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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 09:35 AM
" The war for your mind is the real battleground of the twenty-first century."

News is what creates the mind set of the nations.
The majority of news organisations with a voice loud enough for a large portion of the citizens to hear, are corporate entities.
In the US these entities are only five in number......most of our media comes from these sources.....

Price fixing scandals and other corporate arrangements between supposed competitors have been numerous enough in the past to illustrate how these corporate entities can and do work in concert to fleece and defraud the citizens of their money.Should anyone doubt this assertion,a mere google search for such activity brings up 1,050,000 hits.
The first criminal fine listed is the second largest ever levied....(Yazaki) in US courts.
I think the point is made that this is common practice ........

My contention is that these same corporations (and also our goverment) are constantly working in concert to direct the flow of our thoughts along channels which will lead to beneficial circumstances for themselves, without real concern for the actual health and welfare of the masses who support them by existing and requiring their "services and society".

The effectiveness of such things as "advertising," and" mind control", techniques since the Second World War,
have been explored in great depths by both psychologists and corporations, as well as goverments.
Methodology and increased communications, have improved to the point that this "science" is very applicable to modern society,(Indeed it could be argued that communications tech has been made available to the public to facilitate this very thing)
With the comming of the information age, the dangers of such newly discovered techniques of
("mind control"/"advertising") take yer pick, have been unleashed upon the human race as a whole.

The ramifications of such manipulations of our psyches, however, have NOT been explored as thoroughly as the methods of control.

How many of us go through our days with idiot jingles, from certain stick in your head advertisements running constantly as we do our daily chores.?
Or cannot get certain news pictures out of our consciouness?
How many of our reactions to immediate situations either personal, or world wide, are scripted by the news stories and slants which the news gets presented?
The UFO buffs here will understand perhaps, as the whole investigation of fantastic occurances, and circumstances in a scientific manner has been side tracked by media into a social tabu.
Something is definately happening up there, but the social media and the goverment propaganda has created such a stigma upon the subect that we as a whole, simply ignore it.....or relegate it to the" fringe".
I assure you, this is NOT the case on the goverment, and industry side of the coin.Though most research is secretly undertaken by both.

This is just one example of how your and my world is shaped, and how our views of it are created by those who control the means of communications and their content to a great extent.
The statement has been made that if you tell a lie enough times to people, they will eventually make it part of their paradime.
The proof has been well and truely illustrated by history.

This leave humanity with a brain full of false attitudes and untrustworthy information on which to base their views of reality.
Planted seeds of hate or predudice, grow and blossom in our minds unbidden by our natural experience or thoughts.
The chimera which we hold in our heads is indeed a mix of the real world and the phoney creations of the groups of
organisationss that wish to direct your thoughts.or influence your deeper psyche with primal reactive emotions.

How then can we protect our own minds from this deluge?
The tsunami of false and misleading information which is perpetrated against us is mounting higher..... with every new advance in psychology and mind control. it gets more effective.

My question for your ponderance this morning, is simply
"How much of what you think and what you do is really your very own?".......Self motivated thoughts and activity?
"How much or what percentage of your thoughts/ activities, is self directed and self willed?
And deep down, how much of your world can you really trust to be what you have come to believe it is?"

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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 09:50 AM
Very interesting thread. While I realize that I do have "that jingle" stuck in my head many times, I have found, since I've gotten older, that I find myself saying "that's not true" to most things I see on television.

Now, this could be just because I am becoming more argumentative as I get older, but I like to believe that I am seeing things a bit clearer, or maybe understanding the reasoning behind why I'm being told something. Like the real agenda.

Not sure if this post is coming across how I meant it to. Hope so.

I do see this as a problem more for generations younger than myself. I wasn't raised with as much "influence" from sources like the TV, Computers and such.
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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 09:51 AM

Originally posted by stirling

My question for your ponderance this morning, is simply
"How much of what you think and what you do is really your very own?".......Self motivated thoughts and activity?
"How much or what percentage of your thoughts/ activities, is self directed and self willed?
And deep down, how much of your world can you really trust to be what you have come to believe it is?"

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With the always present possibility that you are being manipulated you almost have to assume that every thought, action, feeling etc is suspect of being planted or not of your own...

