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atlantis in XXI century :)

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posted on Oct, 5 2004 @ 08:47 AM
this is absolutely fiction.II just "created" it when I was reading about pakistani president Musharaff.

Indian legends.

Look at the strange situation.These legends are telling about very powerful civilization which possesed weapons that really impressed people who lived there.Armies of this civilization came from some islands beyond the ocean.They have really powerful weapons but look at that - they were just more advanced that indians - their weapons were more sophisticated but ancient indians knew what's going on in these technologies,even if they didn't know how to construct most of them.

Now we have India and Pakistan.Both have nuclear weapons.Both have capabilities to use them.

Atlantis of XXI century - Americans (look at the next strange fact that some "sources" are telling that atlantis was "technological" and materialist civilization and was really different from indian/asian civilizations - I mean about that stories about Rama Empire

God's eyes are still on the sky - US sattelites - some of them/some of weapon platforms were as I remeber named like Indian/ancient gods - or military projects were named in such way.

Isn't it funny that we see that situation???After so many years,after so many years from moments when these legends were created we have our "own" atlantis - materialist/technological civilization what came to asian soil,we have dangerous situation because when islamists overthrow president Musharaff any conflict with nuclear weapons in this region is really possible,we have our "flying machines",great weapons,etc

Atlantis and America are countries beyond the "great water"..Atlantis and America names begin by "A"

etc etc..there are more such similiarities.

strange..isn't it??

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