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posted on Jan, 18 2013 @ 08:29 AM
George couldn't sleep. He turned his head and looked at the clock again. Knowing that he was not going to get the recommended amount of hours sleep for a productive day at work tomorrow made him feel annoyed. Almost angry. George couldn't understand it. He had taken the night tablet half an hour before bed just like every other night. George knew that his mind should be calm but he couldn't get this afternoons conversation with his new neighbour out of his head.

George wondered how his new neighbour was allowed to purchase a house in this zone anyway. Zone 1451 was a conservative zone. George had gotten the impression that his new neighbour was not a conservative and their conversation today had confirmed his suspicions. While it was not at this time illegal for liberals to live in conservative zones, it was highly irregular. But George was starting to think that his new neighbour might be a purple' or even worse. When George had signed up to his house he was assured by the Residency Zone Board that all new residents would be screened thoroughly before being approved for residency.

When George met his new neighbour last week he had known right away that the neighbour was different. On that day George had gotten home from work like every other Monday. He took a shower and then came down to watch some sitcoms before Monday Night Football started. Georges sat down in his chair and could smell the spaghetti that his wife always cooks on Monday nights. Then, a knock at the door.

The knock at the door made George feel a little anxious. George was not expecting company and he had not invited any guests. George picked up the remote and brought up the front door camera. George did not recognise the thin man standing at his front door. Georges wife stuck her head out of the kitchen "Who could that be at this hour George?" "Hi Dear. Maybe they started sending the Curfew Inspectors around again. He doesn't have a uniform though. Don't worry, I'll get rid of him. Hows the spaghetti going?" replied George. Georges wife had already disappeared back into the kitchen but called back "Almost ready Dear."

George opened a draw beneath his coffee table and took out his pistol. He walked down the hall to his front door and placed the pistol on an end table where he could reach it if he needed to. He unlocked the door and opened it up. George looked at the thin man, who smiled a friendly smile and extended his hand. "Hey neighbour,I'm really sorry to bother you before dinner but I just moved in next door and I thought I should introduce myself. The name is Alex. Nice to meet you". George shook the strangers hand and said "George." with a nod.

George didn't like the look of his new neighbour at all. His shirt was untucked and he badly needed a shave. Alex tried to start some small talk but was promptly shut down by George who explained that he was indeed just about to sit down to a meal. Alex told George that he hoped they could have a few beers together sometime soon and said goodnight.

That night while eating spaghetti in front of Monday Night Football, George and his wife talked about how odd it was of the new neighbour to come to their house and introduce himself. George and his wife were on the 1451 Zone Committee and they both contributed a considerable amount of personal hours ensuring that the zone remained a respectable and safe conservative community.But they didn't know anyone in their street by name. A friendly nod was the accepted greeting. All the rest of the people in their street looked and acted normal. How strange for this "Alex" to come and actually knock on their door and introduce himself. They both agreed that this curious "Alex" must be nominated for review by the Zone Committee at the next months meeting. A review would reveal all of his personal details and a case could be made to the Residency Board for his removal if the personal details present any issues. George was satisfied with this solution and he felt happy that he didn't have to worry about Alex now. They would sort the whole thing out at the next Zone Committee meeting that was in two weeks.

The next two days were great days for George. Both days went like clockwork. Plus George was happy that his team had won Monday Night Football. George went to work and worked hard. On Tuesday night Georges wife cooks chicken. On Wednesday night Georges wife cooks fish. Both meals were great as always. Nothing out of the ordinary happened on either day.

On Thursday afternoon George arrived home from a productive day at work. The first thing George always does after arriving home on a Thursday afternoon is put the bin out for collection. George rolled the bin out to the curb and turned to go inside and take a shower. George cringed when he saw his neighbour walking across his yard in Georges direction. George tried a friendly nod but it didn't work. "Hey again neighbour." called Alex.

Alex stopped at the little side fence that separated the two neighbour's yards and waited expectantly for George. Seeing this, George considered just ignoring the weirdo and continuing on in the direction of his house and safety. As much as George wanted to avoid this weirdo he didn't want to make things any weirder so he reluctantly walked over to Alex. George didn't say anything though. He just looked at Alex and raised his eyebrows.