However I was thinking about this last night in regards to "inspiration" and how...there is never truly any original inspiration, ALL of it is inspired by others...

I question sometimes if true original thought is even possible...the only way one could know for sure is to completely remove themselves from all human connection and see the results...But even then the natural world...inspires us to mimic and recreate parts of it for our use...

I believe that this is why an objective and indifferent view is so important in a world where its so easy to be influenced and manipulated at every turn...Questioning your thoughts and beliefs would help remove blind-indoctrination...but usually that is the hardest part...

You have to feel a need to question your beliefs in the first place which is hard for most because that implies deep down somewhere you are curious if you are wrong or mislead...most people don't want to acknowledge they may be wrong and don't want to admit they have been mislead, so they are satisfied with believing what they believe without internal questioning.

I don't know how many of my thoughts are of "original inspiration" and how many of them are intentional manipulations and how many are coincidental environmental thoughts/beliefs...I don't think anyone could confidently answer that question honestly...

I try to always be open to the possibility I'm parroting off someone Else's implanted ideals...

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 10:49 AM
Thanks for the cogent replies.....
The deeper processes of our minds are beginnin to be understood, according to our information stream available (at least to my level)......but i am wondering if we are moved in ways that ae beyond thought or conscious warding off of certain input we are aware is happening....but other stuff is going WAYYYY under the radar so t speak.....
Like say, attitudes towards other races or cultures in general....
Attitudes towards authority in general.....
Attention span ascribed to certain subects we are really not supposed to be following very closely.....
What we allow to be newsworthy in the first in who presents what to our attentions in the first place?
Worried about the middle east a lot of the time?
Wonder whats happening in Syria from day to day without much factual input available you could trust?
just propaganda from both sides which is prevalent every where....
Looking for intelligent comment on diversity of religious sects in the middle east?and what could or never would harmonize their behaviours?Who hates who and why?so much remains unsaid....whiole the brain is flooded with unwanted influences....
Thinking about Turkey shelling and wondering if they are at it right now and what else may be going on we can only imagine because there is no source which doesnt seem to present information without charging a price in attitude adjustment of your brain while at it?
These are just minor passing thoughts that go through my flickering consciousness from time to time....
But it becomes a very deep detective job to find out answers or information which would satisfy .........
In fact it is too daunting for most people to even attempt......whereupon they fall back upon the sources origonally suspect for the same drivel....some of which is bound to rub off.....opening the wedge so to speak....
Like what comes to mind when one says the word arab to an average white American...?
Do you see a noble desert dwelling nomad?
A 9/11 tower falling falling falling falling...and black black smoke rising....
What is going on is the trauma bonding of certain mind sets to peoples by those who wish to direct the pages of history for whatever reasons be they good or bad......and whos to make that call?
Our lives are loaded with the unpercieved inputs that subtly shift our perceptions of not just the world, but each pother and even our selves................
or am i getting too esoteric here?

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 10:49 AM
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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 10:57 AM
I find myself being a lot happier since I've been on a self imposed TV diet. I usually only watch things Ive Tivoed in advance now and cut out the adverts.

If I do happen to catch the adverts I find they make me feel low almost instantly a constant barrage of people telling you I'm too fat, my teeth arent white enough, my skin isnt shiny enough. I can spot the manipulation but if its repeated often enough it really does start to effect me.

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by stirling

I love this subject. It coincides with a book I read by Miguel Ruiz, "The Four Agreements" and "The Voice of Knowledge." He talks about the same thing how the voices/Thoughts in our heads are not ours but what we have observed from others. he calls them parasites or Mitotes (Mytotes?). I highly recommend reading for self development!!

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 11:17 AM

waiting for the worms....Pink Floyd

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 11:28 AM
Awesome topic. Great to see others with the same questions, and looking around for bits of truth anywhere they can be found.

I also had to isolate for months, and wean off several poisons (including MSM), in order to help prevent panick attacks. It's so odd....

Truth really is so much stranger than fiction, sometimes. I can see why people would shelter their minds from anything that makes them panick and start questioning. It's a painful, exhausting process.
Part of the price of being a truth seeker, I suppose.

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