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Are presidents now getting sponsorship for debates??

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posted on Oct, 13 2004 @ 09:37 PM
As I was listening to the debate I couldn't help but notice how Kerry mentioned Blue Cross Blue Shield. Was this a plug?

On a hunch I decided to look it up. Did Kerry's campaign recieve any money from Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Here's the answer....

This year’s conventions are expected to take in at least $100 million, and that’s not counting the millions more that will be spent on glitzy, after-hours soirees “honoring” key legislators and party officials. More than a dozen companies already have given at least $1 million to the Democrats, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Fidelity Investments and Raytheon.

Will these plugs continue to grow? Will we see more "plugs" or was this just a cooincidence?

Rest of the article from which the above quote was taken is here.

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