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Edward's Says One's Christian Faith Should Not Be Divisive!

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posted on Oct, 3 2004 @ 09:41 PM
In Virginia, John Edwards gave forth on his so-called Christian faith as well as that of John F. Kerry. His remarks were meant to scold biblical believers. He contended that their staunch convictions were divisive. Americans, after all, should be of one family ó one fold ó one mind ó
one whatever.

What of course Edwards and Kerry donít realize is that biblical believers are not divisive when speaking biblical truth. It is the divine revelation that governs their morals, not like unto Edwards and Kerry who, for instance, publicly defend killing womb babies, such being abhorrent to the Lord.

Further, Kerry desecrates Communion by partaking of the sacred elements while championing unbiblical issues such as abortion, euthanasia and practicing homosexual lifestyles. Edwards falls in line with Kerry on these matters.

Consequently, when biblically moored Christians find fault with Edwards and Kerry concerning Christian ethics, itís not due to being divisive ó making trouble in the camp ó but because such believers hold only to what divine revelation sets forth. Therefore, to such believers Edwards and Kerry are not Christians; furthermore, they are in danger of divine discipline for being aggressive propagators of immorality.

How interesting to note that those not adhering to Christian ethics can sound so pious. They sit in judgment upon the keepers-of-the-faith while manufacturing their own religion, then having the gall to label it ďChristian.Ē

Of course, such have always been with us; thatís why Jesus warned His disciples to decipher between wheat and tares. The wheat are those sincerely following God according to His dictates. The tares are the spiritually rebellious who set themselves up as deity, proclaiming their false religion as the true faith.

Edwards and Kerry need to take stock of their souls in light of Scripture, then repent of their waywardness in order to find forgiveness before heavenís Mercy Seat. If they persist in playing the role of hypocrite, they of course will come under the Lordís judgment of condemnation.

This kinda sums it up for me.... it is an assault on Christian views. What if these same things were being said by the Press about Moslems? Would it not be hammered.????


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