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A star on Earth was born...

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posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 04:40 PM
For the sake of everything
The All that dwells inside your heart

For the sake of truth and love
For the sake of you

Open that heart
Lit that flame

Open up that gateway
To touch the Source of truth

To see the path unfolding
The heart before your feet

The true Father
The true Mother

The Sun and the Moon, the wind and the stars
The waves of the ocean
Speaking it to you

Listen, oh listen
You wanderer on your way
Silence yourself and listen
Know that you are One
With All
Know that through you, even the emptiness speaks
With soft words of wisdom
A strange tongue of sacred words
Understood only by the heart
Awakening the flame
Fire flame of truth
Inside you
Inside the World

That gateways dwells in you
Like those trumpets calling you
Swirling into reality
A place beyond the clouds
Of clarity and lost adventures
Of love and honor true

A place for me and you

So feel that flame a burning
Hear that love a yearning
Heart of yours
Heart of one
Hear that calling true

Let in you flow that sacred stream
That golden river deep
The spirit to embrace itself
The world that meet in you

The love you hold will save the world
For even things shall pass
What's true will stay in beauty free
Will stay and strongly grow

To free the world of weeds so tight
To cut through of the dim
Will take a sword a light so bright
But truth will dawn one day

A star on Earth was born


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