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Come Here...Listen!

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posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 06:06 AM
The Earth has so many beautiful curiosities that we seem to be adamant not to appreciate. We smother ourselves in vanity, jealousy, greed, death, fear and hatred, all the while ignoring what is pure and what it means to be human.

We are slowly showing each other that being human is to be negative in every conceivable way and whats-more is that the media, whom most of us despise, are being fueled by our inaction to see beauty and depth of character.

Our very existence in its own right is beauty beyond imagination. When you ask someone the simple question of why? They cannot answer because the miracle of it is inconceivable. Would it not be better to simply accept that we are here and since we are here, let’s make it full of positivity, love, creation, progression and amazement?

We hear people speak about miracles…it’s a miracle that a single mother can bring up 5 children and still pay the rent, it is a miracle that the child surrounded by drug addiction refused to become addicted himself!
Is it really a miracle or is it acceptance of life? Is it not more appropriate to say that “miracles” happen because others can see the beauty, the love, the desire to help and the desire to nourish?

Everywhere we look there is death, destruction, wars, deceit, betrayal and immoral behaviour, but what about the very nature of what it is to actually be divinely human? What about the process of birth, the helping of the elderly, the children playing, the birds singing, the seasons changing, the laughing and the support?

Have you never looked at the stars and not questioned why or who but instead just smiled and thought “oh my god, I can’t actually believe I have been given this opportunity to live!” Have you never seen a movie that is so emotionally deep that it affects you on a level you never thought possible? Have you never seen an injustice that you would give your life up for to correct? Have you never looked at the animals and plants living in complete harmony and questioned its complexity instead of accepting it?

The world and the entire known universe is a fraction of a scale that is infinitely unimaginable, yet we preoccupy ourselves in negativity, in fact our species is destined to perpetuate it until its own demise. What’s wrong with embracing the true nature of life?

Walking on grass barefooted, swimming naked, laughing until you cry, hugging a stranger, clearing the snow from your neighbour’s driveway, spending the day playing with your children, losing yourself in the wild for a day with nothing but the weather and scenery to keep you company.

Life is precious and its deliberate; take the time to make the choice that fills your heart with laughter and your soul with contentment. Ignore the death, turn off the TV, turn off the radio, ignore the newspaper, ignore the celebrities, focus on your heart and follow it…it will lead you to where laughter and happiness is a way of life, not where it’s something you crave!

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