others that were "real" dreams that involve fake planets in the sky, that are involved before these robots start killing everyone. I was made to think by the government that the planets were real and that the robots came from there.. The Guy next to me looked up and said "those are fake" The Robots were like transformers and the NWO had made them... I didn't get to the end of that dream, but I did survive.. It was hard though...

In another Cops were everywhere and I was at a school when they shut it down.. There were gates being put up.. The meteors that started hitting right then distracted them enough and in the chaos I ran for it.. I was now outside of society and couldn't get back..

It makes me sad, but it's also why I am here.. They know who I am so ehh.. Whatever.

In all the dreams Illusion and lying was the main point.. This is how they will take the final step.. Some crazy massive lie and chaos...

I wonder....

posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 05:54 PM
reply to post by B1rd1nFL1ghT

Forgot to mention - no toxic chemical work either.

Straight up.

I dream vividly every night, sometimes I remember dreams better than I remember waking days. I just keep stuff in mind, look at various global events as they unfold in reality, & pray that I'm not afflicted with deceptions from unsavory places.

Admittedly, the subject material herein is most definitively 'out there', but look at the present madness, in depth & detail, and you'll see that stranger things have happened at sea.

posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 06:01 PM
Book marking

posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by FlyInTheOintment

You are right. I rushed to judgement and I'm terribly sorry. I too have extremely vivid dreams. This was posted in the gray area for some reason and I did not take you seriously. You are obviously well read with a deep imagination. That alone could conjure up quite the dreamscape, no additives required. I hope you accept my appologies.

posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 07:22 PM
I enjoyed your post. S&F

It's posts like these, FITO - why I so enjoy ATS and the Gray Area particularly.

If it goes down prophetically this way - sign me up as a separatist. Not very peaceful, I know - but I'm coming to the realization - peace is always a passing state of being in this world.

So instead of my customary - I'll instead say -

Sweet Dreams,

posted on Apr, 18 2013 @ 05:49 AM
reply to post by B1rd1nFL1ghT

Thank-you, I didn't expect an apology (ATS is a place where apologies are rare in my experience..!!)

I agree that being well-read can aid the imagination, but my only argument against this - at least with regards to the dreamscape I've described in this post - is that many parts of the sequence were given in dreams between the age of 5 years old & 11 years old, before I'd ever heard of the concepts such as NWO, fascism, demonic powers, hidden hand groups & the like, when I still believed that aliens were fictional, that God & angels were fictional - that the world will just truck along the same as it is forever, and history is as read in schoolbooks.

At the age of 17 I dreamt of a scene straight out of the book of Revelation, before I had read the book, and which I had never been exposed to via family or the sort of media I had access to. I saw the 'star of wormwood', the 'mountain burning with a blue flame' smashing down into the ocean, from a vantage point of being carried aloft in the sky by an invisible person/ angel who had lifted me off the ground, holding me with his/her hands under my armpits.

From around the age of 20 the various bits and pieces of a future timeline apparently revealed in dreams since age 5 began to be connected by 'filler dreams' which linked all the pieces together - although the exact ordering of the apparent future events only began to become clear in the past few years, and several key 'pieces of the puzzle' are still missing, I presume to be filled in at a later date.

Additionally, my wife has begun to have dreams which also connect to the timeline I've witnessed, with precise themes and symbolism lifted from my own dreams, in particular including certain parts that I've never shared with her.

In the past couple of years I've dreamt of things happening which would have seemed extremely unlikely, only for the prediction to be borne out on national/ international levels within the timeframes specified by the dreams. One example would be when I had two dreams, separated by two years, which together told the story of an apparent 'broken arrow' event, in which two jet fighters were en-route from beyond the North of Scotland to drop chemical warheads on England. The second dream specified a window of one week, a month in advance of the dream, within which the event would occur, and I was told that I had to post the details publicly in order that military sources would be aware of the threat when the jets suddenly appeared on radar.

This I did, and sure enough, on the seventh day within which the prediction was posited as occurring, there was an 'incident' just North of Scotland, near the Shetland Islands, wherein two RAF jets were downed & three pilots/aircrew died.

Flight Lieutenant Hywel Poole was killed, and Squadron Leader Samuel Bailey and Flight Lieutenant Adam Sanders are missing presumed dead


Naturally, the details were released as having been a tragic accident during a training exercise; however, the circumstance & timing is far too close to be a coincidence imho, and my intuition is telling me that these jets were scrambled to intercept unknown aircraft heading into British airspace from the North, precisely as my dream predicted. I believe that there is a real possibility that the threat of a major terror incident was averted, but that the ramifications of the exact detail would be politically interpreted as either a devastating blow for international relations, or an indictment of the fragility of our current air defences, or both.