"How are you going with the reduced fuel rations?" asked Alex. George lowered his eyebrows, "Fine". said George. "Nobody will be able to get to work soon if the Republicans reduce it any further hey?" Alex said with his friendly smile. Hearing his neighbour criticize Republicans made George feel nervous. Politics was a dangerous subject and best avoided. But before he could stop himself George had said, " This is a conservative zone. We all support the 5% reduction in this zone. Are you some kind of liberal or something?" Alex laughed. "No no. Not a liberal, I don't think the 5% increase was enough. Would have been better than a reduction though. Hey, at least we didn't get that tax increase they were threatening. Our bracket has suffered enough already.".

Now George didn't know what to think. The election had just been won by the Republicans. The two election issues were
Fuel Rations and Income Tax. Republicans offered a 5% reduction of fuel rations and a 5% reduction in tax for each of the two tax brackets. The Democrats were offering a 5% increase on the fuel ration and a 5% tax increase for each of the two tax brackets. It is legal to be a liberal and registered Democrat or to be a conservative and be a registered Republican. It is legal to identify with either of the two parties policies. A small percentage of the population are 'purple' or Registered Independent but those people can still only identify with one party or the other. People cannot just make up their own ideas. The options were for a 5% increase in the fuel ration or a 5% reduction in fuel ration. There is no option for saying that a 5% increase would not have been enough. George wondered what was wrong with this strange person that had moved in next door.

posted on Jan, 18 2013 @ 08:29 AM
George told Alex that he had to go inside and he turned and headed for his front door. "No problem, let me know if you do run short on fuel, I have managed to save a few litres along the way with my move." George wished he hadn't heard that. Storing fuel wasn't illegal but it was frowned upon. George was relieved when he finally reached his door and got inside and away from Alex.

Georges wife cooks steak on Thursday. George didn't even notice the smell of it coming from the kitchen as he walked up the stairs to go take a shower. While in the shower George could not get Alex out of his mind. Its one thing to be a Liberal thought George but what if Alex was one of those purples? Or worse, some kind of radical extremist terrorist. Why would his new neighbour say that 5% wasn't enough? The election options were a 5% reduction from Republicans or a 5% increase from Democrats. Republicans won and we got a 5% reduction. That is the end of discussion until next election season. Why was Georges new neighbour even talking about the election when it had been decided almost a month ago? Everybody knows that when people start questioning the government and media, society falls apart. Who the hell is this "Alex" to question the Government? Who the hell is this"Alex" to just think he can decide that 5% wasn't enough? What would he suggest? A 10% increase? Both parties agree that is insane so it must be insane. "Alex" must be insane.

George was so perplexed by the whole "Alex" situation that he lost track of time and the shower water ration cut out before he had washed the soap off his body. George got out of the shower and wiped away the soap. He came downstairs just in time for Thursday Night football. Georges wife brought out his steak and they watched the football together in silence like they generally do.

After the meal, George and his wife took their night tablets and went up to bed. Georges wife was off to sleep in no time as always but George was still thinking "Alex". George tried to comfort himself by telling himself that "Alex" was probably just a liberal with a louder mouth than usual but he couldn't believe it. even a liberal wouldn't just concoct their own ideas on how the government should operate. Liberals are liberals and believe what Democrats believe. A long time ago liberals were against war for profit and the murder of innocent non combatant but ever since the Democrats told them to support drone strikes they never looked back. It is not up to the individual to decide what they believe. When people start thinking up their own ideas and opinions then society descends into chaos. The government is very clear about this.

George rolled over and looked at the clock again. He told himself that the day tablet would get him through tomorrow. Then he made a decision. He would report this "Alex" to Homeland Security first thing in the morning. It was his duty as a citizen. George immediately felt better. If "Alex" really was just a loud mouth liberal then why did he question the Democrat policy? The world is a much better place when people like Alex are locked away where they cant bother normal people with their thoughts and opinions.

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