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Gullag America?? (and the rest of the world)

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posted on Oct, 21 2004 @ 03:04 AM
I've been reading about the topic of Amerika under Martial Law. The first time i say an
article about it was 3 years ago on the internet and i was a little sceptical. But i can
see that lately there's more and more info on the internet on this subject. Especialy that
in order to instigate the NWO, boxcars are made with shakles and guilotines. And that
the 911 terrorattack was a preparation to put america under Martial Law.

What are your views (especialy Americans!) about this subject? I'm leaning towards the
truth, where there is smoke-is fire.... Also the imminent treath of another goverment-
controlled attack to fully awake the New World Order and upset the status quo.

Any thought's?

ps. here's a link to some disturbing articles -

posted on Oct, 21 2004 @ 05:13 AM
Found another link with photo's of one of the camps....
I this gonna be the future? put you in jail because your
a christian or treehugger???

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 04:37 AM
I have done some searches on this myself and it looks like most of the info out there is a few years old and is duplicated from site to site.

If anyone finds any new info on this I would be interested in seeing new links.

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