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Let say, i dont get it

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posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 07:48 PM
Let say, I dont get it.
People rant about guns, this and that, justify their opinions and rasons for having or not guns, cryin their mommies boo they will take my gun. They want take guns so we cannot save us, or fight for us one day. But what they do today. With or without guns they will not do anything, thats for sure. Even better.

UFO sightings, always someone see some weird flyin thing. Picture it, recorded it, however not very good. Even if is crystal clear evidence, then wat? Almost everybody believe.. Or better to say know they.. Exists. We are not alone. So what?
They are here, we are there, vice versa. So what. Apparently ufos and their schofers dont acknowledge our presence. So what will people do when gov. admit existence and aliens come and offer us candy and icecream. Nothing will, new minds will open, and we continue with our lives.

Demons spirits and goblins. What with them, they are here outthere somewhere.
Apparently they exists, doin their business one side of work. What then if gov admits of them, same as ufos. We will deal with that and continhe with life.

Conspiracies in religions, goverments, or whenever whatever will it be.
What with that, people investigate, know, and then what, and they ecen continue with their lives, as before, doing nothing, or something insagnificant. Or significant, bjt nobody cares, and ecen if so called sheeple heards, both sides continue with their lives as before.

NWO. Popular widespread new world order doom and gloom stuff.
Everybody speaks against it, and at same time everybody speak for it.
People habe enough will power and brain to support it, and destroy it.
But neither will be. It will be nwo in balance, as in today as before. So what, welcome to nwo. Ome thing for sure is, they will never be comletly dictators in nwo,if they try people will respond, as before, and bring ballance.

I love tought on space and aliens new cultures and seek out new civilizations etc.
Thats fine. We in last couple months are, even years, running outhere in space with unsolved stuff here. Only what i want to say, that can be good thing in longterm.
Maybe they find new tech to fix things here. People, a lot of people on planet does not have food, basic things to live. I will be ashamed if i want to go in space with thst situation in my homeworld. Maybe only, im sure in it, one thing what could save us and move us forward, is the replicator, as in star trek, and give them to everybody.

I dont have nothing against communication, and discussiom. But.. People only do that, a realy really good. Talk. And everything stay on that. Education is cool. Only good thing jn longterm globally politics can be to, some dudes here with so open minds, and so big understanding, candidate for key positions in goverments, and play they game(if such thing exists), and then that same people bring us better tomorrow. What will it take, probably a nwo and a lot of energy, aka. Electricity.

I tried to attack on just talking.
And at end of talk, and endless talk, i will stfu and walk. One thing is correct. A talk is our greatest, i wil not sa weapon, it is.. A spoken word, a sign of life, a note how we will never just bow silently, a powerful information for future, for our children, a our legacy to tomorrow, giving us a choice in life of balance. Something what improve us, we improve them and they us, and thats a reason why they.. cannot do exactly what they want, when they want. Whatever it is happening, is our own choice, on this or that way.

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posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 08:50 PM
i just bought a big bag of Doritos.
they were on sale.
they taste pretty good but they're crunchier than usual.
kinda hurtin' my teeth.

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