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Gallup poll says Obama fourth year most polarizing ever; country more divided

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posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 10:08 PM
New poll just came out from Gallup that says Obama's fourth year in office tied Bush's fourth year as most polarizing ever. There was 76 points between Republicans and Democrats in the poll on his approval rating. Dem's give Obama 86% approval while only 10% Republicans. Bush had 91% Republicans along with 15% Dem's. I'd say that makes Obama's approval rating and polarization worse.

But, the point is this...the story says nine of the most polarizing years of presidential leadership came in the last ten years. This is evidence that our country becomes more and more divided every year and I just don't see a reversal of this trend, what, with his attempts to grab our guns and tax the hell out of the rich so that he can buy more votes from the poor, it's just going to get worse. Where does that lead us? I'd say after hearing lawmakers and sheriff's in numerous states telling the Feds that if they come into their respective jurisdictions to take people's guns, they would be becomes pretty obvious.

I'm not going to get into an anti-Obama rant, there are plenty of those around here, I just wanted to point out that anyone who thinks we're not on a road to revolution have their heads buried in the sand. Nine of the last 10 years have been the biggest divide between the two parties EVER! And folks, Obama is making no effort whatsoever to reverse the trend...he's pretty much written off working with Republicans.

The list of most polarized years makes it clear that Obama's highly polarized ratings may be as much a reflection of the era in which he is governing as on Obama himself. The last nine presidential years -- the final five for Bush and Obama's first four -- all rank in the top 10. Thus, it appears that highly polarized ratings are becoming the norm, as Americans aligned with both parties are apparently not looking much beyond the president's party affiliation to evaluate the job he is doing.

The Gallup Poll also says that Obama is on pace to be the most polarizing president ever.

The average party gap in ratings of President Obama during the four years of his presidency is 70 percentage points. If that average holds, it would surpass Bush's record 61-point average polarization during his eight-year presidency by a considerable margin. Bush also finished his presidency with a significantly larger party gap in job approval ratings than the previous leader, Bill Clinton (55 points).

Oba ma most polarizing president ever

posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 10:40 PM
I'm glad it's not just my imagination in remembering a VERY different nation before the towers fell. I recall one photo in particular that ran in USA Today. It must have been taken from 50 or more feet above as my memory serves but it showed Bush, alone walking through what I believe was long entrance hall of a Cathedral or some other old architecture to head into some international meeting. It's the image that stuck though because it was so much how the nation thought of him and the Presidency itself as being a position that could become irrelevant if the wrong guy came in. It was depicting him as a rank amateur and highlighting how alone he was among the experience of world leaders.

I can't say I disagreed with the sentiment then and it was in the months before 9/11. I wish I could find it again and I've looked online. Anyway.... I just thought I'd share the memory in confirming by memory as much as having my memory confirmed, just how much and how badly it's all changed in a little over 10 years time. SO much, so fast. :
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