In the dream I was advised that I had to present the detail of the dreams in a manner by which military officials would know that, in spite of my own personal lack of understanding concerning military matters, combined with the generally assessed extremely low likelihood of such a rogue event, and the suggestion it was 'just a dream' (which would ordinarily lead to the decision that such points of note were a reason to dismiss the warning of a threat) - in spite of this, the threat was real even so, and my lack of military involvement etc should not be used as a reason to dismiss the prediction out-of-hand.

I tentatively believe that through the impassive medium of a disconnected citizen, some angelic power, seeing time differently to ourselves, has successfully averted a devastating attack on British territory. The chemical weapons that were unleashed in the night-visions were horrendous, it would have been a psyche-destroying event for the nation had the attack been successful. But of course, there is no way that the Air Force would publicise what really happened, as the consequences - in tandem with my recording the prediction ahead of time - would have been almost as damaging.


posted on Apr, 18 2013 @ 01:05 PM
It's worth adding a quick note about the other dream I had on Saturday night, following what was detailed in the OP.

I won't labour with the intricate details of this, but the gist is simple enough.

I witnessed the effects of what appeared to be a nuclear explosion on the Wales/England border, not a massive blast, but a sort of tactical nuke, giving off a mushroom cloud.

Afterwards there was a seeming addition to the problem with a scare connected to chemicals lingering in the atmosphere.

I was shown that following this event there would be 'surgical strikes' against the North Korean leadership and top military positions, led by the USA.

The dream became a touch more symbolic thereafter, and reference was made to a time period of approximately nine months for these purposes to be accomplished.

I had planned to record the details as part of the OP, but ffelt that maybe a second thread would be better, which I procrastinated regarding.

What creeps me out somewhat is that the explosion I saw occurring on the Wales/England border looked identical to the explosion of the fertiliser plant in West, Texas. Plus, there was a direct reference and visual representation of acrid chemically toxic smoke rolling across the landscape after the initial explosion.

I didn't worry too much about posting this section of the dreams straight away due to the apparent reference of the event taking place sometime within the next nine months. I can see creepy similarities between what I dreamt and the explosion in Texas, but I'm still a bit baffled by the lack of direct reference to the US location.

I'm going to give it some prayerful consideration - my gut reaction is that I should have recorded everything in the dream at the same time, by so doing I may have unlocked missing memories from the dream sequence, or perhaps it was a test of my ability to make a record without passing judgement on which bits get recorded at which time.

in future I hereby commit to simply making the record in the first instance, and inviting discussion whilst I work on understanding the breakdown of events.


posted on Apr, 18 2013 @ 02:01 PM
You're brave to share all of these dreams. I wish I could do the same, but I have several reasons to fear posting some of them.

Having an "over active" imagination is all too often blamed for what we dream. Sometimes I can accept that as a valid answer, but when I compare stories like yours and a few others here on ATS, I realize there is possibly something more to these dreams we're having.

Why do you think you're having them? Have you identified anything that triggers them? Does anyone else in your family have them? I'm sorry for all the questions. I'm just trying to find a common thread.

posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 04:00 AM
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I know exactly what you mean by the web of dreams for the megadream.

I have experienced this with events manifesting in the physical relative completely to what you are talking about.

The Great war. The war that only matters.

Who are you? u2u me if you have questions.

But i know Yellowstone is gunna cap. from an earthquake causing it to smoke. This might be related to some of the events you do not see.

The only war, you know what war i speak of.
Does a panther mean anything to you?
Lord Narasimha Dev

This is the appearance day of Lord Narasimha Dev the half man half lion incarnation of Lord Krishna. The Lord appeared in this wonderful form in order to protect his five-year old devotee Prahalada, from the atrocities of his demonic father Hiranyakashipu. The deity of Lord Narasimha Dev at ISKCON Sri Jagannath Mandir,Bangalore. receives elaborate abhishekam and other services on this day.

This other quote is from my thread. You can find it on google

Unas is now the eldest over all-- Thousands he ate and hundreds he did burn; He rules o'er Paradise. . . .Among the gods His soul is rising up in highest heaven-- The Crown is he as the horizon lord. He reckoned livers as he reckoned knots; The hearts of gods he ate and they are his; He swallowed up the White Crown and the Red, And fat of entrails gulped; the secret Names Are in his belly and he prospers well-- Lo! he devoured the mind of every god, And so shall live for ever and endure Eternally, to do as he desires. The souls of gods are now in his great soul; Their spirits in his spirit; he obtains Food in abundance greater than the gods-- His fire has seized their bones, and lo! their souls Are Unas's; their shades are with their forms. Unas ascends. . . . Unas ascends with these-- Unas is hidden, is hidden 1 . . . . An One For him hath ploughed . . . . The seat of every heart Is Unas's among all living men.

