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Why the God you beLIEve in doesnt exist.....

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posted on Jun, 24 2012 @ 12:39 PM
I have had the wrong idea about what God is. If you see my other posts, you will see me break down red/blue and touch on their various belief systems. In a very basic summary, red generally believes humans are animals-wildlife, game if you will, to feed off of. Humans are there to provide life for them. Blue generally follows the Christ consciousness and the teachings of the Bible. If you have looked at or remember one of my stories about the time they shut off my power in my apt, and the only way to get attention to it/get it turned back on was to completely shutoff the breaker for the entire building, making it a problem for everyone and not just my unit. Only then did they come out and fix my power. This is how red/blue work with religion, same exact way. Blue, and this is sad for me to say, are just as murderous and heathen-like as red. They feed off people, just like red does. They just do it under the format of religion (similar to how our govt uses paperwork to legitimize murder or enslavement of innocent people (NDAA bill, just for example). I assume this does something for blue: makes the food supply cleaner and more controlled, maybe helps ease their mind when they realize they are killers just like red. Maybe allows them to be more picky and get the better "treats" for themselves, the royalty. (Blue= royalty, red= peasants, by their systems explanation, I look at each person as an individual) Blue keeps these "better" game humans within their community and people by grouping them in churches/integrating them into blue communities/center them on blue related activities. This leaves red as the scavengers so they seem like the "bad guy" when they are both "the bad guy".

So, given a MAJOR problem like this, when all sides are essentially the enemy, what does one do to help all these victims? Answer: change things. And what has worked in the past, by demonstration? Making both sides (the entire community as a whole) suffer. Only then is the solution-to-problem attention given. There are people here on Earth that are not angels but profess to be. Most likely of ET origin. Its in the media all over TV now, the Aztec/Mayan histories point to it, as well as Germanic occult WW1-2 times there was a heavy ET focus (die glocken and other things). Ive personally witnessed magnetic manipulation/bending of car body panels, telepathy, and many other supernatural (really just advanced technology) demonstrations. The one main ability that deals heavily with this religion subject would be the "mental push" or the ability to get into a simple humans head and point their perception to things while mind controlling them in a yes/no format, giving them answers to questions that are known by other people from a fact knowledge base they all share. The problem is they start by giving a few correct answers, the subject has never experienced this technology before, and misunderstands because the "force" controlling them seems to be truthful and know all the answers. The "force" over them then tells the subject they are God, and that subject being a simple entity knows no better and accepts it, then starts doing what the "force" tells them. All the while it was their next door neighbor in the apartment next to them or something. This pisses the one true God off. They have people jumping off of buildings, attacking people, stealing, prostitution, etc, basically anything you can think of doing with a human thats mind you have control over. Its sickening. But both sides do it, its not just one or the other. They just manipulate the subjects in their respective directions to accomplish things for personal gain, most times. So, just to reiterate this concept, these religious organizations use the "mental push" or changing a targeted individuals perception to make them think they are communicating with God, done through manipulation of animals, insects, the wind, environment, etc, through the words of people the victim trusts (but doesnt know the true monster they are-like clergy response teams!).

The source energy that allows everyone to be and for this all to exist is the true God. This explains the age old question of "if God exists, why are there starving children in Africa?". Its because thats what the red and blue gatekeepers teach you. They give you nebulous answers to keep a small amount of hope alive like "well, God works in mysterious ways". They know what they have told you and will expand on it to keep you looped into their system (depending which one the game human is in), and each time members of that system see you, they reproduce what you were told or what was done to you, so as to reinforce the false concept you were taught. Programming you. Brainwashing you. You eventually over a lifetime end up with (and this is what both red and blue people have told me) people who accelerate the death of the planet and its society (reds-generally) because they feel there is no point to life other than to feed. And then you have the other group that try to preserve the Earth and resources (but not game humans) through manipulation of peoples perception about a false God.

