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The hunted [apwc]

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posted on Aug, 4 2012 @ 03:33 PM
The Rain was thick like dripping honey poured onto the trees,my heart is racing as i brush more of the thick juice onto my coat.I try desperately to see through the dark dense forest.Moving slowly only to milk the moisture off the leaves as i brush past them. I think to myself why,why am i to be chosen.
Frightened tired,beyond pure exhaustion i know i must move forward,Keep moving i just tell myself.
Stay ahead of the game, looking in all directions,watching for this evil that hunts me.Wanting to be the hunter instead of being the hunted,hoping, so hoping the sun will go down and lead into darkness,knowing if i could just hang on that little bit more.
Soaking from head to toe i press forward through the scratching scraping brush of the deepening forest,the trees and brush posing as the enemy,just as much as being my saviour.Wanting to drown in the drenching moisture that seems to slow the very progress towards freedom. MY blood pulsing through me like a freight train gone wild.
thinking of my family,thinking of this wonderful life i have lived,thinking how could i have wandered onto this path of danger.I ask myself why did i not listen to my heart,knowing i should have just kept moving instead of taking time for a drink.
I srceam from deep within..i fear now for my mere existence.Just as i hear a branch snap against my side as i brush past,the snapping making a defening echo through the dark damp forest. The very weight of the streaming water running from my coat slowing my course, just like trying to escape the monster in a nightmare everything in slow motion.
the fallen trees becoming obstacles of an unsurmountable task.I need rest ...I need to stop...i NEED to hide from my pursurers.
BANG.. i hear a shot echo throughout the forest...i panic and i run...i run as fast as my legs will carry me...the fear suppressing all feelings of pain. I run further and faster than i ever had before...plowing my way through the wall of trees and bush.
scraping and scratching my aching body as i try to esacape the sound. i feel moisture oozing down my sides as i slow down,this is deifferent from the rain.It feels warm and thick like molasses.My legs getting weaker as i seem to be able to move no further.
I crash to the ground, as i stumble over the log strewn forest floor.I see in the dimming light the color red being pasted across my stomach.the color mixing with my soaking coat,translucent as it spreads, knowing that it is spewing from deep within my aching body. My milk of life flowing from me, knowing i am not going to be of this earth for much longer.
I hear the voices of my pursuers getting closer, I hear the laughter and glee in their voices.I am wondering why they could be so horrible in that way as my very life ebbs away from me.
I hear them making sounds of victory of being conquerers of the mighty. The darkness of death chasing me as they approach. I hear them say "This Deer will fill the freezer for a year"
I pass away into the blackness.


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