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I will have a look at the videos you posted; in all truth I believe you and I differ somewhat in our core beliefs, I base that on having read the last thread you posted. However, I do believe that we have entered a period of the history of Earth in which many great mysteries are revealed by the light of wisdom manifest thoroughly during times of great trial for all Mankind.

I'll say for the record that I count myself a follower of Christ, and belong to a theologically orthodox Baptist Church - though I tend to freak out most other churchgoers (of various denominations) as the result of:

a) My in-depth experience of significantly weird and honest-to-God unique life circumstances, based primarily in strange military and occult society involvement, in addition to experience of spiritual and material persecution. These aren't delusions, as the events I refer to have been unambiguously confirmed by numerous involved family memberss, various agents of the state, plus loosely connected satanic elements in the criminal underworld who have operated in proximity to me.

b) My experience of receiving information on certain world events and mysterious subjects that are usually steered clear of by Christian believers. The dreams are entirely normal to me, in addition I receive preternatural visions concerning myriad events, which come through so clearly as to be akin to watching videos in my minds eye, often with the sense of being translocated into another realm during the process, literally immersed in a waking dream. I often forget that others see the ease of receipt, regularity, clarity and specifically scripted nature of these events - in addition to elements that have proven 'prophetic', as being highly weird and somewhat creepy.

I find that I can't talk openly with most believers about these things, because many are uncomfortable with the supernatural, even when the experiences are perfectly in-line with Biblical descriptions of the types of spiritual gifts that are described as being apportioned amongst sincere followers of the Lord. Additionally, specifically with regard to my personal experience of complex conspiratorial shenanigans, most among my fellow church going family are pretty much 'in the box' in terms of their view of the world around us, the duties and operations of those in government, etc. Again, this is quite counter-intuitive really, considering that Biblically-speaking, there is a spiritual enemy with such wide-reaching power and influence that he is termed 'the god of this world'.

I must say that despite a surface lack of congruence between us in our primary mode of viewing the mysteries of this world, I do believe that we are roughly equal in terms of our general appreciation of the metaphysical "wrongness" of the world we perceive with the application of what I like to call "criticallly-minded paranoia", in tandem with the operation of the higher sensory faculties.

I am somewhat confident that the "Most Secret War" is deliberately obfuscated with layer upon layer of misinformation, with various apparently competing theories as to the precise dynamic being deliberately held up in a show of misdirection, with the same hidden hand being responsible for stacking the deck in favour of totally hiding the Truth.

I feel that in the game of secrets, having found an apparently coherent explanation is often an indictment of having been following a trail of shiny golden coins, such as were deliberately left carefully hidden in devious manner, so as to seem 'uncovered' by the seeker who spied the first coins that were less well hidden on purpose - in order to keep that one looking at the ground, not noticing that with each increase in the "wealth of knowledge" the unsuspecting traveler has strayed further into the forbidding darkness of tangled, misty and uncharted forest - the "wild wood" where the dark elves play sadistic games with lost travelers, where the light ultimately comes only from the fleeting and ephemeral "willow-the-wisp" - led by the Trickster himself.

Well, that's the method used on the uninitiated or uninvited seeker - with those who have the requisite wealth, status and connections, a much more sickly sweet, lustrous and flattering method is well established. In a sense, it can be easier to extricate oneself from the wild wood than from the pomp and cceremony of the court of the perverse monarch. The deeper you go into that forest, the more aware you will be of your need for aid, if you are to have any hope of escaping the grasp of the demons which dwell in the shadows - and the more likely you will grasp the Way.

In the glitzy waltz of the usurper prince, you dance until the music stops.
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PS - you asked regarding my identity (I understand you weren't soliciting against T's and C's..)

As to the answer, I make no claim - because as it is for us all, 'only time will tell'. I have confidence in my intuition, in my closest confidants, and in the personal guidance I have received.

The times they are a' changing.

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I am somewhat confident that the "Most Secret War" is deliberately obfuscated with layer upon layer of misinformation, with various apparently competing theories as to the precise dynamic being deliberately held up in a show of misdirection, with the same hidden hand being responsible for stacking the deck in favour of totally hiding the Truth.

You can say that again. Thanks for the comment. I hope you find your way. let me know more about those dreams if possible.

People have the truth its what they decide what to do with it now.


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