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The [mess] That Surrounds You!

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posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 05:40 AM
Seeing as how I have yet to post a rant... I do believe I am in the mood.

First things first; I am about to cover a WIDE SCOPE of topics... buckle up!

There is no argument that we are collectively being prepped for war. The signs are all around us. But I am sick and tired of this game that is being played on the unwitting. People who feel that there is no conspiracy and that everything is just peachy... REALLY get my GOAT!!!

And to those who think they are awake... just because they have KNOWLEDGE!!!!!!! Boy are you in for a shock.
You get SOLD appliances that are designed to input information into your brain on a continuous basis. Do you really think that 100% of this KNOWLEDGE is going to be accurate??

Furthermore... Knowledge is NOT Intelligence... and you CAN'T teach TALENT!!!

Thanks to FOX News and other unsavory websites...
You are so worried that the government is going to take away your rights... guess what... you have the freedom that you need... you just have to use it!

You are scared that the government is going to take away your guns!!!

Let me ask you a question... are you immune to the effects of FINGERNAILS scratching down a CHALKBOARD... or METAL grinding against itself in a high pitched screech???

Cause the sound weapons they have are WAY worse than the feeling those induce. Your ancient weaponry doesn't stand a chance against what is waiting for you should you step out of line.

But before I get ahead of myself... I am just as guilty as the many of "you" that I am "ranting" towards... and no, I don't have an easy answer on how to fix this.

In fact the one thing I would tell you, is pretty much futile; as you have been so heavily programmed that YOUR BODY will act out before your mind WILL!!!!!

My friends we are marching towards a unified world... and this world is in YOUR hands!

So will this NEW WORLD be given to you by choice or by force? Cause I will tell you, when the time comes... you will BEG for their "solutions"!!!

And to all you Political Atheists!!! How can you not see the trap that is being set before you. Can you not see the GHOST in the MACHINE?

Why would you give up the possibility that you have been granted RIGHTS from a creator? Only to turn around and accept the Privileges Granted down to you from your inferiors? Even if you have doubts about your origins... for GOD'S SAKE don't be this ignorant!

Hell! If you are so "scientific"; have you ever looked at the fact that a vibration has to start at ONE and then accelerate? If it truly was a "BIG BANG"... doesn't the very term invoke the concept of sound? Hence, is it not possible that in this LONG 1-Dimensional vibration; that somehow all other vibrations sprung forth as harmonics and overtones... giving rise to the matrix of vibration you see before!

Then why can't you concede that Vibration = Energy = Consciousness... = God... or what ever placeholder name you wish to use!

I've studied/stumbled through all kinds of fields of knowledge. From art to music to math... psychology... history... alchemy & Mystery Religions... physics.... computer programming... POLITICS!!!!!!!

And because of this I have been HEAVILY propagated against. I've seen the way that my persona has been conditioned. Some of it I like... MOST of it I LOATH!!! But thankfully, I am seeing things much clearer now than ever before.

For example: Our consciousness operates using archetypes. These archetypes are repetitious! LIFE is fractal in nature... the very sounds that make up our music are reflected in the harmony of COLOR/LIGHT... and yes, even that hunk of flesh you call YOU can be summed up using the same fundamentals!

Western Music theory gives us 3 primary Intervals starting at 1... then 3.... then 5... The MAJOR SCALE system is comprised of 7 notes... CDEFGABC... The Note A vibrates at 432-440 Hz, depending on reference pitch.

Western Color theory MIMICS much of this... 7 Color Tones... Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet... with the Primary Colors falling on these intervals... 1- red...3-yellow...5-blue...

Also, the color RED is 432-440+ Terahertz.... Hmmmm... Can you see a pattern?

Let's bypass the BS an get to the point shall we!

All faith carries the same principals... GOOD vs. EVIL!!! The Buddha spoke of this as DUALITY... so did THOTH...

DUALITY is an ILLUSION!!! It does not matter how you see a coin... be it Heads or Tails... is it still not... Just a Coin? Look at the emotions of Joy and Anger... can these both not be expressed as LOVE?

The reason we suffer is because we are trapped in a cycle of duality. God created the Devil... at some point we showed up... it still comes back to the original Archetype.

In some regards everything is STILL in that LONG 1-Dimensional Waveform... A Sine Wave with Two Poles....

And we have become so attached to this roller-coaster ride that we EAT IT UP!!! We can't get enough!!!

You wanna talk about TRUE TYRANNY and WHY we are facing what it is we are facing?

The REAL TYRANNY that you face is YOURSELF. More importantly... your CONDITIONING!

God forbid that the cells that make up your body are conscious of your actions. What would they think of being nutritionally starved and poisoned via processed food and artificial additives. Look at the terms I just used... CELLS.... BODY.... What is the "State" of your being?

Am I the only one that smells the political references?

You want to fix the world... address the tyrant that is ONESELF!!!

Now don't get me wrong... I ain't no Saint... and I have a hell of a lot left to learn in this trite merry-go'round. But the facts stand as they stand!

But again... I am of the mind set that facts are One side of Duality against the other. And you know what they say about Duality... ???

To quote some old dead dude!


Illusions are the ONLY thing you TRULY own!!!

** Please forgive me for my bad grammar, spelling, ideology, etc. **
No substances where used during the creation of this rant! And NO you may not suggest any!

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posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 06:08 AM
Talking about Israel
US and Israel are the greatest warmongers.

All the people of Palestine are innocent.

posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 07:55 AM
reply to post by Areveli

You want to fix the world... address the tyrant that is ONESELF!!!

By your own logic, you should not have started this thread.

posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 12:42 PM

Originally posted by OccamAssassin
reply to post by Areveli

You want to fix the world... address the tyrant that is ONESELF!!!

By your own logic, you should not have started this thread.

To a degree yes... to a degree... No. As I said... this is something I am working on.

Thanks for the input.

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