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(Ron Paul influence?) Colorado GOP: HOPE IS NOT LOST RON PAUL SUPPORTERS

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posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 01:13 AM

DENVER — Last fall, Colorado Republicans bragged about all the phone calls volunteers were making on behalf of Mitt Romney and other GOP candidates and seemed certain that their revamped operation was going to lead to victory.
Now, two months after another stinging defeat, Colorado Republicans are adopting the very approach behind the successful Democratic machine — the idea that the campaign never really ends.

At first I was a little disgusted seeing that there was some new light in the GOP... After what happened with Ron Paul this last election I wanted to see the GOP crumble. But that was only at first glance. Now I am beginning to think, especially with the part of the quip that mentions "other" GOP candidates, that perhaps Ron Paul did have some good effect on the GOP. I certainly know that Ron Paul, grassroots, supporters have the most passion and would more likely incite this vigor opposed to boring and stale Mitt Romney people.

Of course only time will tell, but maybe this isn't a bad sign. Just thought I'd share with everyone. I have seen a lot of the Ron Paul spirit die down which is saddening to me. Hang in there guys, we can't be screwed over forever... At least I refuse to believe it to be so...

posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 02:12 AM
Don't tell me all the Ron Paul supporters have been scared away by the MSM...

posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 03:19 AM
No, we're not scared away by the MSM...We're resting.

Remember, there are only 5 of us. We work in shifts, staying up all night, visiting as many discussion boards as possible. Trying to unhook the brainwashed from FoxNews and CNN. And of course, spamming all the polls.

Truthfully though..I really do believe there were some seeds planted. I just don't think they will take root as quickly as many of us wanted them to. The political portion of the human ego won't allow a deeply ingrained "truth" to be dislodged easily. That those who really believe they are conservatives are having a hard time being honest with themselves. Now that this more consistent flavor of conservatism has been reintroduced, people will only accept it if it appears to come from elsewhere, anywhere but Ron Paul.

It can't come from Paul. You see, Paul made most of their conservative heroes look like they were playing out of left field. It has to look like it came from somewhere else. It might even have to look like they thought of it themselves.

Of course, that's just my opinion!

posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 01:42 PM
reply to post by spacedoubt

Oh yes I forgot, there are only five actual people trolling the internet for Paul! In that case I am glad a good 40% of his supporters showed up in between resting!

Well Ron Paul may not be able to publically say much about his effects in politics, but it certainly is good that he keeps himself quiet. The GOP would probably self-destruct if Paul actually was the believed reason to their change. They would probably just give up and openly merge with the DNC out of shame and fear hahaha

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