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This is a message of joy

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posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 09:01 PM
This a message of joy

For true joy to be
We have to walk the walk of true love
Guided by the purest light

To do that, we need to resonate at our deepest level
Go beyond the senses and the perceptions of this world
Beyond that what catches the ego
Into the real you
The amazing you
That is always there, behind all the masks
I know you can do it
I believe in you to do it

It is no easy path
Waking up, truly
Because this world are made in the image of a flawed mirror
Fake Gods of power and worship
Systems making us obedient
Running around in circles
Forgetting to touch in deeply

When you go to the deepest
Live from there
You get true
You become an enemy of the lie
In this world the lie holds power
Even if it is based on illusion and will eventually fade
Still is power
Friends you thought you had turn their back
Desert you
Things shared by heart may be used against you as a weapon
The world works that way
Try to get to you that way

This is a message of joy
You are amazing
You are worth it
You can do it
When started this journey
There are no turning back
You have caught that glimpse
That was always trying to reach you
Caught it and taken it into your heart
Now you see for real
Hear for real
Following that truth Inside out
At the deepest level

And THAT makes sense
Gives clarity
Makes you be that love which reaches
Your own heart and truth
Other hearts longing

And we WILL be that wave
We WILL manifest that truth
That love

So this is a message of joy and love
The closer we get
The harder the lie will hold on

But I trust in you
I know we will succeed
Step by step
Heartbeat by heartbeat

Every moment in love
There is only this
That's all


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