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It's all Al Gore's fault

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posted on Oct, 23 2004 @ 04:13 AM
I was wondering how in the world we came to the place we are now, with the country evenly divided and the need for lawyers on standby to determine the winner of the presidential election, and think I know the answer!

Al Gore did this to us! Looking back at his bid for the presidency, I blame him for not taking the possibility of Bush actually winning seriously. He (like lots of other people) saw Bush as a joke and ran his campaign like his winning was a "done deal". Gore didn't get serious until a few weeks before the election, and by then it was too late.

IMO, the 2000 election was his to lose. If he had campaigned harder, he would have won by a significant margin, a new precedent would not have been set, and Bush would not be in office now. Things would definitely be a lot different from what they are now, and it may have given us better choices for this year if the outcome of 2000 had been different.

I hope I can sleep better in 2008. I am worried sick about this election and haven't slept well ever since Kerry won the nomination
I still think Lieberman would have been a wiser choice to lead our country.

The next 4 (8) years are going to be hel on me regardless of the outcome. I feel better blaming Al Gore for doing this


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