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World War 3 Predictions, and possibilities.

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posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 03:37 PM
Well, let me introduce my self again, Haven't been on here since like 2000 years ago.

But lets talk!...

World War 3 is just about the best type of way to use your brain and imagination.
People consider WW3 was the COLD WAR. Now the wars present day are World War 6.

But here are predictions...

1.World War 3 caused by a human virus lead intentionally into a country.
Well, it's pretty simple. A country sending a virus (Non-Computer) in another country by spreading it. Can wipe out people, a ton of people.
China could do that easily.... since the USA has like 90% of America's stuff is Chinese!

China could add some very toxic disease into a certain product that over 90% of the Country Uses.
Easy, but the country w/ the virus needs proof.

2.World War 3 caused by a Cyber Leak/Attack
It's chance is bigger then you getting killed by a electric shock. The US is a target that is like a giant mouse, and countries attacking it w/ cyber are Hawks.
Someone leaks some important info, like for example: The US will be testing 10 Nuclear Weapons secretly near Russia, about 200 miles away from it's coast.) That result would be just be like a plant facing weed killer. The US would have to be on Defcon 1 if Russia found the information out, and the US finished testing the weapons.

3.World War 3 caused by a country taking out another countries property.
Like what happened w/ Syria taking out the Jet from Turkey.
That can be a spark of this: "Citizens of the United States, the NATO forces are commencing war on Syria."
That can be a demolish of a economy, and country.

4.World War 3 caused by a country attacking another country.
If the US was ever attacked by a ARMY, NATO would jump in like World War 2's Allies.

5.World War 3 caused by stopping shipping to countries.
Easy to say and listen to.

6.World War 3 caused by testing weapons.
Nukes, ect.

7.World War 3 caused by economic issues.

Now it's the possiblilities.

WW3 causes...
1.Economic Issues: 40% chance. (Mainly civil wars start)
2.Country Attacking Another Country (Other country being attacked would be allied by someone): 85%
3.Testing Weapons: 55%
4.Cyber Leak: 90%
5.Cyber Attack: 95%
6.Country attacking other countries property... 70%
7.Human Virus spread on purpose... 65%
8.Invasion of A country... 99%
9. Assassination of Leader/V.I.P :45% (Depends... if president: 95%)
10.Stop spread of some political party like communism... 25%.
11.Stop shipping of products: 50%
12.Spy's invading the country... 80%
13.War Games... 70%
14.Military Exercises... 55%
`15, Launching a missile directed to something important/country.... 90%

World War 3 will be hello-ish of a new era.... an era of death, blood, and unions.

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