Point is both parties are always feeding and the simple humans never figure it out, and eventually die, whether blue/red accelerate it or not. The people never realize when their friend in HS was killed in a car accident that they were actually ritually murdered for a sacrifice. Thats why people always say human sacrifice is alive and well, because it is. In cases like Jared Loughner, Cho, or others like that, red/blue make someone into a killer, it is never seen publicly because of the methods in which they use to communicate, and then these school shooters and the like are just labeled as "crazy" and no one ever asks about them again or why they did it. And the people they shoot are just other game humans, and those scenarios are actually "mini harvests" of all people there both killed and killer. All the while the cons (red/blue) sit back, as they have already used future projection (see my thread on the abilities via the senses) to stay away while the incidents actually occur. And all the while, the true murderers/killers seep back into anonyminity within the church group, theirr job, or whatever medium was used to pair them up with the targeted individual.

Blue/red test the game human by setting it up to do things that are immoral and against the teachings of the Bible, and that pushes the GH closer to red, where both sides feel that the GH is worthless and ok to be sacrificed. All the while its really red/blue that is the aggressor. Its the organ/meat grinder and the system that facilitates it.

The church......cont

posted on Jun, 24 2012 @ 12:45 PM

posted on Jun, 24 2012 @ 12:54 PM
HAHAH so either you are a bad guy who prays off people or you are on the other side who follow Christ consciousness. No, you have a very limited view of people on this planet today....and even less about what happens when we die. You are going to be surprised how far off you were, trust me on that.
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posted on Jun, 24 2012 @ 12:59 PM
The church is not safe and you can still be a person of God without being involved with one of them. Like I explained before, they have already taken over the church and organized it in a way that works for them. If you watch religious sermons on TV, the one constant thing they always push is: you HAVE to go to church to be a part of Gods ministry otherwise he will never fully accept you. This is BS, see it for what it is, a way to fish for people to pull them into a place where they can be face to face with someone who can control them. This is why you get people paranoid in joining a religion, afraid that its a "cult" same concept except its game feed. So anyways this is not true at all. As long as you follow the 10 commandments, try to be good (doing good actions), you will still maintain blue status and not get sacrificed. This sucks though for people who were never raised in a religious environment or around a church and never had a chance. Thats is why blue is just as bad as red. Do you think someone should avoid death and attack because they memorized some hymns/verses and repeated them back to some priest versus someone who did not? The entire system is broken and needs to suffer (see my affect everyone post, power related) for things to get better, other than that if nothing is done, death and satan will further manifest and things will get even worse.

Lastly, there definitely still is a real God out there, the 1 true God. You should still read the Bible as it talks about basically all of this, although in a metaphorical sense because of the tech and creations in the current incarnation. Obviously for the Aztecs (for example) the concept/way they thought about it was different, yet exactly the same in the end.

I think the 1 true God is waking people up around the world due to the fact that this system is out of balance. The environment is toast (or quickly becoming), disease/cancer is exponentially up, death rates are up. What is happening is red/blue are both overpopulating the Earth, and that in combination with the power they have over people (which they should not have in the first place), they are playing God with the remaining game humans that they are feeding off of, and game humans arent reproducing as much. Without those humans having a say in it, or even (some) knowing about it.

So basically, as the story in the Bible goes, I think Gods going to destroy it with fire and brimstone and such to get it back under control. Then the next incarnation starts. In summary, to be a person or light warrior of the one true God:

-pursue religion, research why we are here on this planet
-read religious text (Bible, Koran, I Ching, etc) to train your mind on what to look for
-look around you and notice things, WAKE UP!!!!
-do good deeds
-avoid congregation with people you see doing bad stuff
-help the less fortunate
and finally
-BE POSITIVE, but-fight when you need to. Dont get raped by the system.

"In order to form a solution, we must first identify the problem"-The Scientific Method

God bless.

posted on Jun, 24 2012 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by strangedays

And, that is why the road is narrow. neither the red pill or the blue pill will get you there!

I loved your analogy of the breaker switch, turning off everyone's power, so now it isn't just your problem, but everyone's!

Starred and flagged!

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 08:28 AM
I was wrong.

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