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Saudi Arabia, guns, drifiting and a poor man died

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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 06:10 AM
Killed while watching a drifiting event
News link in Arabic

The killing is not shown at all, the links are 100% safe.

The story says that the guy who got out of his car wearing a blue shirt got mad at the other drifter, came out of his car and start shooting. Killing a poor man from the crowd. He later burnt a car in the middle of the drifiting field.

Other people say that guy in the news link did the killing. The blue shirt guy simply started the problem. There were 14 AKs at the same place so, it is very possible.

Drifiting is a VERY big problem in KSA. To the point where they [Drifters] were given their own play grounds and streets. Guns, however, is something I have no knowladge of seeing I do not live there myself. I live near them though, in Kuwait.

The whole comment section is mad at what this guy did. Saying how ass backward and idiotic their country is. I know the drifter was from the "normal guys" but he comes from a rich family. Last year, he killied someone and payed a fine of $500K for the family. Not all people act like this but, most teenagers/young adult do. Idiotic, I mean. Not killing anyone they see and using guns.

Please move this thread for the best section suited for it, mods

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 06:34 AM
I really worry for your entire region. Iraq is about done for outside war and Afghanistan won't be a battlefield much way or another. This fighting the outside and perhaps even Israel will end.

America will have it's problems with what I'd guess is a million or more who have had the time by now to rotate through service in the war zones. In our case, U.S. troops at least have the culture shock of returning to an environment radically different than what they've come to know for war over years. I think that 'shocks' most back to normal living.

The Middle East...what will you guys do? You have far more than just millions and some have been in fighting of one form or another going well beyond 9/11 and into the 90's. When the wars they soon must either way...what will the warriors do who literally know NOTHING else for the number of years having been in it now?

That's what seeing someone hanging out of a pickup truck in Saudi with an AK- makes me think of.... We aren't the only ones with generations ruined by all this and nations that don't even know the problems coming from that yet.


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