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Why Is It?

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posted on Oct, 3 2004 @ 07:46 AM

the issue on Irans nuclear facilities are just surfacing on the media now?

I mean Technically, Their already in the production level, this isnt somthing new i.e "news" then right?

They show us these satellite images of these plants right?

They flash this stuff on the news, what the hell do you want me to do about it? they're already making bombs and your just now warning me?
You know whoever analyzes these satellite images and operates them, can probably spot a nuclear facility from any angle!
So why do they wait for them to build such a place, and then tell everyone? I guess countries do have such places for electric resource. But you know they can tell the difference with a satellite.

Really, I guess it boils down to, How can a country only a fraction of the age of any other country say "oh well thats not in your interest"? How did we really get so powerful? In the debate when bush said "we will win in Iraq", I saw a certain gleam in the eyes, it was either shear ignorance and big dumb ego, or he actually knows somthing that we all dont! Its was actually quite revealing?

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