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Appeal of discussion to delete a post

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posted on Oct, 19 2004 @ 11:35 PM
This is a request to all moderators to allow a post by another member titled " For all those who like war or think wars are necessary" It is my fondish wish that this be left active or somehow the links and general original posters statement be allowed to remain if only in the restricted area so that others will benefit from the true to life issue contained there in and I request others to join me is saying so with all due respect to the ATS staff below you will find a U2U I drafted to the moderator taking action against this thread and would like others to joiin me in letting this thread live on....... after all as stated in my letter to the moderator I really believe it saved my son from a senseless death and made us understand there are more noble ways to serve fellow man then killing them.

With the utmost respect and thanks to the moderators for keeping things cool I submit this request

Thanks drbryankkruta

To Byrd

ref to your post on trash binning the thread on the pictures that remind us that war is uncool granted not exact title , I have a deep wish not to offend the ATS staff and it was not my intention to offend others, my point was a matter of gratitude for providing information that I used to in my opinion SAVE MY SON FROM A BASELESS AND UNJUST DEATH
I did get a little defensive when I percieved a treat to my integrity by saying thank you to the thread author ..... as I stated I felt also very disturbed when as a member of Fire/Medic Squad and Law Enforcement Brotherhood I was accused of lack of respect and caring for my fallen brothers and sisters it tore a peice of my sole out and twisted it in a knot The love I feel for my brothers and sisters is as real as those that are for my blood family again if my behavior became beligerant I appoligize but if possible please allow others to see the follies of senseless killing so that maybe some how they will learn as my son did from the pictures to think first kill only when needed and love everyone all the time

thanks for your time

Dr. Bryan K. Kruta


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