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posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 01:52 PM
God created us because He was so alone that He almost cried,he need us in His eternity to be eternally outside time and space.

"If my image in a mirror were a painting then all the mirrors in the world are beautiful paintings ...says God"

"I've cried for the body...I've cried for the soul but my tears were never seen because my eyes were empty and my heart full....of Love"

The essence of life is life itself...but not Alone.

We all are children of God and God gives us many toys to play with.

All children must play only sometimes the toys that we have to play with can and hurt us.

Then... we cry

When we confuse them.

Remember what I told you about confusion?

When someone is in suffering because his body it's ill or his soul is ill he must be in a very big pain..for both.

When our soul is in pain and we cry and after that pain has passed you can feel light as a feather.

Then you are half Angel...oh and you didn't knew it..

When the body it's in pain and we cry...well that must be a little difficult to support but we can first heal our soul...or

If the body it's ill and the soul is happy then half of the pain will be gone...and I didn't knew it.

One of those toys that hurt us very often without knowing is the one that I have spoken about earlier..

someone or something is playing with us when we desire

I hope it is not the Devil itself or maybe it is.

Oh toys..that we are in the hands of...

We can cry for too much love or for the absence of it but in the end we are the toys of the Devil because he tries to play with our feelings.

We might believe that pain come from Guilt but I think it is not or maybe from the Sin not the initial one of course...only we came from here.

Then that means someone is guilty of our pain body and soul and that person should be held responsible,but if we do so maybe that person too will suffer the pain of body and soul.

And what we don't understand is that we...confuse our toys and ...we cry just like children.

I guess that the perfect medicine for body and soul is faith.

because in the end...

"The one in pain and suffer of his body must not worry because he will be free one day and his pain and his suffer will be replaced by that one feeling of eternity with no pain and no suffer for his body and soul"

..we will met in the same place

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