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Karmiac pattern? something bad happens, followed by something good and vise-versa

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posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 10:51 AM
about 8 years ago, i figured out a specific pattern to life... or maybe it just pertains to my life and those who are intertwined with me to be exact?... either way i have "de-coded" a positive/negative life pattern or as i like to call it "karmiac cycle"...

this pattern has some what helped me "predict" the future to an extent... i'll try to explain and put in to words what is inside my head as much as i can bear with me...

now this pattern isnt a "special" gift that was granted to me or anything like that, in fact once i explained it to my wife she too has started to see the pattern...maybe when im done explaining it some of you might see it as well...

here are some examples:

this negative/positive pattern or cycle works like a ying and yang, there are good moments followed by bad ones... the severity of each moment is dictated by the severity of the former... to put it in simpler terms let me give you a personal example.. me and my wife got involved in a car accident while she was 5 months pregnant..our only car was totaled..leaving us with no means of transportation to go to and from work...all seemed like it was going down hill, then suddenly we received a call from the other driver's insurance company saying that he admitted to being at fault...we received $10k...with that money we bought a new SUV our previous vehicle was a small 2dr car, and then with what we had left over we gave it as a down payment for a bigger home to accommodate our new born child, our previous home was a 1 room efficiency...

do you see my point?...1st we suffered a sustancial amount of hardship and negativity, but then it was followed by an equally positive reward...

i wonder if the laws of for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction apply in a spiritual way? karma maybe? just because we cant see a physical reaction doesn't mean that its not occurring...

like i said before depending on the severity of the event or situation, and equally severe reward or punishment is experienced weather is negative or positive depends on the former..

so how can you use this to predict the future..well its a little complicated but ill try to give you an example, i currently put out 2 applications for a job that i am interested in, at the same time my wife asked for a promotion... i know based on the cycle 1 bad thing needs to happen followed by an equal good this case i was not accepted for the job i applied for... however my wife was given the see? a job for a job... it was perfectly balanced..not too much not too little....

now since my wife being promoted was a good thing i know soon within 1-2 weeks something equally bad will happen etc...etc... and the cycle will always continue...

my goal is to understand this cycle and completely de-code it.....but im a long way from getting there....

always remember this.... heres my advice to you matter how bad something seems to be.. or how worse things seem to get....always remember that it will be followed by something equally as positive...

and the cycle will start once you see this

posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 10:57 AM
Read more Jung.

posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 11:00 AM
Well, I changed a woman's flat tire this morning on a dangerous road so hopefully Karma will repay me tomorrow at the job fair I am going to. I don't think my Karma cycle is as even as yours as I was a bad person in times in the past, but I try to do good deeds as often as I can hoping to one day again balance my Karmaic scale. I have also often wondered if that law of physics could apply to the spiritual side as well. It sure would make sense and add credence to the existence of duality. When times are tough for me I always remind myself they are worse for many others. That's the only way to keep sanity at times.


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