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(HSSC2) Flesh Bag

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posted on Oct, 17 2004 @ 08:48 AM
The trail of filth and slime that was left behind the loping monster was a putrid mess of filth and stench that would live in my memory forever. This “thing” was relentless. Never letting up on its chase. No matter how far I ran, I could not get away. Every time I make some ground in the old TB center, the rotting bag of flesh would suddenly appear behind me, slowly lumbering towards its prey. Me.

The others were gone. Dead gone. The flesh bag had gotten them already. Flesh bag had them trapped in the old abandoned padded cell when it happened. All I could do was watch in horror as Flesh bag slowly closed the padded door behind him. I cautiously approached the padded door and peered through the Judas window. The scene was a blood bath. Arms and heads being dismembered. Innards spilt forth on the floor. Then out of nowhere a soft whump, as Danny’s brain slid down the Judas window leaving a trail of slime and blood.

A sense of fear and panic over took me and I started to run. I ran as hard and as fast as I could. At the end of the old dark an dilapidated hall, I heard the door to the padded cell open. My heart skipped about ten beats from shear terror. The hallway split at the end in a T. Left, Right, Left, Right. WHICH WAY?!
My legs seemed to know and took off to the left. About halfway down, the smell of rotten flesh filled my nostrils, searing the nasal lining as I took my hurried breaths. I turned to look over my shoulder. Flesh bag was nowhere. Then, with a soft thud, I slammed into the soft oozing wall at the end of the corridor. I peel my face from the wall and look up. This is no wall, ITS FLESH BAG! My heart races, my legs go limp, and the blood of all my friends lives on, on Flesh bags bag of flesh.

It wrapped its slimy arm like tendrils around my body, and it squeezed. I hear a voice in my head, barley above a whisper. “You belong to me now. My nourishment is your pain. My sustenance is your body.” The squeezing grew stronger. Out of nowhere, my friends blood, an what ever else all the slim was, worked to my favor. I popped out of its grip like a bar of soap in the bathtub.

Gathering my senses, I tried to motivate my legs to run again. With a white hot searing pain, my legs finally agree with me, and I took off. I ran as fast as I could, never stopping, and never looking back. I knew if I did, it would be there breathing down my neck. It seemed so odd that this thing appeared to move at a snails pace, but was still keeping up with me.

I rounded the corner at the abandoned nurses desk. The exit MUST be here somewhere, but WHERE?! I could feel each second of my life ticking away like the second hand on a clock. Tick tock. Tick tock. Running down the next hall, the moonlight shown through the boarded up windows. Why had I ever come here?

A lighted area up ahead! I can make it there. Running with every ounce of strength left in my body I bound towards the light. The door to the lighted room was barely ajar when I crashed into it with 200 pounds of body weight. The door hit the sill and splintered into tiny toothpicks. I collapsed on the floor, looking around. Shelves everywhere in disarray, cluttered with old papers, and specimens in jars. Where was I now?

At the back of the room was another door that said back up generator on it. Running to the door, my nostrils fill with the putrid stench of decay. ITS RIGHT BEHIND ME!!!! I lunge for the generator door and make it in slamming the door behind me. Looking around, I spot an old can in the corner. I pick up the can and take the lid off. Holding the can up to my nose, I can smell the gasoline held within. A lighter in my pocket an gas in my hands. I might just get out of this yet!

My plan is set, I just have to get the nerve to do it. I reach for the door……..

[edit on 10/17/04 by Kidfinger]

posted on Oct, 17 2004 @ 08:05 PM

This story sounds like a nightmare!
Really eerie! I'd like to see what you'd say would happen after he opens the door! Really good ending though. It leave's a lot to the imagination! Really spooky, through and through!

posted on Oct, 17 2004 @ 08:21 PM
Thanks man, glad I can keep you up at nite
If I can just make 1 person wake up with cold sweats after reading this, I will be VERY happy.
Im not sadistic, I just want my stories to scare you on a close and personel level

posted on Oct, 18 2004 @ 09:13 PM
very well, and sickly written! good job

posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 08:17 PM
WOW. I can only hope that when I grow up I'm half as good at writing as you are.

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