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IGMASS: Towards International Collaboration in the Defense of Mankind

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posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 03:15 PM
International Global Monitoring Aerospace Systems organization.

Ever heard of this organization?

Seems that they are looking out for the good of mankind.
They are setup to monitor earth and space events that could potentially destroy the human civilization.

They recently held a meeting to discuss problems and solutions affecting our planet.

Currently, mankind lives on only one planet. We are all subject to similar threats: threats that do not distinguish between nations, religions, political parties or social classes. Irregular solar activity, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, asteroid and comet impacts — these events don’t contemplate national boundaries before they strike. So why should we, when we are defending ourselves from them? Picture of conference banner. Picture of main conference room. This was the issue underlying a high-level scientific conference, Space and Global Security of Humanity, held in Yevpatoria, Ukraine, from September 3-6, 2012, bringing together scientists from largely Russia and Ukraine, with attendees from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany, and Canada, as well. The only United States participation came from two representatives of the LaRouche Policy Institute, Benjamin Deniston and Jason Ross, who presented the leading political, economic and scientific work of Lyndon LaRouche’s movement in the United States. The conference itself was sponsored by a number of large Russian, Ukrainian and international organizations,1 but centered around the activity of the International Global Monitoring Aerospace Systems organization, IGMASS.

Glad to know someone is keeping an eye on things.

I'm really interested in they're earthquake predictions.

Progress in Seismic Forecasting Perhaps the clearest examples of the forecasting potential of IGMASS is the ongoing study of the precursor activity which occurs before an earthquake, tsunami, or volcanic eruption. It is hoped that many lives can be saved in the future by monitoring for these precursor signals in order to give early warnings of when and where a seismic event may occur, and how large it may be. This was emphasized by Perminov in his keynote6 and in other overviews of IGMASS, and then elaborated in greater detail in four other presentations dedicated to the subject. Two of the presentations were by representatives of the Research Center for Earth Monitoring (, which directly receives and analyzes data from satellites which continuously monitor the Earth, operating as a facility run by the company Russian Space Systems7 for the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos). Included in their broad array of operations, the Research Center for Earth Monitoring watches for forest fire dangers, looks for potentially dangerous asteroids and comets, and has started a new program to seek out seismic precursors in an attempt to forecast earthquakes and volcanic activity. Earlier this year, an experimental program was initiated at the center, Project ES SFM (, aiming to test real-time seismic forecasting capabilities, and attempting achieve a targetted objective of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Ministry of Emergencies. Focusing on earthquakes with magnitude 6.0 or greater in the Pacific region of the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Kuril Islands, Sakhalin Island, and Japan, the center made three successful forecasts between May and September 2012.8


posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 06:58 PM
Interesting get together. Very logical approach.

As a unity we will achieve much more impressive science. Developments, shared by different ideas, visions and imaginations will be more likely to become fully defined and used as a part of a bigger picture, again through unity of higher standard, then only one visionary or idealists can get out a possibility or use for an idea or whatever...

New info for me. Thanks.



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