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NEWS: Colorado Confident: Nuclear War, Not a Threat

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posted on Oct, 25 2004 @ 12:50 AM
A recent article in Denver local news describes the change of venue for Colorado's Emergency Operations Center. The old center, located in an underground bunker at Camp George West in Golden, was deemed to be too small to house the myriad 'specialists' Colorado's Governor will require to make fully informed decisions in case of an emergency.
Colorado's emergency operations center is moving from a cramped underground bunker designed to survive nuclear war into a spacious office designed to manage the response to a terrorist attack, hazardous-waste accident or natural disaster.

"The Cold War is over," said Michael Beasley, director of the state Department of Local Affairs, which runs the state's emergency management. "Our focus is on all hazards," anything from floods to bioterrorism, he said.

It will be linked to the state health department's surveillance system to watch for signs of an epidemic or bioterrorism attack, streamflow gauges to monitor for flash floods and weather software that can predict air currents to see where chemical fumes might migrate after a spill.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Hopefully this new center's location is sufficiently distant from downtown Denver to avoid the whatever catastrophic fate may await Denver itself. The old location was significantly farther from least far enough away that a slight breeze from the north wouldn't waft whatever air might be hovering over Denver its direction. Hopefully, we won't have an opportunity to see the center in operation any time soon.

This could be good news for all of the worrywarts out there who are still worried a 'suitcase nuke' will show up in an American city someday soon. Assuming a massive underground bunker wasn't installed beneath this new building, it's not likely to withstand such an attack, implying that such contingencies are not at the forefront of emergency planner's lists these days.

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