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Hoaxer confesses!

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posted on May, 1 2003 @ 01:57 PM
In the latest "Planet X is coming and you're ALL in Desperate Danger" episode, the guy who had "the most convincing evidence" has come forward and said it's all a hoax by him to prove that Planet X doesn't exist.

I'll post the URL, but because there's a good possibility that the message thread will be nuked, I'll post "KidA"'s message in full:

My PX Pic

Well I was away for a couple weeks, and I come back and see that my pic was heavily debated here, on several other forums, and also had special appearances on Zetatalkīs sightings section and in the chatlogs...

Sorry to say this, but my PX pic was indeed a fake.


I took the starfield from the series of pictures taken by Helios, the same series that captured that "string of pearls" image of the supposed Planet X complex. I explained that I took the picture through binoculars, which is exactly what Helios had done. This ensured that the picture was encoded with camera data, adding to itīs authenticity.

the actual PX body itself was a picture of our own sun! I took a picture of the sun from the SOHO cams, removed the protruding flares and shrunk it down to 25 pixels. I brightness/contrasted it to darken it to a dark-reddish-brown. Using the SOHO image of the sun gave "PX" itīs strange surface markings.

I sampled the color from "PX" and used an airbrush on varying low pressures (9%-11%) on different layers with varying opacities to create the red cloud at varying distances.

In layers underneath the cloud, I then used the same varying-layer-opacities to add random 1-pixel pencil markings to exhibit a hint at a double helix swirl going into the distance (as was predicted by Nancy). I did it so that it would not appear at first glance, but would only appear if you experts out there toyed with the contrast/brightness controls. You did, and *viola*: moons in a double helix swirl.

For final measure, I used a 1-pixel smudge at varying pressures around PX to blend the clouds randomly into PX.

There were only a few people who didnīt bite, but the picture did cause some controversy and at least made people think. Photo Teacer, Kent, and Girl101 were the main players that remained skeptical.

Why did I do it?

Several reasons. "To hoax the hoaxer" is the biggest reason. My pic has the starring role in the PX Sightings page on Zetatalk. Nancy has not unequivocally said the photo is real, but definately did lean that way: "The North Carolina Photo is geniune, as far as we can tell." This leaves "back out" room for when they read this post.

I also did it to teach you a lesson about believing in something without seeing it for yourself. I even posted this in MY OWN "PX Pic" thread. As an A/C I posted to "remain skeptical until you SEE IT FOR YOURSELF". That was the main point of this hoax.

ANYONE can purpetrate a hoax, whether it be a hoax about Planet X, a hoax about pulling down a Saddam statue, or whatever. So remain skeptical!

Finally, I did it to excercise myself in my photoshop skills. Im a webdesigner, and need to know once in a while that I can do a decent job. Someone mentioned that if this was a fake, I could get a job at Mossad. Thanks!

Hmm, well if anyone in the NYC area is looking for a Webdesigner with "Extremely good" photoshop skills, just send me a message to this Kid A account, and weīll talk.

Why did I post this admission?

So that you people who unequivocally believed in my pic can now move back to your homes. PLANET X IS NOT COMING.

Disclaimer: I do not work for Nasa, the CIA, the FBI, or any other government agency, (any of you folks hiring though?), also, I am not a paid disinfo agent.

Thank you and have a good day.

URL Reference: page=1&topic=3

posted on May, 1 2003 @ 02:29 PM
What a wonderful read. The people on zetatalk are really up in arms over it. Thanks Byrd, that was fun

posted on May, 1 2003 @ 02:36 PM
OMG, some of those replies were funny.

Good work by Kid A, hoaxing the hoaxer.


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