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Michael Badnarik's new book

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posted on Oct, 19 2004 @ 05:47 PM
I just ordered it! I can't wait to read it... The libertarian presidential candidate just released a new book called "it's good to be king"

Good to be King presents a thoroughly readable explanation of how our constitutional republic should work, and how the system became broken in the first place.

As a 21 yr old newly joined libertarian I hope one day I can become actively in politics and play a role in helping restore the republic which made the United States "the United States" what happened? That's a questions that's run through my mind which I am learning about this great country i'm also supporting one individual of whom i'm very fond of, and have great respect and admiration for.

I'm not asking you guys to support him, I just thought it would make good conversation.

By voting republican or democrat are you making a statement saying the republic doesn't need to be restored we can have an elected democracy that obviously doesn't work but your wishful thinkers thus being sucked in by a monopoly??

Just thought i'd share, it's at amazon if anyone is interested. has just updated their website...

You can learn more about him there...

Viva la Libertarian Party.. God I'm glad I found them!!

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