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Paranormal House! My story...

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posted on Oct, 5 2004 @ 04:38 PM
Hi everyone.

I thought I might share some odd paranormal experiences I've had with you and perhaps gather your input/similar experiences/etc... To start off, growing up I lived in a small house built in the twenties. It was a nice home and I usually felt very comfortable there, it just had a strange history and I guess I experienced some odd things there.

I know a little about the history of the house, but I guess for what I didn't know I kind of tried to fill in the blanks. I do know that before my family bought the house, four sisters had lived in it and I believe one or two of them died while living there. They were all rather elderly I believe, and were living together I guess to look after each other. I also know that originally the house's basement had been a dirt floor until it was paved over in the thirties.
There are certainly many peculiarities surrounding the basement. First of all, when the pavement was still wet down there I guess that a little child and a dog walked on it, because there are paw prints and tiny shoeprints in the pavement. Also, in a dark corner they'd written a little something that's stayed with me in my head word for word 'til this day;

"Goodnight my sweet angel, you will always be remembered. 1934."

Geez. Every time I read it, it scared the crap out of me.

Perhaps whoever was living there at the time had lost a child or a pet or a lover? I'm probably over thinking the writing. It might've just been written by some jerk who thought, "Hey, I can write something creepy that'll scare the crap out of whoever lives here in the future!"
Whatever the case may be, it's still creepy as hell.

The house had a big backyard which growing up was great. My dad built me a playhouse and I'd spend many days back there with my friends pretending to be pirates and ninjas and so forth. There was, however, one odd thing about the backyard, there was a spot where there were about three or four trees growing close together, and in the middle was a patch of grass that couldn't be reached by a lawnmower so it was rather overgrown.

However one day when I was about six years old or so I was back in the tall grass and tripped on something. I got up and found that I'd tripped on a pasta strainer. It was old and rusty but inside it contained a rather antique black and white photo of a woman. The photo was weathered and almost destroyed but I thought I'd show my parents... Until I was walking back and felt something walking on my arm. I looked down and it was a grasshopper. Being six, I freaked out and dropped everything and screamed like little kids do all the way up to the house. Never found that picture again, I guess it finally deteriorated in the rain.

Okay, sorry if it's been boring so far, but that's the history of the house I know. It all has relevance to more interesting things, trust me.

Well now for the strangeness. I guess the first time I noticed something weird I was about seven. I woke up from sleep in the night and felt frozen. Yeah, sleep paralysis I know. But, my eyes were fixed dead center on the other side of my room where I saw a sphere, like a big glowing orb just hovering there. After this event I'd see it many more times in the middle of the night, I'd tell my parents about it but they thought I was paranoid.

The next year or so, things got even a little stranger. One night I was laying in my bed with only the TV on, and suddenly saw a shadow float by the TV. It then seemed to come towards me, and walk straight through my bed and into the wall. I know it's far-fetched, but I know that there are tons of 'shadow people' reports. I didn't know about them at the time, but now I guess that's what it was, it was completely black, and kind of short, like it was a child.

I'd always hear odd noises from other parts of the house and things falling in the basement at night, and parents never seemed to see anything odd, but they too would hear the noises and think it was me, and that was kind of frustrating since they never believed me when I’d tell them it was the ‘ghosts!’

I know you're probably thinking "What a nut," and so has everyone else I've ever told.

I saw the orbs and had sleep paralysis for years, I guess until I was 14 or so, but after a while they didn't seem like a bad entity, they were almost comforting, like they were watching over me. I did however have one friend who would come over and say that he always felt like there was always someone looking over his shoulder when he was in my house. It did feel like that a lot, but like the orbs, it didn't bother me. Like a guardian. I miss living there sometimes, it was a neat house.

Oh well folks, sorry if it was a long read and kind of boring, and sorry if I came off like a nut, but thanks for your time...

In conclusion however, I’m just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced (I guess for lack of a better word) "friendly" orbs or ghosts?


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