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paranormal/aubduction short story [BMHWC]

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posted on Oct, 11 2012 @ 06:19 AM
Since this is ATS, before you read you must know that this is a complete work of fiction. It never happened to me or anyone else that I know. This is a simple short story I did to let my imagination loose and motivate me to work on other projects.

After a long night at work, Crystal got out a few hours early, and decided to take the scenic route home. As she turned onto an old arrow straight two lane blacktop, she laughed as a bit of less than elegant clutch use resulted in a spinning tire. Normally she would not do something like that, but it was 3 a.m. no one would ever know.

Thumbing over the radio dial she rolled down each window of the car, and enjoyed the echo of the vehicle and the sounds of frogs chirping as she blew down the road. Traffic in the area had been light. The leaves spiraled in her wake as she plowed through the fall foliage. The air was chilly but felt great after being in a stuffy building all night. The night had an eerily calm state only seen by a select few between the time when the last drunks finish swerving home, and the early morning blue collar workers begin the dreaded yawn to work. The earliest dew glistened on the damp pavement, and offered an artificial darkness to the world.

Crystal was not like others, a bird of a different feather. Some might say she was a night owl. Perhaps she is a rock and roll flower child of yesteryear in a modern sea of squares. She was perfection in fallibility. She was careless, care free, and full of life. A child of mind, but a shining light in heart.

She felt herself slipping closer and closer into sleep, as she struggled to remain alert. The chilly night air wasn’t helping, the radio a mere whisper in the distance of her mind. Just as she was about to fall over, a bright light descended just behind the car. The bright green glow came out of nowhere, almost as a hovering hornet curious of her presence. It was so bright that the only parts of the light cloud that retained color, was the outer light shafts. She immediately snapped back into reality, and became wide awake as her pulse quickened.

She scanned her mirrors as the light shown into her eyes. Looking back she wondered if it was another vehicle. Perhaps it was someone that had been following her. Was it a cop, she thought to herself? The light shown against the rear of her car seemingly lighting it more so than the area around the car. It began to creep closer and closer to her bumper as the red of the tail lights were drowned out by more intense light. She braced herself in anticipation of a violent bump from what could be another vehicle, or at least another solid object. A thump never came, but the light did seem to climb the back of her car, and up onto the back window as if it were a curious child.

The light seemed to latch onto her roof as she went down the road now driving a little faster than the speed limit. The glaring light was reflecting through her mirrors and back window as it seemed to heat the fabric on the car seats. She remained calm as a surreal feeling came over her. Fear was not present in the air, oddly enough. A feeling of reluctance came over her, yet a feeling of belonging that she had never felt before.

When she could endure the approaching light no more, she decided to try to run from the feeling she had not felt before. Carpet began to approach pedal as she attempted to speed away from the strange light, and the world fell away from her for a minute. The thumping of the engine filled the interior as the whipping of the wind drowned out the radio. Her vision narrowed as the once open and inviting tunnel of a road had turned into a narrow corridor of darkness as her fear began to overcome her. The lines on the road became more blurred, and harder to observe as they slowly changed for lines into a mostly continuous white blur. The wind began to make her eyes water as she felt it rushing over her face, and over the car. The thud of the engine quickened as she approached speeds too high to look away from the road to confirm, not even for a second. The mysterious light held fast to her car, now having gotten so close it seemed to be grabbing the car as the shafts of light wrapped around the car like the fingers of a tree grasping the Earth.

Down the road she continued almost paralyzed with fear. Her body shook as the light seemed to surround her entire car now. Her car began to overheat as she pushed it beyond any sustainable speed. Smoke began pouring from the back, and a bit from under the hood. Terrified to look away from the road or even in a mirror, she continued as the sound of the engine having once been an audible thump, turned into a screaming roar. Her heart now beating so fast it was a vibrating rumble in her chest, individual beats being indistinguishable.

Finally she decided to glance in her mirror to have a look at what she knew was still close to her. She shifted her eyes away from the road for a split second, and her vision was blurred with the blinding bright light. When her eyes returned to the road, she saw clouds of black smoke coming from under her hood, as the engine began to stall and cough. She panicked when all of a sudden the engine went dead and left her freewheeling down the road without a sound.

Fighting off the urge to panic she tried to muscle the no longer power brakes to stop the vehicle as she noticed she had been going more than one hundred and fifty miles per hour, the maximum speed displayed on her car. As she was pumping the brakes now frantically, she felt the rear of the car start to lose its way. Maybe it was oil from the engine, perhaps it was just wind. She couldn’t worry about that now; she fought the steering wheel to keep the car in the road as she glanced at the speedometer, now seeing one hundred and forty.

Despite her best efforts, the car began to veer off of the road. She stared at the dense and heavily wooded forest as she could feel herself coming closer and closer beyond her control. Her life flashed over her eyes, much more quickly than she expected as she was completely helpless to help herself out of this situation. Just as the car took flight off of the road, she curled into a ball and felt a strange force over her. It felt rigid, and confining. When her life left her eyes and she regained her vision, her last sight was of a giant tree coming at her face. She screamed out in terror.

The car plowed through the large trees breaking a few in half like a giant battering ram. The light was still firmly attached to the car, grasping it tightly as if unwilling to let this event happen. As it went through the trees, it began to look like a battered hulk. The hood flew up and curled back over the windshield. The front grill was quickly ripped off and battered. The fenders peeled away, and the doors became smashed. It was slowing quickly, having traveled several hundred feet already. The light suddenly let go of the car as quickly as it came, the car finally splintering into pieces as it left. It appeared to come completely apart and a few smaller pieces of the car rolled to a stop. The early morning fog seemed to cover the wreck, as if Mother Nature were attempting to hide the event.

Many years later that narrow old road was finally slated for repaving. The foreman was scouting the area for potential problems when he noticed an overgrown path going through the woods. Having traveled the road many times himself, he was amazed he had missed the easily discernable path through the thick wooded area. Being a curious natured man, he decided to stop and do a bit of exploring.

As he walked down the murky path, he saw the scars on the land from the car many years ago. As he walked towards the end of her several hundred foot long path, he began finding parts from her once pristine Trans Am. The pieces were rusted, but still recognizable to him as an old sports car. Anxious about what he found, he took out his cell phone to call the sheriff‘s department.

A small investigation was opened to try to figure out what happened so many years ago. Nothing was ever found. No body, no remains, no explanation to the authorities about what happened. Just what amounted to a basket full of battered pieces of metal. The light that had been present on that day was nowhere to be found. No one would ever hear her story. No one would ever know for sure what happened to the person that was now a faded memory. The authorities had no knowledge of anyone gone missing in the area. After all, Crystal always took I-85 home from work, and this was John Henry road.

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posted on Oct, 11 2012 @ 09:06 PM
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