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The Santa Fe UFO Hoaxers: 1983

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posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 05:53 PM
Here's the deal I was involved with a man and a group of men and women, mostly bad (but a couple of well known) science fiction writers, who have been pushing this whole Aliens visiting the Earth nonsense for years. They are not a "cult." They are too smart to be in a cult. They are a RACKET. They were and still are making money of of people's mental problems. They con people who think they've met aliens, seen aliens, or been abducted by aliens. These racketeers had weekly meetings at my home (which I and my wife were renting and allowing my "friend" to hold these meetings.) There they told stories about how the promoters of the meetings were "experts" in the UFO field. How they could help people see UFOs. They ostensibly helped these poor "abductees" get a self-help group together and took donations from them. This was in Santa Fe New Mexico, in 1983, every weekend of the summer.

They tried to get people like Oprah and Shirley McClain involved. They tried to sell jewelry, art and books based on alien themes. My "friend" (whose full name I will give to anyone who emails me at: tried to get me involved in hoodwinking these people and selling these artworks and writings. He showed me an entire packet of journals he had written on all this nonsense about aliens, Atlantis, abduction, etc. He explained how after working the New Mexico carnival circuit as a kid he developed the entire idea of extraterrestrial visitors B.S.

He told me the names of those he was involved with and how much money he and they were making from selling fake alien art, writing, messages, stories, histories, etc. He said it was a great racket and that the people we would be bilking were regular "rubes" and deserved to have their money stolen! When I got irate and told him he would be leaving my home, my ex wife told me she was in love with him after I told her I was kicking him out. Overnight, they got together, tried to poison me (succeeded in killing my Siamese cat who had ingested some of the food they'd served me...which caused me to be violently ill for three full days), then they left for a UFO conference. Apparently they were hoping I would be as dead as my cat when they returned.

I had returned from a horror writer's conference myself while they were out and found they had left all four stove burners full on with pots of food on each one. The pots were melted to the burners. Luckily the circuits had blown and the stove had not caught fire, which I believe was their intention. In the end, when they found I had survived, my ex left me and kicked me out of the house.

My ex went on to become one of these fake "experts" who actually appeared on television programs dealing with Aliens. (I've seen the reruns from time to time.) She and a newer ex husband were eventually run out of Europe by Interpol for trying to bilk some countess! My ex told everyone she had met aliens, had sex with aliens, was abducted by same, etc. All of which were bald faced lies. I'd been with her 24-7 for thirteen long years. Every night she awoke us both with nightmares she would have. She never was abducted. Both of us used to stay up late hoping to even see a UFO. (I had actually seen one myself when I was 10, but not near me and never with any abduction scenario.)

She was never adept enough at writing or I am sure she'd have a book out by now. I tell people this story and they berate me for lying! In other words they want to believe so badly in the lie they will attack anyone who tries to tell the truth. For years I have been trying to tell people this story. But UFO believers will not be convinced. And the conversation always moves back to "Do you believe there are ufos?"

Of course I do, anything unidentified and flying around or seen in the sky is in essence a "ufo." Are there aliens abducting people and screwing with people's lives? Maybe, but I doubt it. I think if a culture has come far enough across the universe to earth, they would observe it, document it and nothing else. They would have no need for our resources, as there are billions of uninhabited planets to exploit much nearer to them than we are. They would not need anything from us.

There's no such thing as "Unobtainium." There would be nothing they could not obtain. They wouldn't need water if they could harvest a comet. If they have the technology to travel interplanetarially or intergalactically, then surely they would be like gods to us, having capabilities, weapons and technologies so far advanced that we would not know what to do with such things. They don't need gold. They could make gold. Or diamonds, or anything...just as we can do ourselves even as un-evolved as we are. No, what we want to believe of aliens and what the truth really is would be something we could barely comprehend.

However I know this. We are a tricky little conniving race who preys on one another like lions prey on antelopes. And we are NOT to be trusted. I know, because I trusted a friend and he showed me a Big Lie. He ruined my life. He tried to kill me because I knew too much. He stole my wife, gave her an STD then abandoned her. That's what people do. If aliens were ANYTHING like us, we should be very afraid! Most of this Aliens on earth clap-trap is a bag full of bad lies. Believe me.
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posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 05:58 PM
reply to post by whisperindave

Ouch, you might want to try breaking up that giant block of text into some paragraphs to make it easier for people to read

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by PhoenixOD
Paragraphing added. Hope it is easier to read now.

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 06:25 PM
Well, your ex seems to be easily turned to greed. But every time I read about groups like this, marketeers, and especially bringing in some of the famous names, who you never said whether or not they did or didn't get onboard, but IMO, this is done deliberately by these folk to slander the real ufology and is a slap in the face to the real victims in some cases, of both zetans, greys and various cosmology groups and the black op situation in which some of this work is carried out by para military groups around the world as well. Some of what goes on is horrific. AND those who have had much kinder and more positive experiences as well. So this is a group that is working on assignment, and are criminal.

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 11:27 PM

That's one messed up story, if it's true.

The problem is that Ufology itself comes across as a snakepit of disinfo, half-truths, unverifiable claims, and the stuff which may be true but is buried in with the rest of the garbage.

I'd be interested to hear your story in much greater detail, as your opening post comes across as a synopsis of a larger and very interesting tale.

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 11:49 PM
Well OP, the good thing is karma will get to them in time.
You can look death in the face with a clean slate, you did all you can
to be honest and truthful. Unlike your ex who is going to have a very
different outlook on things when she realizes money is not what life is about.

sounds like a blessing in discussed to me, its a rough way to get away from it all
but at least you got away, and survived. It is sad people like that exist in the world,
why the hell cant we use the same powers they used for good, it always seems
that you read stories like this where a select few make millions off of the easily
swayed but you very seldom read where someone with the same abilities
is out to change life and make the world a better place.

Its a shame really, wish i had that kind of charisma to convince people to give up
their hard earned money to help the cause. Ahh the changes i could make, the millions
i could help. But sadly that was not a gift i was born with. Some have it and some dont.

All you can do is keep your story going and let as many know that you can,
at least you are trying to do the right thing.

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