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Everything in the right place

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posted on Oct, 11 2012 @ 05:56 AM
Scene from movie: Spring summer fall winter and spring

When you are displaced
your misplaced
and disgraced.
Replaced by an idea, a fear.
Made by someone or something else
that wasn’t meant to be there.
You have been removed.
From your sacred space.
Your personal Grace
Kidnapped from you sight.
Your living a life of strife,
walking the walk
of the dead.
Is it all in your head?
Ask yourself when you wake up
every morning as you step
out of bed.
Is this me I am dreaming?
Or is someone else
Is this me living?
When your heart sinks
you’ll know
all about these words.
Truly spoken.
Wake up and stand up
rise up in your heart
the wizard space.
That always awaits.
Your timely return.
A fire that eternally
No more time
for kneeling
just a dancing flame
without shame.
Everything in its right place.

Eliberocelta Oct 11 2012

Inspired by this! thanks to the makers of the movie and the song.

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