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Robin Hood - The collaborative high school musical.

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posted on Oct, 10 2012 @ 01:12 AM
Perhaps somewhat silly, but just a fun attempt and invitation for ideas on a Robin Hood plot.

There's only a few characters so far:

The Narrator
Robin Hood
Maid Marian
Friar Tuck
The Sherrif of Nottingham
Sheriff's men
Robin's merry men

All are welcome to contribute with a character or scene.
Songs can be set to the tunes of popular songs.

Act 1:

Narrator: For many years the evil Sheriff of Nottingham has overtaxed the people, but a band of merry rebels hide within the Sherwood Forest just beyond the city walls.
Only the good Friar Tuck could still walk freely between the town and forest to bring news to Robin, until one day he bumped into a peasant woman.

Peasant woman: The Sheriff's men have taken my house and my belongings. What shall I do Friar?

Friar Tuck: That tyrant ... but all is not lost ... we still have one who's name remains unspoken.

Peasant Woman: Who Friar? The other guy from Wham?

Friar Tuck: No, Robin Hood!

Peasant woman: Oh, the dashing rebel who robs the rich and gives to the poor?

Friar Tuck: Shh .... silence wench, his name remains a secret.

Peasant woman: No it's not a secret. Mr Robin paid for my first hovel and my second hut, even after we burned it down at the last New Year's Eve party. But that sorta thing could've happened to anybody in the village. I don't know why you religious lot want to call everything a secret, because everybody here knows Robin. In fact let me tell ya a bit about our Robin:

Robin Hood song and dance routine (based on the chorus of Abba's "Waterloo"):

"Robin Hood
robbing the rich
for a greater good.
Robin Hood
our warrior who lives
in the old Sherwood.
Robin Hood
feeding the poor
and sharing your loot
Robin Hood
you seem like a
quite cool dude."

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posted on Oct, 17 2012 @ 09:06 PM
Scene II

Music stops as the Sheriff's troops enter, with some violence and intimidation

Commander of Sheriff's troops, Sir Toadwart: What a merry day good Friar, was this woman bothering you?

Friar Tuck: No, not at all, in fact she just told me how your men destroyed her house.

Sir Toadwart: Aha, so she was bothering you.
I understand these peasants Friar.
They get more cheeky by the day.
Of course Friar, you as a religious man would forgive them, and tell me they are not bothering you, when indeed they were harassing you.

Friar Tuck: No they were not, no this woman was only greeting me.

Sir Toadwart: Arrest this woman! Throw her in the dungeon.

Peasant Woman: I spit on your ancestors' graves, may your bowels stop working and your eyeballs turn to sand!

Sir Toadwart: A witch, bring the stake at once.

The sound of arrows fills the air

Friar Tuck: Run Sir Warttoad, I mean Sir Warthog, er, Sir Toadie! Run!

The Sheriff's men dodge the arrows and run away.

Robin Hood appears with his green livery, and a few merry archers.
A song and dance routine to the tune of It's Raining Men

It's Robin Hood,
It's Robin Hood.

The Sherwood Forest,
The ale is getting low,
Robin and his crew,
Know just the place to go:

To Nottingham,
To Nottingham.

They're young, lean,
Dressed in green
Any peasant's
Naughty dream


It's Robin Hood
And he's looking good
The guerrilla army
From the old Sherwood.
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