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LCD - It is safe, but better don't break it

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posted on Oct, 19 2004 @ 12:04 PM
Not so long ago in computer graphics lecture, after talking about Bresenham's algorithm, lecturer, just to let us relax for a bit, started to talk about monitors. The most interesting is that when he mentioned LCD monitors, he, surely, agreed that they are much safer than CRT, but then he said: “They are safe, but better don’t break them.” The source of light in them contains hazardous to human elements.
That seemed interesting to me, so a done a quick Google search and this is the best that I could find thus far.

Some quotes:

Lead is found in glass components of CRTs and in electronics components (e.g., printed wiring
boards and their components) of both CRTs and LCDs. It is also a top priority toxic material at
EPA and the subject of electronics industry efforts to reduce or eliminate its future use.

Mercury is contained within the fluorescent tubes that provide the source of light in the LCD.
Mercury is also emitted from some fuel combustion processes, such as coal-fired power plants,
which contribute to the life-cycle impacts of both CRTs and LCDs. Because of mercury's
toxicity to both humans and the environment(.....)


Maybe anyone has anything to add to this? Any information is appreciated.


Sorry about my English, not my native language after all.

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